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Following COP26, the CCC has called on the UK Government to strengthen domestic and international approaches to reaching net-zero

Climate Change Committee: UK Government needs to 'raise ambitions' on reaching net-zero

The UK's climate watchdog has called on the UK Government to deliver a "genuine increase in ambition" to reach the measures detailed in the new Glasgow Climate Pact at COP26, including the submission of new emissions targets, rewriting the tax system to phase-out fossil fuels and strengthening international collaboration between countries.

COP26: Shifting the focus from net to zero

To kick off Net-Zero November, edie's content editor Matt Mace reflects on the road to net-zero to date, and how the current climate negotiations at COP26 can leverage progress that delivers rapid decarbonisation over an overt reliance on offsets and balancing mechanisms.

Miliband will step into a newly create climate role in the Shadow Cabinet 

Ed Miliband named Shadow Secretary for climate change and net-zero in Labour reshuffle

Labour has named former party leader Ed Miliband as its new Shadow Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero, as part of a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle that will see him champion a New Green Deal in the UK.

The next German government will enact major changes in the country's energy mix, focussing on fossil gas, hydrogen and solar energy

New German coalition aims for 80% renewable power by 2030

The new German coalition has announced big plans to accelerate the energy transition, aiming to "ideally" exit coal by 2030, quadruple solar PV installations on all rooftops and push renewable energy capacity to 80% of the country's electricity mix by 2030.

Hochschild sources two-thirds of its gold and silver from Peru

Mining giant Hochschild to fight Peruvian government's decision to scale back mines over environmental concerns

UK-listed Hochschild Mining saw a 27% drop in share prices on Monday evening (22 November) after the Peruvian Government outlined plans to accelerate silver and gold mine closures in a bid to reduce the sector's environmental impact.

Pictured: Cornwall Airport, Newquay

UK Government unveils £4.3m subsidies for domestic flights, despite green backlash

Just weeks after cutting air passenger duty for short-haul flights, in a move broadly dubbed hypocritical in light of national net-zero targets, the UK Government has announced up to £4.3m in additional funding for domestic flight routes.

The mandate will apply to new homes three years sooner than originally envisioned under the Future Homes Standard

Boris Johnson confirms mandatory EV charging points for new buildings in England

All new homes and workplaces built in England from 2022 will need to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points as standard, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed. 

Image: HS2

Integrated Rail Plan: £96bn rail extension and electrification scheme draws lukewarm reaction from UK's green economy

The UK Government has published its highly anticipated £96bn Integrated Rail Plan, stating that it will assist in delivering levelling up and net-zero agendas - but the reaction has been lukewarm at best.

The UK introduced a similar requirement earlier this year

EU proposes mandatory due diligence to stop deforestation in supply chains

The European Commission tabled its plan on Wednesday (17 November) to introduce mandatory due diligence for products sold on the EU market to make sure they are not linked to deforestation or forest degradation.

A new countryside: Restoration of biodiversity in the UK

'This is our last chance'. These were the words of Sir David Attenborough at COP26. They apply equally to rebuilding biodiversity as they do to addressing climate change.

The OEP's launch process has taken around a year longer than initially expected, due to delays in the Environment Bill's passage through Parliament

UK's post-Brexit environmental watchdog officially formed

After the Environment Bill received Royal Assent last week, the UK Government has confirmed the legal formation of its post-Brexit environmental watchdog.

Neither Toyota nor BMW signed a new declaration at COP26 pledging to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

BMW, Toyota and other major carmakers accused of lobbying against stronger climate policies

Toyota has been named as one of the world's most influential companies blocking Paris-Agreement-aligned climate policies by InfluenceMap, which has also published data revealing how German automakers and trade bodies are advocating for weaker emissions goals.

edie brings you the latest developments, pictures and videos LIVE from the ground at COP26

COP26 climate agreement: As it happened

The Glasgow Climate Pact has been agreed, receiving a mixed reaction across the world. Follow all the action and reaction as it happened in edie's live blog. 

