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Sustainability professionals and green groups are calling for the new UK Government to step up its green policy ambition and finally release a number of key environmental frameworks

It's time for ACTION: 14 green policy priorities for the new UK Government - Part one

From environmental plans and air quality proposals through to energy efficiency schemes and low-carbon industrial strategies, edie has identified the most critical areas of green policy that Theresa May's new Government must prioritise to ensure the UK bears the fruits of a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy.

Sustainability professionals now face concerns over the inevitable delay of major proposed environmental legislation such as The Clean Growth Plan and the 25-Year Environment Plan

General Election results: Green economy braced for further uncertainty after hung parliament vote

Clouds of uncertainty continue to hover over the future of a number of key long-term environmental policy frameworks as the Conservative Party has failed to win an overall majority in a shock outcome of the UK General Election.

edie's five-minute green policy survey is your opportunity to lay out your top policy priorities for the year ahead, with the results curated into a full green business manifesto for edie readers

The great green policy survey: Last chance to tell us the issues that matter most

The countdown to the General Election is on and tension is beginning to mount among the green business community as to which political party to vote for. Take edie's short survey to tell us which areas of energy and environment policy you want the next UK Government to prioritise.

edie editor Luke (right), senior reporter Matt (left) and reporter George (centre) recorded a special two-part episode of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast from the edie Live show floor

Sustainable Business Covered podcast: We're back! And we're LIVE from edie Live (Part 2)

Sustainability leaders from the likes of BT, Interface and Vodafone are providing the insight and inspiration in the second of this special two-part episode of the podcast, brought to you live from the show floors of edie Live 2017.

A capitalist agenda based on unbound profitability is being challenged by a new wave of economies focused on sustainable and responsible growth

Sustainability megatrends: Realising the business case for sustainable economic growth

edie's series of exclusive thought-leadership articles on the global impact of megatrends culminates with New Climate Economy's programme director Helen Mountford exploring how businesses and governments are developing more sustainable models of economic growth that are fit for the future.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to call a snap General Election on 8 June

What will the 2017 General Election mean for green business?

With the nation set to undergo yet another major political decision after the shock announcement to call a snap election, edie investgates how the outcome of the poll on 8 June could impact sustainability and environmental professionals.

Hurd  repeated the reassurance that the government’s main objective in the privatisation process is to “ensure that any sale protects the Green Investment Bank's (GIB) green values

Minister responds to fears over GIB restructuring

Business and energy minister Nick Hurd has written to the head of the Environmental Audit Committee to respond to concerns over the restructuring of the Green Investment Bank ahead of its sale.

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget speech this afternoon, but it contained little for sustainability professionals to get excited about

Budget 2017: Chancellor confirms electric vehicle funding, announces new recycling targets

BREAKING: Key proposals on the future of carbon pricing, renewable energy subsidies and air quality remain on the UK Government's 'to-do' list as Chancellor Philip Hammond offered relatively little for the green economy to get excited about in his 2017 Budget this afternoon.

Defra’s long-awaited 25-Year Environment Plan has been delayed by the BRexit vote, leaving uncertainty as to whether environmental protections provided by the EU will be maintained

Five green policy priorities to stop Brexit ruining our environment

From the delivery of an ambitious 25-Year Environment Plan to the avoidance of ineffective 'zombie legislation', Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) executive director Matthew Farrow outlines the key steps that must be taken by the Government to ensure Britain's exit from the EU will not have a negative impact on our environment.

The Industrial Strategy green paper provides a strong signal in areas such as green innovation and climate change resilience, but offers little help for low-carbon heat and CCS

Industrial Strategy green paper: A step in the right direction or too little, too late?

The Government has unveiled its much-anticipated Industrial Strategy, outlining plans to transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. But does the green paper offer enough tangible evidence that we are on the best pathway to a low-carbon economy?

The 21-page report provides an overview of each of this year's Sustainability Leaders Awards finalists

Sustainability Leaders Awards 2017: Meet the finalists

edie brings you a unique insight into the fast-expanding green business community, with a new report which summarises the various businesses, initiatives, teams and individuals that have been shortlisted as finalists for edie's 2017 Sustainability Leaders Awards.

