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Meeting the DBO challenge

Public-Private Partnerships has created a trend towards inclusive contract arrangements that reflect the complexity of modern project management. Many contracts now involve the integration of design, build and operation, says David Parsons.

Estuary reservoir will boost Singapore supplies

A 300m long tidal barrier is under construction in the estuary of Singapore's main river. When completed, the Marina Barrage will create a unique freshwater reservoir in downtown Singapore, as Yap Kheng Guan of PUB explains.

Australian sewerage system wins global award

The Biolytix Wastewater Treatment (WWT) System recently won a Global Environmental Technology Award at the World Expo in Japan. Jenny Allen of Biolytix explains how this highly compact biological system, claimed to be the most environmentally friendly in the world, was developed.

Slashing costs in gully waste

The implementation of the Landfill Directive has made many industries reappraise their waste disposal activities.

Trewin Restorick is concerned that the current choppy waters of British politics means the Government isn't “part of the picture” when it comes to resource efficiency

How positive psychology can bring consumers along on the sustainability journey

EXCLUSIVE: Businesses that force their sustainability agenda upon consumers through prescriptive orders and instructions are in a "dangerous place", the founder of social enterprise Hubbub has warned.

Hubbub has said that the Trashconverter Van will tour the country if the pilot project is successful

Hubbub and Lucozade launch 'vandetta' against countryside waste

Drinks firm Luzocade Ribena Suntory has teamed up with social charity Hubbub in a behaviour change campaign aimed at encouraging road users to dispose their litter responsibly.

The Government will use the strategy as a launchpad for a new national anti-littering campaign in 2018

Litter Strategy for England: 'Far-reaching' campaign or 'inadequate life-jacket'?

Businesses and non-profits have welcomed the UK Government's new Litter Strategy for England as a "sustained national behavioural change campaign", although concerns remain over the available budget to facilitate it.

The Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the impacts of coffee cups and plastics bottles

Wake up and smell the coffee: our shared responsibility to manage food and drink packaging waste

As edie's Resource Management month draws to a close, circular economy experts Libby Sandbrook (BITC) and Debbie Hitchen (Anthesis) explore the challenges and opportunities behind two of the most talked-about packaging waste issues of our generation: coffee cups and plastic bottles.

Disposable nappies are already a huge waste disposal challenge, with 3bn a year being thrown away in the UK

British tampons and nappies set to fuel power stations

One of the UK's trickiest waste problems is being tackled by turning the undesirable into the combustible - tampons and incontinence pads are being converted into dry, burnable bales. The new initiative, from a major waste company, compresses the waste into fuel for power stations.

Organisations such as McDonalds and Thames21 have already agreed to act as partners for the Spring Clean

UK litter set for Spring clean as fly-tipping woes emerge

Ahead of Keep Britain Tidy's annual Spring Clean event, the charity has called for action to be taken to combat "disturbing" levels of fly-tipping across the UK.

The Tidyman logo is used to help consumers understand how their actions impact on the environment and to encourage correct disposal methods

Harrogate Water turns to iconic Tidyman logo to raise recycling awareness

As reports emerge that UK ministers are likely to reject a plastic bottle deposit scheme, Britain's largest independent bottled water company has agreed to place the iconic 'Tidyman' logo on its products in a new partnership with Keep Britain Tidy.

There are estimated to be 5tn pieces of plastic floating in the world’s seas

Tesco and Sainsbury's ban plastic cotton buds to cut waste

The UK's two largest supermarket chains have committed to end the sale of cotton buds with plastic stems, which are the most common litter from toilets flushed on to the country's beaches.

Costa is funding research at Sheffield University into cup recyclability and currently donates 25p to litter charities every time a customer uses a reusable cup in a Costa store

Costa Coffee launches in-store cup recycling scheme

The UK's largest coffee chain Costa Coffee is to launch a recycling scheme in all of its stores to ensure that as many as possible of its own takeaway cups - and those from its competitors - are recycled.

The initiative will aim to collect 20,000 paper cups, which will be recycled into 15,000 plastic flower pot holders to be used in community gardens around the area

Giant coffee cup bins invade Manchester in an attempt to recycle 20,000 paper cups

Thanks to the efforts of a host of retailers including Caffé Nero, Costa and McDonald's, the streets of Manchester will soon be inundated with giant coffee cup bins, as charity Hubbub attempts to save 20,000 paper cups from ending up in landfill.