Transport is the UK's most-emitting sector

COP26: US, China, major brands sit out of new global pledge on transitioning to 100% zero-emission vehicles

To mark Transport Day (10 November) at COP26, 32 nations plus hundreds of cities, regions and businesses have signed a new commitment to end petrol and diesel vehicle sales by 2040 - but there are several notable absences.

There will be consultations on new legally binding targets to improve nature, air quality and water quality, due to be introduced next year

UK's Environment Bill finally passes into law after two years

More than two years after it was first introduced, the UK Government's Environment Bill has received Royal Assent, with green groups calling the moment a "milestone" but continuing to press for stronger provisions.

The busiest live event of the day in the Blue Zone was a speech from former US President Barack Obama. Image: UNFCCC

Five things you need to know from Adaptation, Loss and Damage Day at COP26

The second Monday (8 November) here at COP26 was dedicated to adaptation, loss and damage, with major announcements from nations, cities, regions and businesses. Here, edie rounds up five big stories from the day.

Image: UNFCCC, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

8 things you need to know from Nature Day at COP26

Saturday (6 November) here at COP26 was Nature and Land Use Day, with a flurry of major announcements coming from nations, the finance sector and consumer goods companies. Here, edie rounds up eight key headlines from the day.

Today at COP26, the programme is focused on youth and public engagement

COP26: Solar-powered boilers and better climate curriculum promised for UK schools

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi has delivered a COP26 in Glasgow today, outlining the next steps for decarbonizing UK schools and improving climate-related education for under-18s.

It is believed the new commitments could signal the end of more than 40GW of coal across 20 countries Image: UNClimateChange

COP26: 190 nations, regions and organisations commit to major coal power and financing phase-outs

A coalition of the world's major economies, financial institutions and organisations have come together to accelerate efforts to phase-out coal generating capacity and financing for new fossil fuel projects at COP26.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

COP26: Rishi Sunak vows to make UK 'world's first net-zero financial centre'

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has spoken of the UK's vision to help "rewire the global financial system fir net-zero" at the inance day of COP26 outlining plans on sovereign green bonds and corporate climate disclosures. 

Your ambitions should be higher: Accelerating the journey to net-zero

EXCLUSIVE: COP26 President Alok Sharma has penned a joint op-ed with Tara McGeehan, President of CGI UK and Australia, for edie; discussing how policy and business can work in unison to accelerate climate action.

The first official full day has been jam-packed with panel talks, protests and photo ops. Here, we round up key happenings in terms of international speeches and pledges. Image: UK COP26 Unit 

COP26 World Leaders Summit: 6 things you need to know from Day 1

World leaders were officially welcomed to COP26 on Monday (1 November), with a host of Prime Ministers and national leaders joined by Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles in setting a tone of urgency for two weeks of critical climate negotiations. Here at the key announcements from Day One of the World Leaders Summit.

Nature conservation and restoration seems to be high on this COP's to-do list, following the first half of the UN's 15th biodiversity conference 

COP26: More than 100 nations pledge to end deforestation by 2030

World leaders representing more than 100 nations, which between them play host to more than 85% of forests globally, have committed to end deforestation and reverse land degradation at COP26 in Glasgow.

Johnson said that history would judge world leaders at this summit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils £3bn climate aid commitment at COP26

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled major new climate funding of more than £3bn to help developing nations embrace green growth, as he used his speech at the COP26 Opening Ceremony to call on nations to "set off on a journey to a cleaner, greener future".

Pictured: World leaders convene at the Trevi Fountain, minus attendees from China and Russia, who dialled in virtually. Image: G20

G20: What was (and wasn't) agreed by world leaders on the eve of COP26

From 1.5C intentions and an end to international coal finance, to weak promises on fossil fuel subsidies, edie rounds up the green successes and failures of the G20 summit in Rome.