Sustainability consultant and leadership expert Alexandra Stubbings is a special guest on this week's podcast episode, discussing the key trends and developments to watch out for in 2017

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Episode 17 - A New Year's Revolution for the green economy

The edie editorial team returns from the festive break to bring you this very special first podcast episode of 2017, with sustainability leadership expert Alexandra Stubbings coming into the studio to provide us with plenty of reasons to feel positive and optimistic about the year ahead.

This should be a year to remember for the green economy, for all the right reasons

Happy New Year: Seventeen big reasons for the green economy to be excited about 2017

From new sustainability standards and ambitious green policy strategies through to major renewable energy projects and autonomous vehicle trials, we look ahead to some of the most promising trends and developments set to boost the green economy in 2017.

We take a look at the 16 sustainability stories that have shaped the past 12 months for the green economy

16 from 2016: the crucial sustainability stories of the year

With the year drawing gradually to a close, edie examines the major highlights that defined the global environmental and sustainability agenda in the past 12 months.

The world may have no way to avoid the most devastating consequences of global warming if Donal Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Agreement

28 days later: What we know so far about the climate impact of Trump

In the first 28 days since Donald Trump's presidential triumph in the US elections, edie investigates the initial impact of the climate change denier's victory on the global green economy.

Taking inspiration from cities such as Vancouver, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Bournemouth wants to position itself at the vanguard of environmental protection

The Bournemouth Identity: Building a green business hub on the south coast

Climate change may be consuming shores and islands at a faster rate than ever before, but nestled on the southern coastline of the UK, Bournemouth Council has extended its climate change strategy beyond just delivering local efficiency improvements through to a long-term vision to become the nation's green economy leader.

Will new Chancellor Philip Hammond dedicate any part of his first Autumn Statement to the green economy? Stay tuned to edie on Wednesday

Autumn Statement 2016: 10 green policy hopes for Philip Hammond's first budget announcement

From unveiling a low-carbon Industrial Strategy and confirming post-Brexit support for renewables through to enabling a smart, flexible energy system and providing more expenditure to prevent flooding - will new Chancellor Philip Hammond deliver on our green policy wishlist in his first Autumn Statement?

Chile and South Africa are mooted to add carbon prices, but it is the potential inclusion on China that would see carbon pricing account for at least 20% of global emissions next year

Quarter of global emissions could be covered by a carbon price in 2017, says World Bank

If policymakers can embed a carbon price within "complimentary" green legislation, then climate change mitigation costs could fall by almost a third by 2030, a new report from the World Bank has found.

The study found that economic growth has pushed up emissions, but increased changes from businesses have helped to constrain this increase

Low-carbon sector growth key to boosting national economies, study finds

Countries reliant on high carbon intensity (HCI) sectors such as utilities, manufacturing and transport will struggle to boost economic activity while reducing emissions, a new report has claimed.

Carney also called on the German government to push the low-carbon agenda once it assumes G20 presidency next year

'Rapid' low-carbon transition could damage economic stability, warns Bank of England

The transition to a low-carbon economy is filled with potential paradoxes that could lead to either the current generation having no "direct incentive" to drive change, or actually transitioning too quickly to the point where financial stability would be damaged.

Exposure to climate-related disasters such as floods, storms, or sea-level rise could have a huge impact on property and infrastructure, destroying value and raising insurance rates overnight

Investors fear next financial crisis will be climate-related

A rushed transition to clean energy triggered by extreme weather events linked to global warming "will be very expensive" to swallow for the economy, investors warned policymakers at an event in Bratislava.

The report outlines key targets that the Government should target in order to supplement the Northern Powerhouse agenda, with the green economy acting as a catalyst

Enabling policies needed to accelerate Northern green economy, says Aldersgate Group

A comprehensive emission reduction plan and policy frameworks that enable the uptake of low-carbon projects are necessary to "champion investment" in the North, a new report from environmental coalition The Aldersgate Group has claimed.

edie has heard from more than a dozen leading environmental figures who have exclusively revealed their biggest green policy hopes and expectations for the next few months

What we want from BEIS: a wishlist for the green economy - Part one

EXCLUSIVE: In the first of a two-part feature, edie speaks to the sustainability professionals, politicians, businessmen and environmental activists working across the green economy to find out they want to see from the Government in this new Parliamentary session.

