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An existing Green Highlands hydro project in Wester Ross

£13.5m hydro project underway in the Highlands

Scottish renewable energy company Green Highland Renewables has started work on a £13.5m hydropower scheme in the Scottish Highlands.

Hydropower accounts for more than two thirds of the capacity produced by renewable energy, but currently just 7% of European institutional investors have any exposure to it

Hydropower on verge of investment boom

European hydropower projects are on the brink of a flood of investment from institutional investors, according to new research from asset manager Aquila Capital.

The community energy fund launch came as M&S Energy announced it would source 100% of its electricity from renewables

M&S Energy launches £400,000 fund for community energy projects

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Energy will offer up to £400,000 for community energy projects with the launch of the M&S Community Energy Fund today (1 July).

The finance will provide equity funding of between £1m and £10m to up to 30 new renewables projects, generating around 24,000MW of energy

GIB announces £60m for 2.4GW of community renewables

The Government's Green Investment Bank (GIB) has announced a new £60m investment to fund up to 30 community-scale renewable projects across the UK.

Ahead of the curve: How the circular economy can unlock business value

What is old is new again - but better. The current topic of the circular economy takes familiar concepts like life cycle assessment and closed loop and brings them together in an integrated way not seen before.

Hydropower currently accounts for 80% all renewable energy capacity

Planned dams to double hydropower output

An unprecedented boom in hydropower dam construction is underway, with 3,700 major dams expected to be built in the next twenty years, doubling hydropower electric capacity to 1,700 GW.

Scottish Renewables' five-point plan explains how UK policy-makers should deal with Scotland's post-referendum energy sector

Scotland demands more strategic UK energy policy in wake of no-vote

Scottish Renewables has set out the nation's renewable energy industry's asks ahead of devolution discussions, in a report entitled 'Harnessing Scotland's Energy'.

SEP managing partner Calum Paterson says the market opportunity for energy infrastructure finance is 'very attractive'

New £135m fund launched for UK energy projects

UK venture capital firm Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) has today (2 September) announced it has raised £135m for a new infrastructure fund to invest in a diversified portfolio of UK-based clean energy projects.

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