'Paris promised, Glasgow must deliver': Alok Sharma issues call to action at COP26 opening ceremony

In the official opening address for the COP26 climate summit, the UK's COP26 President Alok Sharma called on nations to work collaboratively to deliver the aims of the Paris Agreement and "launch a decade of ever-increasing action and ambition" that keeps 1.5C alive.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government forged an agreement with the Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group

Scotland outlines plans to double onshore wind capacity by 2030, ramp up regenerative agriculture

On the eve of COP26, the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a new onshore wind generation target for 2030 and provided new funding for restoring nature on farms.

Pictured: Manchester, which is aiming for net-zero by 2038

UK Government failing to support local councils on road to net-zero, MPs warn

Despite numerous warnings that the UK will not meet its net-zero target without better supporting local low-carbon transitions for buildings and transport, little has been done by the Government in recent months to engage councils.

edie outlines what can be expected and what needs to happen at COP26

Make or Break: 5 key talking points that will determine the success of COP26

COP26 is upon us. Postponements, political unrest and climate laggards being slow to join the table has left negotiations in a precarious yet achievable position. Here, edie summarises the key discussion points that could make or break COP26.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The wrong messages ahead of COP26: Green economy reacts to Rishi Sunak's Budget

After Chancellor Rishi Sunak opened his red Budget box to reveal new funding for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and low-carbon shipping, there has been a mixed reaction from the green economy, with widespread criticism of the Treasury's approach to aviation. Here, edie summarises the reaction.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0,  

Budget Day: What does Rishi Sunak's plan mean for the UK's green economy?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today (27 October) delivered the 2021 Budget, with cuts to aviation taxes but funding boosts for green skills and low-carbon manufacturing. Here, we round up the key green (and not-so-green) provisions. 

This exclusive series has been running regularly, bringing you the key headlines, statistics and events in the run-up to COP26

COP26 Action Tracker: Australia and Saudi Arabia set net-zero goals, questions remain about logistics of summit

With less than one week to go until COP26, this latest edition of edie's Action Tracker explores the eleventh-hour actions being taken by the nations and the private sector.

A new plan for our planet: What does the Environment Bill mean for developers, landowners and local authorities?

When enacted later this year, the Environment Bill will require all development to deliver a minimum uplift of 10% in the amount of biodiversity as a result of the developers activity - called Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

The CCC warns that some “strategic gaps” exist, namely that not all sectors have clear plans and pathways to tackle emissions

Net-Zero Strategy 'achievable and affordable' but policy gaps need addressing, CCC notes

The Government's Net-Zero Strategy is an "achievable and affordable" means to reaching its legally binding climate target, but some policy gaps still need to be addressed, according to the Climate Change Committee (CCC).

As of March 2021, the UK was only hosting one-tenth of the green jobs promised by 2030, according to official figures

UK Government still not clear on green skills and jobs plan despite Net-Zero Strategy, MPs warn

Despite the publication of the Net-Zero Strategy last week, which claims to support up to 440,000 jobs by 2030, the Government is yet to finalise a "green jobs" definition or to produce comprehensive skills plans.

Transport for London has already stopped the purchase of new buses which are not electric or hydrogen-powered

London's ULEZ expands, with new zone 18 times larger than original perimeter

London's Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has been expanded this week to cover all of inner London. The expansion from central London now means the ULEZ is 18 times bigger.

Glasgow is gearing up to host COP26 in November

Glasgow unveils Green Deal draft to reach net-zero emissions by 2030

Glasgow City Council has unveiled its draft plan for a new Green Deal that would see the city reach net-zero emissions by 2030 while also improving resiliency and quality of living.

Thousands of pages of green policy updates have been published this week. Here, we recap on the key talking points 

Recapping a bumper week for UK green policy: Here's what you need to know

To say it has been a busy week for green policy announcements in the UK would be an understatement. Here, edie recaps the key changes from the Net-Zero Strategy, Heat and Buildings Strategy, Environment Bill and HM Treasury.