Move for Europe founder Charles Perry believes a business cannot drive the low-carbon transition without a fundamental behaviour change within its workforce

Can sustainability professionals lead a 'social movement' to drive the green economy?

Environment and sustainability professionals can become the leaders of a new social movement that paves the way for a low-carbon, resource efficient future where fossil fuel consumption and air pollution are eradicated from human activities.

The four reports layout how cities, storage and transport form fundamental pillars to drive innovation and sustainable growth

What will the green economy look like in 10 years' time? Experts predict cleantech trends...

By 2026, the global adoption of a low-carbon economy will have taken huge strides, with smart city revenues and energy storage deployment skyrocketing, and the number of low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles on the roads also increasing at impressive rates.

Red alert: The EU Referendum results have dealt a huge blow to environmentalists, green politicians and Remain campaigners across the nation

EU Referendum results: Red alert for the green economy as Britain votes to LEAVE the EU

BREAKING: Britain will no longer continue the fight against climate change as part of the European Union (EU), with the EU Referendum delivering shock win for the Leave campaign in what is seen as a significant blow to our environment and the green economy.

IRENA estimates that employment levels could reach 24 million by 2030

10 things you probably didn't know about green energy jobs

With new figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) revealing that employment in the renewables industry rose by 5% over the past 12 months, to pass 8.1 million, edie dissects the data to bring you 10 fascinating facts about clean energy employment.

Low-carbon electricity groups such as offshore and onshore wind generated around £12.4 billion turnover in 2014

Britain's green economy worth £46.2bn, new figures reveal

The UK green economy generated £46.2bn turnover through the efforts of 238,500 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers in almost 100,000 low-carbon and renewable energy (LCRE) companies in 2014, a report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed.

The report warns that choosing to leave the EU could lead to MPs avoiding “compliance pressures” from the European Union Court of Justice

Report: UK can 'exercise global leadership' on climate change in reformed EU

The environmental consequences of leaving the EU is the subject of a new report from a neutral and independent UK-EU think tank which highlights three possible green policy scenarios the upcoming referendum could lead to.

Abundance has suggested that there is a huge demand for green financing and has exemplified this through its Great British Money Survey

Could the UK's first Green ISA create a £60bn investment pot?

The UK's first 'Innovative Finance ISA' launched today (6 April) from investment platform Abundance, allowing investors to finance renewable projects through an operative tax ISA that could boost the green economy by £28.5bn.

Chancellor George Osborne announced the 2016 Budget at 12:30pm today

Budget 2016: The green business reaction

Was it a Climate Budget that delivered on the UK Government's green promises? Or has Chancellor George Osborne failed to deliver the Easter egg of green pledges we were all hoping for? Here's the full industry reaction, as it comes in...

Voices from within the green economy suggest that EU legislation has been beneficial for a range of energy and environment policies

NO Brexit: edie readers throw weight behind remaining in the EU

The vast majority of edie readers have revealed they will be voting to keep Britain IN the European Union (EU) when the Referendum takes place in June, with more than 80% voting in support of Britain's position as a Member State.

Energy storage, green buildings and water security all feature among the 2016 green business wishlist

16 New Year's resolutions for the green economy in 2016 - Part two

In the second part of edie's 2016 green business wishlist, we look forward to business model shake-ups, new water-saving technologies and Tesla's hotly-anticipated foray into the UK's energy storage market.

Unilever was recently named by sustainability experts as having made the biggest contribution to advancing solutions to climate change in the past five years

Unilever to be carbon positive by 2030

Global consumer goods firm Unilever has announced a new target to be carbon positive across its operations by 2030.

DECC is expected to see budget cuts of around 30%, with up to 200 staff made redundant

Autumn Statement and Spending Review: The green business wish list

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his update on the Government's plans for the economy, known as the Autumn Statement, in Parliament today. The hopes are high, but expectations are seemingly low among green groups and industry.

