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Future gazing the role of the sustainability profession

It's a tricky thing, predicting the future. So, before looking forward let us reflect upon on what changes we've seen in the CRS profession over the last 20 years. There's no doubt we are a profession that is growing in maturity, and yet still evolving.

(L-R): ICRS chair Anita Longley and Futerra co-founder Solitaire Townsend sit down with edie's Matt Mace in the second episode of the Mission Possible sofa interviews

Video On the Mission Possible sofa with Futerra's Solitaire Townsend and ICRS's Anita Longley

The second episode of our new sustainable business chat show sees Futerra's co-founder Solitaire Townsend joined by Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) chair Anita Longley to discuss the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

What does ‘New Power’ mean for business?

I've attended a couple of events recently where some particularly strong themes were evident. Everything came back to fundamental shifts in power and the trend towards participation and collaboration - all intrinsically linked and it's since led me to reflect on what this all means for business.

Unleashing the next wave of sustainable business leaders

At this month's edie Live conference in Birmingham, I'll be joining a panel to discuss how we encourage more businesses to join the green revolution. I was pleased to be asked, because the question of how we support and develop sustainable business leaders is something - in my new role as ICRS Chair - I am closely concerned with.

Information overload: In a multimedia world, how do busy CRS practitioners stay abreast of emerging trends?

I don't know about you, but I often feel like I'm buried under an avalanche of online updates. With so much information to digest, it takes time to sort the digital wheat from the chaff to find the most credible news.

Times are changing, should the role of CRS practitioner change too?

With Donald Trump in the White House, and the UK's long-awaited triggering of Article 50, the established lore of 'a sustainable business is a responsible business' is once more open to question.

Want a role in sustainability? Lead from where you are

As chair of the ICRS, one of the questions I'm asked the most is 'how can I get a role in corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS)?'

What did you say again? The lost art of listening

It's been three months now since the result of the EU referendum, the vote that seemed to take many of us by surprise. Might the result have been different had we - business, politicians and media - been listening to our local communities?

The panel agreed that CSR required sharp minds and a broad understanding of common sustainability issues, and therefore effective education would prove crucial

Why businesses should look beyond graduates to develop the next generation of CSR leaders

Organisations from across the public and private sectors should do more to expand the capacity of corporate responsibility and sustainability job markets, by looking beyond graduates and in-house employees to broaden engagement and leadership skills.

Why experience without reflection is just repetition

Claudine Blamey, chair of the ICRS and head of sustainability and stewardship at the Crown Estate on why time for reflection is an under rated leadership skill.

Does Christmas excess challenge your values?

Claudine Blamey, chair of the ICRS and head of sustainability and stewardship at the Crown Estate, reflects on the importance of living our values at Christmas.

Curiosity and courage: Why we all have to prioritise time for learning

Claudine Blamey, chair of the ICRS and head of sustainability and stewardship at the Crown Estate, on why we all need to make time for learning.

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