Regulating right: Green growth and a blue planet not red tape

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency discusses why now is the perfect time to re-examine approaches to regulation to deliver a thriving natural environment.

The Net-Zero Strategy: The Good, the Bad and the Untimely

Tuesday 19 October was a monumental day for green policy, with the Net-Zero Strategy, the Heat and Buildings Strategy and the Treasury's Net-Zero Review all laying the foundations for a previously unimaginable road to decarbonisation. It is the strategy the Government needs, but not the one the green economy deserves.

Around 1.7% of GDP derived from taxes on fossil fuels

Net-Zero Review: Carbon pricing won't offset tax revenue losses from fossil fuels

On the day that the UK's Net-Zero Strategy was published, the Treasury has warned that policies must be put in place to address a £37bn deficit that could arise from a loss of tax revenue as the shift away from fossil fuel continues.

edie rounds up the positive initial reaction and those who have been left wanting more urgency

A substantial step forward, or huge letdown? The green economy reacts to the Net-Zero Strategy

The UK's Net-Zero Strategy is finally here, but the reaction to the nation's blueprint to decarbonisation ranges from those believing it provides much-needed clarity for business to others claiming it does nowhere near enough to drive all parts of the economy to net-zero by 2050.

A preview of the Strategy was released last night (18 October), with BEIS providing the full document today. Here, we pull out the key announcements 

Four key inclusions in the Heat and Buildings Strategy

The UK Government has unveiled its long-awaited plans for transitioning heat and buildings to net-zero. Here, edie pulls out the key facts and stats from the Heat and Buildings Strategy.

The Strategy confirms heat pumps as the Government's preferred technology for decarbonising home heating in the near-term

Heat and Buildings Strategy: Green economy reacts, expressing hopes for more funding and tighter deadlines

Key figures from across the UK's green economy have weighed in on the Heat and Buildings Strategy, with the general conclusion being that, while the ambition is welcome, measures will not be enough to meet future climate targets.

Homes will not be forced to switch to heat pumps, but the hope is for no new home heating systems installed from 2035 to be fossil-fuelled

Heat and Buildings Strategy: £450m grant scheme launched to help homes switch gas boilers for heat pumps

The long-awaited Heat and Buildings Strategy has been published this evening (18 October), including a £450m boiler upgrade scheme for homes as part of a broader £3.9bn funding package.

Image: HM Treausury Flickr

Greening Finance: Treasury outlines major sustainability disclosures plan to crack down on greenwashing

HM Treasury has released details on a package of new sustainability-related disclosure requirements, designed to tackle greenwashing in the financial space and encourage corporates to front-load their transitions to net-zero.

The world has less than a decade to deliver the SDGs, and the pandemic has caused progress in many areas to plateau

World leaders' Covid-19 recovery plans risk failing to address climate crisis and social inequality, report warns

Governments are being urged to align action on climate change and sustainable development, with progress towards international goals for 2030 having already been off-track pre-Covid-19 and now experiencing further hurdles.

The world failed to deliver the last set of UN biodiversity targets, meaning there is a long way to go to prevent Earth's sixth mass extinction 

First part of UN's biodiversity summit closes with strong progress towards treaty adoption

The first half of the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has come to a close in Kunming, with China and the EU scaling up commitments to funding for nature conservation and restoration.

Many nations are using green bonds as part of their Covid-19 recovery packages, with France, Germany and the UK having already issued sizeable packages 

EU launches world's largest green bond issuance to date

The European Commission has issued €12 bb worth of green bonds on financial markets to finance the green parts of its €800bn coronavirus recovery fund. This represents the world's largest green bond issuance to date.