If every Londoner recycled one extra plastic bottle a week for a year, enough energy would be saved to power Wembley Stadium for two years

Recycling 'just one thing' could spark London's resource revolution

A new behavioural change campaign has been launched to develop Londoners' understanding of what can be recycled, as the capital aims to hit recycling targets set by Mayor Boris Johnson.

Javid said the change would allow the bank to borrow and raise capital without it affecting public sector net debt

Green Investment Bank steps closer to privatisation

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed plans to remove ministerial powers over the Green Investment Bank (GIB) in a major step forward towards the bank's controversial privatisation.

Jeremy Corbyn's ambitious environmental strategy comes after a number of cuts to renewable energy

Labour frontrunner launches ambitious environmental manifesto

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has announced a far-reaching green vision for his environmental policy in an announcement today (7 August).

London businesses are woefully unprepared for the impact of climate change

London's economy facing 'great unknown' on climate risks, warns Assembly

Businesses in London are unprepared for the impacts of global warming and more than half of FTSE 100 companies have no strategy to deal with climate change.

The upcoming package will reportedly look beyond waste policy and address the full product lifecycle, taking into account the situation in all Member States

EU asks for public advice on circular economy

The European Commissions has launched a 12-week public consultation to help inform its upcoming circular economy action plan, to be presented by the end of 2015.

The Beinn Ghrideag wind farm will provide enough energy to power 6,000 homes

Isle of Lewis residents look forward to renewables windfall

Residents of the Isle of Lewis can expect to bank £36m over the next 25 years thanks to Britain's largest community-owned wind farm, completed this week.

The party plans to put Britain on track to be zero-emissions by 2050, and insulate every home in the UK to energy-band C by 2035

Lib Dems launch Environment Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats have released a dedicated 'Environment Manifesto' reiterating their commitment to 'Five Green Laws'.

The #PantsOnFire film released by green energy company Ecotricity aims to highlight what it sees as a u-turn in Conservative 'green' policy

Ecotricity criticises Cameron over 'green policy u-turn'

A film consisting of promotional footage of David Cameron with a flaming seat to his trousers and set to Blondie's 1988 hit 'Liar Liar' has been unveiled by green energy company Ecotricity on YouTube today.

The GIB has invested more than £2bn in green infrastructure

'Smart money' flowing towards UK green infrastructure

The UK is in the midst of a green investment revolution, according to the head of sustainable finance at the Green Investment Bank.

The agreement will help Ecotricity fund a 40MW growth over the next 18 months,

Ecotricity secures £70m growth fund

Green-energy supplier Ecotricity has secured £70m through a refinancing deal with Aviva Investors, which it says will allow it to almost double its energy-generating capacity.

Bennett took part in a heated political debate about the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy at ecobuild 2015

Natalie Bennett: Green economy remains 'missed opportunity' for UK

EXCLUSIVE: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett says the labelling of the coalition as the 'Greenest Government Ever' has become a "sick joke" after four years of mixed political messages, failed green policies and a lack of urgency on the transition to renewable energy sources.

It's hard not to fall in love with this heart-shaped solar farm, being built on the Pacific island of New Caledonia

Making the world a better place: 8 reasons we LOVE sustainability

Valentine's Day is a time for reminiscing about love. In keeping with that tradition, here's a short list of reasons why our readers love working in sustainability. Keep up the good work!

Wyke Farms' managing director Rich Clothier says his company is now saving £2m a year, which is critical to the business

Sustainability still seen as an optional extra, says MD

EXCLUSIVE: Sustainability is still seen as something that's "nice to have rather than essential" for big businesses - an assumption which is stifling the UK's transition to a green economy.

The Green Alliance's new strategy aims to 'put the public back into public policy'

Power to the people: Green Alliance calls for more public involvement in UK environmental policy

Green Alliance has launched a new strategy focused on giving citizens a greater say in the nation's green infrastructure plans.

GIB will partner with global investment firm KKR and each will provide £100m funding

Green Investment Bank fills community-scale renewables funding gap

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has today (7 November) announced a £200m lending programme for community-scale renewable energy projects in the UK.

