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David Cameron pledged to complete the Conservatives' economic plan as his party was on track for enough seats to form a majority government

Election 2015: Tories win majority, Greens retain seat

David Cameron will govern for all of the UK by winning a majority in the UK General Election, much to the surprise and disappointment of many green groups and renewable energy developers.

With polling day now less than 24 hours away, edie has rounded up 10 of the best green ideas

Election 2015: 10 green policies we want to see

In the months leading up to the UK General Election, almost every corner of the green industry has given us its own set of policy wants. Here's a round-up of our top 10.

Ecotricity is calling on voters to scrutinise political parties on how they plan to grow the green economy and tackle climate change

Election 2015: Ecotricity develops 'Green Britain' vision

The next government could deliver a £5bn surge in GDP by adopting electric cars; a saving of almost £8bn on Britain's annual oil import bill; and £1.25bn in health and environmental benefits, if it is willing to tackle the nation's energy and environmental issues head-on.

The party plans to put Britain on track to be zero-emissions by 2050, and insulate every home in the UK to energy-band C by 2035

Lib Dems launch Environment Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats have released a dedicated 'Environment Manifesto' reiterating their commitment to 'Five Green Laws'.

The race for Number 10 heated up this week with the release of five manifestos. Who would you vote for?

Manifesto watch: Which party has the best green policies?

The race for Number 10 heated up this week as the five main political parties released their manifestos ahead of next month's General Election. So, who's now leading the pack when it comes to energy and climate change?

UKIP wants to rejuvenate Britain's fossil-fuel generation, fast-track fracking and scrap Decc and WRAP as well as the Climate Change Act

UKIP manifesto: "Save coal industry, end support for renewables"

"The lights are likely to go out if we carry on with this energy policy," proclaims the UKIP manifesto, launched by Nigel Farage today in Essex.

The Lib Dem manifesto contains bold pledges on energy efficiency, zero-waste targets and a zero-net emissions goal by 2050

Lib Dem manifesto: Fighting climate change with five green laws

Five Green Laws made up the environmental heart of the Liberal Democrat's election manifesto, launched by Nick Clegg in London earlier today.

The Conservative manifesto claims the party has stayed true to it promise to be the 'greenest government ever'

Conservative manifesto: "We have been the greenest government ever"

Prime Minister David Cameron outlined the Conservative party's election pledges in a manifesto document which was immediately slammed by green groups as "anti-green growth" and "a recipe for higher energy bills".

The Green Party has put climate change at the heart of its manifesto, ahead of the UK General Election in May

Green Party manifesto: Renewables revolution critical to curb climate change

"The climate is the ultimate common good," states the Green Party's election manifesto, which pledges to ramp up spending on renewables, prioritise home energy efficiency and put an end the UK's dependency on fossil fuels.

Labour plans to decarbonise the electricity supply by 2030, and embark on a

Labour manifesto: Red Ed goes green with energy policy

Labour released its election manifesto on Monday, reaffirming bold pledges on climate change and decarbonising the UK energy supply, but a conspicuous lack of waste-related policy.

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