Ahead of COP26 Sunak has called on other G7 nations to support the IMF’s proposed Resilience and Sustainability Trust

G7 to explore carbon pricing and green finance for developing nations

G7 Finance Ministers have agreed on a new set of principles aimed at improving global supply chain resiliency and backing a new initiative from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) aimed at helping developing countries boost green economic opportunities.

The report warns of deadly flooding and summer droughts 

'Adapt or die': Environment Agency slams UK Government's lack of focus on climate resilience

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a stark warning to the UK Government ahead of COP26, urging it to bolster climate adaptation plans or risk lethal floods and a major economic hit.

Scientists have warned that Earth is on the brink of a sixth mass extinction 

Commitment to halt nature loss not enough, big businesses warn world leaders

Businesses including Unilever, Natura & Co and H&M Group are urging world leaders to use the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity to commit to reversing nature loss by 2030, lest they risk a "dead planet" in the near future.

The bloc has also agreed new climate finance measures this week

EU ministers sign off on COP26 position, with one caveat

EU environment ministers have agreed on an ambitious stance going into the COP26 climate summit in November, but said they will only implement it if all other signatories of the Paris Agreement commit to do the same.

Meeting the target will require a major shift in the UK's electricity mix, in which unabated gas currently plays a key role

UK Government firms up 100% clean electricity target for 2035

The UK Government has confirmed that plans to end unabated fossil fuelled electricity generation by 2035, floated by Boris Johnson at the Conservative Party Conference, will be enshrined in law.

More detailed plans are expected following the publication of the UK's Heat and Buildings Strategy

Heat and Buildings Strategy: Scotland sets out investments to deliver net-zero built environment

With still no sign of the UK's Heat and Buildings Strategy, the Scottish Government has unveiled its intention to cut emissions from the built environment by 68% by 2030 through a £1.8bn investment plan to transform the nation's building stock to net-zero by 2045.

(L-R): Bridget Jackson, Will Kirkpatrick, Sam Lux and Brendan Abadie joined edie's content director Luke Nicholls on stage

How can we unlock the sustainable business opportunities of COP26?

EXCLUSIVE: Businesses must use COP26 as an opportunity to improve the climate narrative, making it more engaging and accessible, while also pushing policymakers for more clarity on laying the foundations for the net-zero transition.

Glasgow (pictured) is cited as a good example of a city beginning closer collaboration with its national government on issues such as energy efficiency 

80% of cities not yet 1.5C-aligned; more government support needed for local climate action

Just one-fifth of the world's cities have reported climate plans aligned with the Paris Agreement's 1.5C trajectory, with many saying they need more support to accelerate decarbonisation and adaptation.

The Conservative Party conference is expected to host several major announcements on green policy 

UK Government eyeing 100% clean energy grid by 2035, Boris Johnson confirms

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that the Government intends to develop plans for shifting all electricity generation to clean sources by 2035.

Five weeks out from COP26 and with the Conservative Party Conference taking place next week, it's been a busy time for green policy announcements 

Six green policy updates you need to know about this week

Several big stories about the UK's climate, energy and environmental policies have been in the headlines this week. Here, edie rounds up the flurry of announcements.

Blended hydrogen and gas projects already in the pipeline were excluded from the ban

Lawmakers ban fossil gas from EU energy infrastructure funding, with some exceptions

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have voted to remove support for fossil gas in EU funding rules for cross-border energy infrastructure known as the TEN-E regulation.

Image: Green Party of England and Wales

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay elected new joint Green Party leaders

The Green Party of England and Wales has today (1 October) announced the results of its leadership election, confirming that Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay will succeed Sian Berry.

Coal is one of the six areas covered; the report argues the case for nations to go beyond commitments to no new coal and to draw up plans for closing existing plants

Report: Action on just six issues can deliver 90% of emissions reductions needed to limit global heating to 1.5C

The Energy Transitions Commission has published a new landmark report, outlining how policymakers can deliver the deep emissions cuts needed this decade to put the world on track to deliver the Paris Agreement.