The UK is perceived well, ranking 8th out of 60 countries in the GGEI, but doesn't live up to its billing, finishing 20th for actual performance.

UK and US not living up to 'green' reputations

The green credentials of the UK and US economies are vastly overrated when compared to their actual performance, a recent report has found

Ed Miliband gave an impassioned speech to Labour Party activists before the 2015 General Election

Labour Conference: Miliband prioritises green economy in 10-year plan

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to create one million green jobs as part of a 10-year plan to make Britain a global leader in clean technology and renewable energy.

Kim Marotta is the director of sustainability at brewing company MillerCoors

In Conversation with MillerCoors' Kim Marotta

Great Beer, Great Responsibility is the sustainability spirit of MillerCoors. America's second-largest beer company reached record lows for its water and energy consumption last year, and it has already surpassed all of the environmental stewardship goals it set out to achieve by 2015.

The UK is well-placed to lead the transition to a green economy, according to Greener Britain

UK political parties urged to include green pledges in election manifestos

Campaigners including National Trust and Greenpeace ask politicians to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

The new facility will provide around 90% of all steam required by Macallan.

Macallan whisky distillery set to benefit from £74m green energy project

A £74m biomass combined heat and power plant will help fuel a well known whisky distillery and power more than 20,000 Speyside homes, in Scotland, thanks to backing from the Green Investment Bank (GIB).

The Chancellor has been forced to back down over his opposition to the fourth carbon budget targets

Davey forces Osborne to back down over fourth carbon budget

The Chancellor has been forced to abandon his calls for the fourth carbon budget to be diluted after the Government announced today that, having listened to the business sector, the UK will retain the fourth carbon budget in its current form.

The majority of SMEs say they have 'insufficient' access to subsidies and incentives for environmental changes

Financial barriers continue to block green innovation, says EEA

A report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) has concluded that eco-innovation amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) faces 'major financial barriers' across the EU.

László Andor gave a joint press conference on the presentation of the Communication on a Green Employment Initiative

EU looks to maximise job opportunities in the green economy

If unveiling a new Circular Economy Package and launching a new Green Action Plan for SME's weren't enough, the European Commission has also announced a new initiative to highlight green job opportunities across the continent.

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99% of new companies in the EU

EU launches Green Action Plan for SMEs

On the same day as revealing a new Circular Economy Package, the European Commission has published its new Green Action Plan for SMEs in a bid to improve resource efficiency among smaller firms.

This new report was produced by the United Nations Environment Programme-hosted International Resource Panel

Resource use 'must be separated from economic growth', says UNEP

The unsustainable use of natural resources will continue to have a 'crippling' impact on price volatility and the environment unless economic growth is decoupled from resource consumption, according to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

European Green Week takes place from 3-5 June in Brussels

EXCLUSIVE: EU Commission pledges to 'think small first' with environmental legislation

The European Commission has admitted that it needs to do more to bring small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) 'to the centre' of its plans for a transition to a circular economy.

The majority of energy managers consider funding to be the greatest barrier to initiating energy-saving programmes

Greater Expectations: Rethinking investment towards a sustainable future

Progress towards a green and sustainable economy is way too slow and our perspectives on investment will need to undergo a radical shift if we are to give our businesses the right conditions in which they can deliver a truly prosperous future, says Michael Townsend.

The UK Green Investment Bank funding will be made available to a number of energy efficiency projects at various Scottish distilleries

Scottish distilleries in good spirits with new energy efficiency fund

A Bacardi distillery in Scotland is set to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 90% with an energy efficiency project it is able to bring to life with new funding from the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB).

Charles Perry is a director at sustainability group Anthesis-SecondNature

More sustainable policies needed from the 'Greenest Government Ever'

This month sees the fourth anniversary of David Cameron's promise that the coalition would become 'the Greenest Government Ever'. But, as Charles Perry argues, blue and yellow have not made green, and those promises of action on climate change have dropped from sight.

The new plastics recycling facility will be capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of mixed plastics each year

Viridor breaks ground at £12.5m Kent recycling plant

Waste management and recycling firm Viridor has started work on a new Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) in Rochester, which will boost the region's plastic recycling capacity by 75,000 tonnes a year.

