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Davis said investors simply want clarity about where the energy market is headed

Has Britain thrown away its chance to be the world centre of green finance?

EXCLUSIVE: There is a real opportunity for Britain to establish itself as the global centre of green investment, but the Government's 'confused' energy policy risks driving investors to Paris or other financial centres.

The carbon impacts of the circular economy

This report uses Scotland’s ground-breaking Carbon Metric, as well as other peer-reviewed research conducted by Zero Waste Scotland, to quantify the potential carbon impacts of a more circular economy in Scotland.

Currently, the cost of wholesale electricity currently makes up 65% of an energy bill, but this will drop to 49% by 2050

Environmental taxes will make up a third of business energy bills by 2050

EXCLUSIVE: The proportion of a business' energy bill that comes from the energy itself will drop below 50% by 2050, according to an expert speaker at Sustanability Live.

Edie explains: Electricity Market Reform

The cost of the Government's Electricity Market Reform (EMR) landed on some electricity bills for the first time in April, undoubtedly prompting surprise for some, as around 15% of business weren't aware of the policy at all.

While 26% of decision makers said they have planned cuts to employment, 16% had also considered moving their production offshore.

Government's low-carbon policies pose jobs threat for food and drink sector

More than a quarter of UK food and drink manufacturers could cut jobs and freeze recruitment thanks to rising energy costs, according to an Npower poll.

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