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When family members of the farmers are accounted for, CmiA reaches more than 6.7m people on the African continent

Brands driving economic boon for sustainable cotton in Africa

A growing focus on sustainable procurement from textile companies such as ASOS, Aldi and Jack & Jones has helped the largest label for sustainable cotton from Africa increase licensing revenues by 47% over the last 12 months.

From CFO to CSR: Christine Hodgson's move from finance to CSR has given her a unique insight into how to secure buy-in for sustainability projects

Bridging the gap: How Capgemini's new CSR head has gained valuable insight into boardroom buy-in

EXCLUSIVE: Global IT consultancy Capgemini has appointed its former chief financial officer, Christine Hodgson, as its head of group corporate social responsibility. edie took the opportunity to sit down with the new promotee to discuss the key challenge of securing funding for sustainability projects.

Power Forward: How the largest US companies are capturing business value while addressing climate change

The largest US companies are increasing their clean energy and energy efficiency efforts while improving their bottom lines.

A guide to effective sustainability communications

Whether it's driving engaging with employees to maximise results, with stakeholders to translate progress, or with consumers to drive awareness and brand value, getting sustainability communications right is crucial, and getting it wrong can be disastrous.

10 top tips to drive engagement with your CSR report

What are the key components required to produce a sustainability report which drives engagement on a range of CSR issues among key stakeholders? edie brings you the secrets to sustainability reporting success with this latest top-tips guide for businesses.

With sub-Saharan Africa producing 6.5% of the world’s cotton, UK retailers could shorten complex supply chains by boosting economic prosperity in African countries

How Brexit can streamline retail supply chains by harnessing the growth of Africa

Brexit can place UK retailers at the vanguard of nascent agricultural and manufacturing supply sectors in Africa, but only if the UK Government retains current tariff-free access to products from the continent.

Andrex has a key role to play in engaging employees, customers and consumers to take action on the global sanitation crisis

Sharing sustainability success: From selling to showing

Kimberly-Clark's head of sustainability for EMEA Tom Berry explores how some of the world's most intractable development issues, such as increasing access to education and improving sanitation, require effective behaviour change programmes to create real progress.

A Resourceful Future – Expanding the UK Economy

This report by SUEZ reveals that more than £9bn could be added to the UK economy by integrating circular economy principles into the country’s emerging industrial strategy.

The certification was achieved as World Water Week commences and as a Fairtrade report revealed that climate change will lead to a decline in coffee production over the next 30 years

Olam gains water certification for plantation as Fairtrade warns of climate-driven coffee decline

With a new report from Fairtrade warning that climate change could stunt global coffee production by 50%, supplier Olam International has become the first agri-business globally to achieve the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard - for it's coffee plantation in Tanzania.

Other recent studies have shown that extreme heatwaves could push the climate beyond human endurance in parts of the world

World could warm by massive 10C if all fossil fuels are burned

The planet would warm by searing 10C if all fossil fuels are burned, according to a new study, leaving some regions uninhabitable and wreaking profound damage on human health, food supplies and the global economy.

55 countries considered to be 'emerging markets' were accountable for a record annual high of $126bn of renewable investment for 2014

More than half of global clean energy investment flowing to emerging markets

Emerging markets attracted more clean energy investment than wealthy countries for the first time ever in 2014, according to a new report.

Tropical forests occupy 7% of the Earth's surface, but absorb nearly a fifth of man-made carbon emissions

Twice the size of Wales: ambitious plans for rainforest protection

Environmental charity Size of Wales intends to double the area of tropical rainforest it helps protect as its contribution to tackling climate change. Here, the charity's Peter Davies explains the role of business in tackling deforestation.

In 2013 renewable energy accounted for just 5% Africa's total final energy consumption (TFEC)

Half of Africa could be powered by renewables by 2030, says IRENA

Africa could generate 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 if they were to follow guidelines laid out in a new report from the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA).

Climate change and population growth has led to many countries suffering from water stress

WRI: Extreme water stress in Middle East could stoke civil unrest

Countries from the Middle East will likely be be exposed to 'extreme water stress' by 2040, threatening national security, the World Resources Institute has found.

Google said the tool should help more homeowners take advantage of the record-low prices of solar energy

Google could tell you how much solar power your roof can generate

Google can now tell you how much solar energy you could generate by installing solar panels on your house - if you live in the right place.

The World Bank climate change envoy said continued use of coal was exacting a heavy cost on some of the world’s poorest countries

World Bank rejects energy industry notion that coal can cure poverty

The World Bank said coal was no cure for global poverty on Wednesday, rejecting a main industry argument for building new fossil fuel projects in developing countries.

New, sustainable business models are growing rapidly and changing the way we think about money

Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

In the second of our feature series with Ashridge Business School, faculty members Tim Malnick and Stefan Cousquer explore the ever-changing relationship between sustainability and economics.

A Green Alliance report

Circular economy for smart devices: Opportunities in the US, UK and India

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have moved from the fringe of computing to the mainstream in just five years. Sales of these smart devices exploded as consumers saw the benefits of seamless connectivity, and were drawn to the simplicity. of new user interfaces.

Novelis Europe sustainability and recycling development manager Andy Doran

2015 supply chain outlook: Novelis Recycling

In the wake of swingeing public sector spending cuts and with England's recycling rates stalling, Novelis Europe sustainability and recycling development manager Andy Doran considers what is on the cards for 2015...

A survey of the UK Anaerobic Digestion industry in 2013

The purpose of this study was to quantify the processing of organic material via anaerobic digestion (AD) in the UK using a survey of AD operators. This report summarises the methodology employed and the results obtained from the survey.

MCERTS is the Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme

Edie explains: MCERTS

The Environment Agencies Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) is designed to ensure that potential polluters are monitoring their emissions effectively. But how exactly does the Scheme work?

ClimateCare's Marie Le Page and Conference Content Manager, Dominica Andrews raising a glass of LifeStraw filtered water

Zero travel emissions for Sustainability Leaders Forum delegates

Delegates at the Sustainability Leaders Forum, organised by edie, had their travel emissions calculated and offset through Climate Care's LifeStraw Carbon for Water project.

A 750ml bottle of spirits produces around 3kg of CO2

Liquid assets: A guide to sustainable alcohol

With the past month seeing a number of sustainable innovations from major UK brewers, edie has taken a closer look at the alcohol industry to round up four 'green' beverages for the discerning tippler.

The firm has made a host of new CSR commitments to help accelerate its sustainability strategy

Nestle steps up climate change leadership with new CSR commitments

Multinational food and beverage company Nestlé has teamed up with a number of organisations and made a host of new CSR commitments to help accelerate its sustainability strategy.

The ever-growing solar industry has seen a number of major projects open across the globe over the past year

Interactive Map: The world's most remarkable solar farms

In light of the growing number new solar projects across the world, edie has mapped out 14 of the largest and most interesting installations from every continent in the world.

Heineken wants to source 60% of its agri-raw materials from Africa by 2020

Brewing a better future: Heineken highlights benefits of local sourcing

Dutch brewing company Heineken has stepped up its commitment to source the majority of its agricultural raw materials from Africa in a bid to boost crop yield and cash income for smallholder farms across the continent.

Students take part in social media recycling campaign

Working to move communities up and forward in Greater Manchester

A '#RubbishSelfie' campaign, a golden tag initiative and engaging with religious leaders are just some of the ways that the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) is communicating with its 'hard-to-reach' communities to increase levels of recycling and prevent waste. GMWDA's Clare Standish explores further.

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