The percentage of onshore windfarms being rejected rose dramatically in the UK last year

Sharp rise in percentage of onshore windfarms being rejected

Figures show that the percentage of rejections in the UK jumped from 25-29% in 2009-12 to 41% in 2013.

The role of the corporate sustainability professional requires a

VIDEO: Skills gap a major barrier to accelerating green economy

EXCLUSIVE A skills gap in those driving sustainability within their businesses is partly to blame for the lack of acceleration towards a green economy, according to two leading sustainability professionals. Scroll down for video.

President of the Society for the Environment Tony Juniper

VIDEO: Political parties need green ambition of the late 1980's says Tony Juniper

EXCLUSIVE The UK political ambition towards the green economy must revert back to its position in the late 1980's and early 1990's, says Tony Juniper. Scroll down for video.

There is a challenge of mobilising business leaders to engage on sustainability issues - both in the acknowledgement of its importance and the barriers to putting it into practice

Leading cultural change through senior leadership

Senior leadership is acknowledging that societal and environmental challenges are bigger than us all, says John F Brock

The UN says ecosystem services from tropical forests is estimated at an average of $6,120 per hectare each year.

UN report: Investment in forest conservation will accelerate sustainable growth

Sustainable economic growth can be accelerated by investing $30bn per year in tropical forest conservation, according to a new UN report.

Budget 2014: Many will argue that manufacturers came out on top, while environmental policy again took a step back

Budget 2014 response round-up: Who said what

Today's Budget saw the Chancellor cap carbon tax and once again favour economic recovery over environmental resilience. Stirring up mixed reaction across industry, here's a rundown of who said what.

The Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Budget speech today with some predicting a freeze on the Carbon Price Floor

Budget 2014: U-turn on Carbon Price Floor will 'muddy an already confused landscape'

The future of the Carbon Price Floor has come under the spotlight this week, with concerns that the Chancellor George Osborne may freeze the policy in today's Budget.

The new energy-from-waste facility will convert more than 420,000 tonnes of residual waste into energy each year, which would have otherwise gone to landfill

UK GIB invests £20m in new energy-from-waste centre

UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) is investing in a new £250m energy recovery centre to be built in Teesside.

EEA executive director Hans Bruyninckx

EEA to focus on resource efficiency in 2014

The European Environment Agency's (EEA) focus for 2014 will be on staying within the limits of the planet's natural resources.

Waste industry 'in doldrums' over Defra disengagement

Waste industry leaders have voiced grave concerns over plans by Defra to cut back its involvement in the sector following an announcement by the new resource minister Dan Rogerson this week.

European ministers gathering in Brussels for the Green Growth Summit today are calling for an "ambitious" EU 2030 Energy and Climate Policy Framework

EU climate change Ministers set out low carbon vision in Brussels

European Cabinet Ministers responsible for energy and climate change have come together today to set out their vision for a low carbon economy.

In conversation with Bupa's Andrew Smith

Taking note of the health impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, this week edie talks to Bupa's head of sustainability strategy Andrew Smith, who explains that the current economic situation is offering businesses a great opportunity to provide solutions that deliver resource and monetary savings.

The New Climate Economy project aims to contribute to the global debate about economic policy

Global Commission launches 'New Climate Economy' project

A project examining how stronger economic performance can be supported by good climate policy has launched today, by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

In conversation with UPS' Peter Harris

In this week's 'In conversation' edie talks to UPS' director of sustainability for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Peter Harris, on why there isn't enough long-term thinking when it comes to sustainability and how electric vehicles could be the technology to revolutionise the economy.

London's green economy has grown over the last five years and more than 9,200 green businesses have employed more than 163,500 people

London's 'booming green economy' driving recovery

London's green economy is "bucking national trends" and has continued to grow over the last five years, according to a new report.

Whitbread owns Premier Inn, the UK's largest hotel brand

In conversation with Whitbread's Chris George

Chris George, head of energy and environment at UK hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator, Whitbread, tells edie that the biggest 'green innovation' isn't green at all and why he'd like to have a beer and talk science with Einstein.

