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PwC has established a series of commitments and actions that that will help showcase the positive role of technology, as well as mitigate potentially adverse social, ethical and environmental concerns

How digital technology can be a force for good in sustainability

Harnessing the digital technologies of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' will accelerate solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PwC's head of corporate sustainability has claimed.

The report, which enlisted the knowledge of 750 experts to assess 30 global risks, warned that the positive momentum gained from the ratification of the Paris Agreement was at risk

Global collaboration critical in averting climate hardship, says World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has called on global leaders to collaborate to avert "hardship and volatility" over the next 10 years - much of which will be intensified by extreme environmental dangers.

The energy footprint of the IT sector is estimated to consume around 7% of the global electricity

Apple named world's greenest tech firm in latest Greenpeace report

Apple has been named the world's greenest major tech company for the third consecutive year in a new report released today (10 January) by Greenpeace.

According to Forum For the Future's David Bent, the rise in technology and new business models would create a competitive advantage for those that embrace change with open arms

Disruptive technology: The 'great hope' for widespread business model shake-ups

EXCLUSIVE: The unstoppable rise of "disruptive" technology such as cloud storage and the Internet of Things (IoT) will inevitably pave way for new and more sustainable business models, but entire industries will have to embrace this transitional period in different ways to accelerate the shift towards a circular and sharing-based economy.

According to the report, smart technology will fail to reach its potential without the aid of incentivised policies

Report: Digital technology uptake needed to reach Sustainable Development Goals

A host of technology frontrunners including Microsoft, BT and Verizon have urged countries to accelerate the uptake of digital technology, claiming that smart solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT) would be "indispensable" to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Launched in 2012 as the company’s first sustainability strategy, the Think Big Blueprint has helped more than 1 million young people enhance life skills through digital technology

O2 pursues sustainable living for 20 million customers

Digital communications giant O2 has unveiled the next phase of its bold Think Big Blueprint, which will establish the company as an "agent of change", by enhancing the livelihood of 20 million customers through a sustainable technology drive.

In an attempt to drive innovation and best practice, the alliance will implement technological infrastructure to create a more readable and interactive platform for reporting

GRI aims to streamline sustainability reporting through new Digital Alliance

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has unveiled a new programme aimed at streamlining sustainability reporting for businesses by using digital platforms to "enable transformational change".

Virgin Media has launched its new sustainability strategy to add 4m customers while not increasing emissions

Virgin Media to add 4 million homes to ultrafast broadband network while freezing emissions

Virgin Media has today (30 July) launched a new set of sustainability targets to ensure a greater rollout of digital technology while not compromising environmental performance.

Amazon's planned  North Carolina wind farm is its largest renewable energy project

Amazon commits to 208MW wind farm in largest renewables venture yet

Amazon is to construct a 208MW wind farm which will become the first utility-scale wind farm in the US state of North Carolina.

The LightSail captures the momentum of light in its ‘sails’ - large lightweight mirrored surfaces.

Groundbreaking solar sail launched into space

A 'solar sail' which could be the first step to fossil-fuel free space exploration, has been successfully launched into space.

Government funding for the charging-point rollout totalled £592,000, covering roughly a third of the cost

London's charging: Fire Brigade installs EV plug-in points

The London Fire Brigade has unveiled 156 electric-vehicle charging points at 76 fire stations and sites around the capital.

Dow recently announced an ambitious sustainability program featuring seven goals for 2025

Businesses at centre of circular revolution, says Dow

EXCLUSIVE: Businesses must collaborate with policymakers, suppliers and consumers if they are serious about driving a circular economy, according to the director of sustainability programs at Dow Chemical.

Sunswift's eVe solar-powered car

VIDEO: Solar sports car nears road-readiness

A team of Australian students claim they are less than three months away from completing the Southern Hemisphere's first road-legal solar-powered car.

90% of UK online products are missing key energy consumption information

Online retailers worst for omitting product energy information

Online retailers across Europe are far behind bricks and mortar shops in providing information about the energy performance of domestic appliances, according to findings released today (24 July) by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

BT is looking into the development of standards for using data for social good purposes. Pic: BT

VIDEO: BT crowdsources ideas on how to frame big data 'for social good'

BT is actively exploring how digital technology can fast-track efforts to progress sustainable consumption through more effective curation of big data.

WRAP and DIGITALEUROPE unveil mercury-free logo for TV and monitor producers

Digital technology trade body DIGITALEUROPE and WRAP have launched two new logos for use by producers of TVs and computer monitors to help identify screens containing mercury.

CO2 neutral search engine green 'alternative to Google'

Berlin-based search engine Ecosia aims to turn green niche products into a mass phenomenon by providing users with green information when entering search terms.

Whitbread is the operator of the UK's largest hotel chain, Premier Inn

EXCLUSIVE: Digital technology will lead us to a green economy

Digital technology and effective engagement in sustainability will lead the way to 'greening' the economy, says Whitbread's head of energy and environment Chris George.

The world's Information Communications Technologies (ICT) ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electricity generated in Japan and Germany combined

Digital economy using almost 10% of the world's electricity

Due to the increasing use of mobile data the digital economy is now approaching a tenth of the world's electricity use, according to a new report.

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