According to the RSPB and WWF, an area equivalent to 88% of the UK's total land is required to produce imported forest risk commodities annually

UK businesses should be banned from sourcing and investing in goods that cause deforestation, MPs argue

The UK Government has been implored, once again, to strengthen its plans for eliminating deforestation from international supply chains, with MPs arguing for a clampdown on deforestation deemed legal overseas.

The UK's EV stock has been growing than its charging infrastructure for several years now

EVs: UK Government floats £950m infrastructure investment and charger mandates for car park operators

The Department for Transport (DfT) has opened consultations on measures designed to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), with new proposals setting out plans for addressing infrastructure gaps.

edie Explains: ESOS Phase 3

How does the UK's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) work? What are the best routes to ESOS compliance? And what changes are being proposed for the third phase of the Scheme as part of a Government consultation? This edie Explains guide answers all.

This exclusive series will be running regularly, bringing you the key headlines, statistics and events in the run-up to COP26

COP26 Action Tracker: Green gilts, Covid-19 safety fears and Australia's uncertainty

With less than 50 days to go until COP26, this latest edition of edie’s Action Tracker paints a mixed picture – with positive announcements on climate finance and corporate sustainability marred by fears over Covid-19 preparations for the UN talks, and pessimism around its outcomes. 

At the 2019 General Election, Labour stated it would explore a pre-2050 net-zero target for the UK

Labour Party Conference: Party pledges £28bn annually for climate action if elected

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves used her platform at the Labour Party Conference to outline the Party's plans for £28bn of annual funding to tackle the climate crisis if elected.

Image: The Woodland Trust

'Woodlands for Water' and the 'Northern Forest': Defra confirms multi-million-pound funding for UK forest projects

A £15m Government funding boost has been confirmed for a project aiming to plant 50 million trees between Liverpool and Hull, in the same week that Ministers published plans for 3,000 hectares of new woodlands along waterways.

Image: National Grid

Big businesses push UK Government to phase-out gas power by 2035, as energy price crisis continues

Businesses including BT, the Co-op and Nestle have written to the UK Government, arguing the case for a ban on gas-fired electricity generation by 2035.

The two landmark announcements are a timely boost going into COP26

US doubles climate finance to $11bn as China pledges an end to overseas coal support

With less than two months to go until COP26, the world's two largest emitters - China and the US - have both announced landmark agreements that look set to bolster climate finance availability and drastically reduce the pipeline for overseas coal projects.

Pictured: Industrial activity at Port Talbot 

Report: UK businesses only set to deliver one-third of emissions cuts needed for net-zero

A study of the decarbonisation plans of 17 of the UK's biggest sectors has found that most are recording either stable or increasing emissions, jeapordising the nation's chance of meeting net-zero by 2050.

The UK's headline goal is to host two million green-collar jobs by 2030

UK Government must do more to support women into green jobs, PwC warns

Just 20% of UK women believe they have the skills needed to work in a green job compared to 31% of UK men, according to new research from PwC.

UK's first sovereign green bond package raises £10bn

The UK Government has today (21 September) launched its first green gilt, with reports that investors have placed a record £90bn in orders for the bond.

The UK’s Net Zero Strategy is expected to be published in October

UK businesses call for coherent Net-Zero Strategy supported by Treasury

More than 80 UK businesses have signed a joint letter sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling on the Government to strengthen domestic approaches to climate leadership, namely through the publication of the upcoming Net-Zero Strategy.

MPs remained in key climate positions in the build up to COP26

Kwarteng and Sharma keep key climate roles as part of cabinet reshuffle

COP26 President Alok Sharma and BEIS Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng have both remained in their respective positions, as part of the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle that saw former Environment Secretary Michael Gove step into the head of Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The businesses are concerned that the amendments won't do enough to halt deforestation across certain areas of the world

Businesses write to Government (again) calling for strengthened Environment Bill

Businesses such as McDonald's, Nandos and UK supermarkets have again written to the Government, urging ministers to consider amendments to the Environment Bill that would strengthen efforts to combat deforestation.