EXCLUSIVE: Easy access to personal impact data will drive a green economy

Having access to information about our own environmental impact is vital to revolutionising the economy and encouraging greener choices, says TUI's group environment manager James Whittingham.

In conversation with HW Fisher's Jae Mather

This week we talk to HW Fisher's director of sustainability, Jae Mather, who explains that many people in environmental and sustainability fields may have gained "lofty degrees" but often lack the fundamental practical skills that contribute to a sustainable society.

EEA executive director Hans Bruyninckx says the EU must

EU progressing towards green economy but long-term focus needed says EEA

The global economic crisis, soaring commodity prices and growing awareness of humanity's impact on the environment have pushed the 'green economy' concept into mainstream policy debate, says the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Credit: mistydawnphoto /

Obama's climate change action plan could swing in favour of UK

US President Barack Obama's recent pledge on climate action could create a ripple effect in the UK, placing strong pressure on the Government to reinstate its 'greenest ever' commitments.

Credit: Filip Fuxa /

The Obama effect: will the UK up its climate game?

If US President Barack Obama continues to make a strong case for climate action, there will be increasing pressure on our own prime minister to follow suit, observes Gareth Kane

Ditching low carbon investment could drag UK back into recession

Infrastructure investment worth £180bn and equating to 12% of GDP is at risk because of the Government's unclear commitment to a low- carbon economy, according to a report released today.

In conversation with Aviva's Zelda Bentham

Aviva's Zelda Bentham talks to edie about what areas of sustainability the insurance company is focusing on and why climate change sceptics are "brave".

Three-quarters of Europeans willing to pay more for eco-products

Almost 80% of European citizens are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products, according to a survey from the European Commission.

In conversation with AkzoNobel's Chris Cook

AkzoNobel's Chris Cook tells edie how the difficult economic climate is actually driving better use of resources and that innovation on its own isn't enough to revolutionise the economy "we also need to create a mindset change".

Green Investment Bank invests £635m in first year

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) invested £635m in its first year of operation but recorded a net loss of £6.2m, according to the bank's first annual review.

UNEP report: Firms must adapt to changing environment to secure private sector

The future of the private sector will "increasingly hinge" on the ability of businesses to adapt to the world's rapidly changing environment, according to a new report.

In conversation with Anglo American's Samantha Hoe-Richardson

edie talks to mining giant Anglo-American's head of sustainable development & energy Samantha Hoe-Richardson on the importance of demonstrating that "green equals efficient and resilient" and that sustainability professionals must get connected with the commercial challenges facing a business and the people dealing with them.

In conversation with Legal & General's Debbie Hobbs

Legal & General's sustainability manager, Debbie Hobbs tells edie about the challenges of embedding sustainability across an entire supply chain and how sustainability professionals need to "educate, support, encourage and monitor".

Janez Potocnik

EXCLUSIVE: EU Commission to focus environmental efforts on SMEs says Potocnik

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will be one of the European Commission's top priorities in its effort to reduce resource consumption and the EU's environmental impact, says the European Commissioner for Environment.

In conversation with Eurostar's Peter Bragg

This week we catch-up with Eurostar's head of environment and energy, Peter Bragg, on why we should all take European high-speed rail instead of short-haul flights and why consumer engagement in environmental issues has declined.

Jacqueline McGlade

EEA's Jacqueline McGlade leaves after 10 years as executive director

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has announced that Jacqueline McGlade will end her second term as the agency's executive director.

Owen Paterson is calling on investors for more support

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson takes case for waste direct to investors

A strong business case for waste was put forward today during a government-hosted summit which brought the investment community together for the first time to discuss how to stimulate growth in the sector.

EIC's Dr Nelson Ogunshakin (front right) and CSES' Ren Guan-Ping signing the MoU

UK Environmental Trade Association signs deal to access Chinese market

The UK's Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences (CSES), aiming to ease UK environmental firms' access to Chinese markets.

The meeting will be held at Dublin Castle

EU Ministers meet in Dublin to discuss environmental policy

EU Environment Ministers will meet over the next two days in Dublin to discuss EU policy on resource efficiency, air pollution and climate change.

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