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For 2020, individual EU member states were handed legally binding targets at national level in order to meet the EU-wide threshold of 20% renewables

MEPs agree to bolster EU's renewable energy target for 2030

The European Parliament's energy committee confirmed that MEPs want renewable energy targets to be more ambitious than the proposal put forward by the Commission.

Non-ETS sectors must cut emissions if the EU is to keep the climate commitments it made at the COP21 in Paris

EU Member States offered climate target flexibility in bid to cut emissions

EU member states will be able to bank annual emissions savings from sectors such as agriculture and transport, and use them in later years to meet their climate targets, under EU legislation set to be put forward today (20 July).

The EU, representing around 10% of global emissions, wants to lead the global fight to tackle climate change

"The EU is doing its homework": Commission makes landmark proposal to ratify Paris Agreement

The European Commission has today (10 June) presented its plans for the European Union (EU) to ratify the historic Paris Agreement, calling for a swift process of enshrining the global climate deal into European law.

The study reads, “In general, market-based competitive procedures are more likely to offer efficient tools to address generation adequacy problems than alternatives”

Commission draws fire over support for British fossil fuel subsidies

New European Commission research has highlighted failings in the different state subsidies offered to electricity utilities across the EU, while giving qualified support to the 'market-based' model used in the United Kingdom.

Formula E is seen as a fertile breeding ground for innovation and technology development, as teams are given relative carte blanche to try out new ideas

Jaguar to enter world of electric motorsport

Jaguar has announced that it will contest the next season of Formula E, as the race to develop more efficient and affordable electric cars gears up.

MEPs today called for three binding 2030 targets of at least 40% greenhouse gas emissions, at least 30% for renewables, and at least 40% for energy efficiency

MEPs fail to boost EU renewables, efficiency targets before COP21

The European Parliament's energy committee today (10 November) rejected a push by MEPs to increase the EU's 2030 climate and energy targets and to make them legally binding.

Building renovation has struggled to secure EU finance

EU plans scheme to boost energy efficiency investment in buildings

A new European Commission initiative, to be launched next year, will make it easier for smaller energy efficiency projects, such as building renovations, to get EU funding.

EU Council chairman Donald Tusk said gas contracts should be about business rather than politics

Newly-approved EU Energy Union to focus on gas security

EU leaders have approved plans to create a bloc-wide Energy Union, but green groups have criticised the Union's early focus for 'keeping the continent dependent on fossil fuels'.

The new Energy Union Package contains a host of commitments for the EU to become 'the world leader in renewable energy'

Energy Union Package: Key points & industry reaction

The European Commission has released details of its 'Energy Union' vision to reboot Europe's energy policy and proposals for the crucial UN climate change talks in December.

The UK was the second most prolific installer, with 1,738 MW added in 2014

EU wind installations breeze past coal and gas

The European wind energy industry installed more than twice as much new capacity as coal and gas combined in 2014, according to new figures released on Tuesday.

39% of all electricity used in Denmark in 2014 was generated by wind power

Denmark and Germany join Europe's wind energy revolution

The UK's wind sector success is being echoed across Europe as recent figures show Denmark and Germany also broke wind power output records last year.

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