The TUC based its analysis on data from the ONS and Catapult Energy Systems

660,000 jobs at risk unless UK improves approach to net-zero target, research warns

The UK's sluggish progress towards its net-zero emissions target for 2050 could see more than 600,000 jobs move to other countries that are better embracing the green transition, new analysis has warned.

All edie podcast episodes can be listened to via iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

Sustainable Business Covered podcast: A COP26 Focus Week special

With less than two months until COP26 begins, episode 107 of the Sustainable Business Covered Podcast is a special edition featuring exclusive interviews with three climate experts.

Image: Liberty Steel

Government's plans for decarbonising heavy industry 'not enough to meet net-zero', businesses warn

The Government's recent Hydrogen Strategy and updated Industrial Strategy do not provide enough information on - or support for - decarbonising in line with net-zero, businesses including Liberty Steel and Cemex are warning.

The UK Government has less than two months to provide further policy clarity on meeting net-zero domestically ahead of COP26

Businesses want tax-based incentives to reach net-zero, survey finds

Businesses would welcome a tax-based approach to incentivising their net-zero progress, according to a new report.

Homes account for around one-fifth of the UK's annual emissions

Green Homes Grant was 'set up to fail', damning report concludes

The National Audit Office (NAO) has released a report charting a litany of failures in the Government's plans for delivering the now-closed Green Homes Grant, revealing that £1000 is likely to be spent on administration costs for every home which received funding.

The new runway would see Heathrow Airport go from overseeing 480,000 takeoffs and landings each year (the 2019 baseline) to around 740,000

Transport Secretary rejects calls to oppose Heathrow Airport expansion on climate grounds

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has stated that the Government will continue to support a third runway at Heathrow Airport, arguing that it would "not be appropriate" to review airport planning rules over climate concerns.

This new series will be running regularly, bringing you the key headlines, statistics and events in the run-up to COP26. Bottom-left image: HM Treasury 

COP26 Action Tracker: Global biodiversity congress underway as Cumbria coal mine inquiry set to begin

With less than 50 days to go until COP26, this new series from edie provides a regular temperature check of global climate action from nations and businesses.

Social sustainability bond issuance saw a steeper year-on-year increase than issuance of green and sustainability bonds 

Global green bond market set to break records, surpassing $500bn in 2021

Global green bond issuance is likely to pass the half-a-trillion-dollar mark this year, the Climate Bonds Initiative is forecasting, following a strong first half of the year for the market.

MEPs from various member states and political parties have criticized the strategy

EU lawmakers slam flagship forest strategy as 'vague' and 'overstepping EU remit'

European lawmakers from across the political spectrum have united in criticism against the European Commission's new flagship Forest Strategy, describing it as vague and superficial while flagging concerns that it goes beyond the remit of EU competences.

Image: HM Treasury 

UK and India agree $1.2bn package supporting renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and tech

With less than two months to go until COP26, the UK and Indian governments have agreed upon a new $1.2bn (£900,000) package of funding designed to accelerate the low-carbon transition.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated that new fossil fuel exploration should be halted to give the best chance of reaching net-zero by 2050

UK's oil and gas sector pushes Government to back 18 new projects as Cambo row rolls on

As environmental groups and the Government's own climate advisors push for new North Sea oil and gas projects to be stopped, the sector's industry body is arguing the case for up to 18 new projects.

The ethanol used to make E10 is derived from low-grade grains, sugars and waste wood

E10: Mandate for more sustainable petrol blend begins in the UK

UK petrol stations have started introducing a new blend of petrol containing up to 10% bio-ethanol as the standard grade, with the Government reassuring motorists that it is compatible with 95% of cars.

The EU outlined its long-term hydrogen plans last year, while the UK's Strategy came last week, following a string of delays

UK's hopes of boosting hydrogen trade hobbled by Brexit

The UK Hydrogen Strategy, unveiled last week , has many similarities with the EU's own blueprint presented one year before, analysts say. But trade and regulatory cooperation between the two sides is complicated by Brexit, with the UK likely to become a rule-taker at the end of the day.

Deforestation rates in the Amazon reached a 12-year high in 2020, according to the Brazilian space agency 

UK's proposed anti-deforestation laws leave millions of hectares of rainforest at risk, WWF argues

The UK Government is being urged once more to strengthen its plans for eliminating deforestation in international supply chains, with WWF claiming current proposals could leave 2.1 million hectares of Brazilian rainforest at risk to the soy sector alone.

Decarbonising homes has been a hot topic in recent weeks, amid further delays to the Heat and Buildings Strategy

Net-Zero Strategy must not repeat past mistakes on low-carbon homes, major groups warn Prime Minister

A coalition of industry and consumer groups are urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ensure that the upcoming Heat and Buildings Strategy and Net-Zero Strategy do not repeat historic mistakes on decarbonising homes.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the plan 'recognises that business-as-usual is not good enough' for people or planet

Scottish Government draws up plan for green recovery from Covid-19

The Scottish Government has put forward a draft policy programme for aligning its economic recovery plans for Covid-19 with its long-term climate, nature and social targets, developed under an agreement with the Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group.

104 councils have now pledged their support to the Bill and are encouraging Government officials to pass it into law

Councils throw support behind Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

More than 100 local authorities and councils have publicly backed the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, which is set to be debated in Parliament next month and calls for the UK to do more to tackle its contribution to the climate crisis.

Image: Wood Group

UK Government issues first 'green transition loan' for business

The UK Government has issued its first state-backed 'green transition loan' for a business, providing engineering and energy consultancy Wood Group support to scale up low-carbon product and service offerings.

The UK Government is targeting 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen generation by 2030 - a target it has called

What role will hydrogen play in the UK's net-zero transition?

After a string of delays and mounting pressure from green groups, the UK Government has finally unveiled the Hydrogen Strategy. But is hydrogen truly the green solution it's made out to be? And which sectors will benefit most, and when?

Pictured: Cornwall's Mevagissey harbour. Image: Defra

UK governments urged to 'climate-proof' fishing sector

The UK's fisheries are currently contributing to emissions more than they should under a net-zero trajectory and are acutely exposed to future climate risks due to poor support for nature restoration and adaptation, some of the UK's biggest nature charities are warning.

More than 90% of the hydrogen produced globally each year is fossil-fuel-based, which will need to change to deliver net-zero

'Key to triggering investment and buy-in': Green economy reacts to UK's Hydrogen Strategy

The much-anticipated Hydrogen Strategy has been published today (17 August) by the UK Government. Here, edie rounds up all the key reactions from across the green economy.

Boris Johnson last year announced an ambition for the UK to host 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen generation capacity by 2030

UK Hydrogen Strategy published, with Government targeting £4bn of private investment by 2030

The UK Government has today (17 August) published its much-awaited Hydrogen Strategy, outlining plans to unlock £4bn of investment in blue and green generation, storage and usage this decade.

Some nine million UK homes are now using a 'green' electricity tariff, by Government estimates

Government plans crackdown on greenwashing claims from energy providers

The UK Government has outlined plans to review how energy firms use the environmental credentials of their tariffs to market them, amid concerns that some providers are overstating the green benefits.

Emissions from the UK’s domestic building stock notably account for around one-quarter of annual national total

UK households call for national retrofit plan amid reports of Tory rows over Heat & Buildings Strategy

UK households have written an open letter to COP26 President Alok Sharma, urging him to push the Government to develop a national strategy for decarbonising existing buildings. The call to action comes amid reports of rows within the Government about the cost of low-carbon heating.

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