The paper calls on the Government to “consider in some detail” the role that EPR can play in tackling the UK’s litter problem as part of its upcoming Litter Strategy

The litter levy: Should brands take more responsibility for the UK's waste woes?

Brands such as McDonald's, Coca Cola, Costa Coffee and Wrigley should strive to become a "big part of the solution" to the amount of litter plaguing UK streets, by working with the Government to implement an Extended Produce Responsibility (EPR) scheme.

Due to the success of the trials, Keep Britain Tidy has now announced that Nottingham, Haringey, Sutton and Kettering will be given the “charity bin facelift”

Wrigley and Keep Britain Tidy slash litter rates by 30% with charity bin trials

Five successful waste reduction trials across the UK has seen litter in the selected areas reduced by 30%, leading to charity Keep Britain Tidy and The Wrigley Company to extend the project to four extra regions.

The Hackney-based initiative will be recorded and recreated as a short film to further drive the campaign. In total, 11 local authorities and partners across the UK will take part

Hackney Council welcomes pop-up Litter Lounge to tackle chewing gum waste

A corner of Hackney has been transformed into the UK's first "Litter Lounge", a new behavioral change concept that calls on passing consumers to drop chewing gum into a pop-up living room.

Recycling remuneration: Local authorities that have taken on recycling rewards schemes have seen a significant growth in recycling rates

Could rewards schemes reinvigorate Britain's static recycling rates?

Long-term investment in rewards-based behaviour change schemes is the only way to reinvigorate plateauing recycling rates in a post-Brexit Britain, with 'quick-win' solutions failing to deliver for local authorities across the country.

Workshop spaces and a tour of the premises will be available to visitors during the grand opening of the Remakery, located at 125 Leith Walk

Edinburgh launches 'Remakery' to ignite re-use and repair revolution

An Edinburgh social enterprise has set up a unique re-use and repair superstore to encourage second-hand shopping and enable more people to learn key repair skills in the Scottish capital, as a way of driving a circular economy.

Lidl has pledged to donate at least £1m over a 12 month period, with proceeds going to CLIC Sargent, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Keep Wales Tidy

Lidl uses plastic bag charge to help Keep Britain Tidy

German discount supermarket chain Lidl has today (19 February) pledged to donate a minimum of £1m raised from its 5p plastic bag charge to charity, in a bid to educate children on litter prevention.

Paper cups currently constitute about 30% of McDonald's packaging waste

McDonald's turns used coffee cups into brochures and luxury packaging

McDonald's paper cups are being recycled at scale for the first time in the UK thanks to a new partnership with British papermaker James Cropper and recycling firm Simply Cups, the trio announced on Thursday.

Jeremy Paxman gave the keynote address at the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) Environment Seminar in Birmingham

Jeremy Paxman issues rallying call for businesses to "win the war on litter"

Veteran BBC interrogator Jeremy Paxman has said he is "sick to the back teeth" of Britain's rising litter problem and is calling on businesses to take the initiative and collaborate for a mass behaviour change campaign to curb the issue.

Clean for the Queen urges people to report environmental issues such as litter concerns to councils throughout the year by using a smart phone application

Britain urged to 'Clean for the Queen' with anti-litter app

Members of the public are being urged to report environmental issues to their local council using a mobile app, as part of a new anti-litter behaviour change campaign launched to coincide with the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.

Any textiles not fit for repurposing will be recycled for uses such as mattress filling

Ocado takes on uniform waste quandary with pioneering re-use scheme

Ocado has teamed up with social enterprise charity Hubbub and a prison in Northumberland for an innovative new partnership that will prevent the online retailer's corporate uniforms being unnecessarily sent to landfill.

his new project will support residents to create community reuse enterprises on their housing estates

London adopts re-use hubs to tackle waste issues

Five new reuse hubs have been planted across various housing estates in London that will collect, refurbish and redistribute unwanted furniture, as part of a community engagement scheme to tackle the root causes of fly-tipping.

If every Londoner recycled one extra plastic bottle a week for a year, enough energy would be saved to power Wembley Stadium for two years

Recycling 'just one thing' could spark London's resource revolution

A new behavioural change campaign has been launched to develop Londoners' understanding of what can be recycled, as the capital aims to hit recycling targets set by Mayor Boris Johnson.

Water-soluble florescent chalk is used draw outlines around discarded gum on the streets

VIDEO: Oxford Street lights up to spark chewing gum behaviour change

The grey pavements of Europe's busiest shopping street have been transformed with brightly-coloured circles to highlight the amount of chewing gum that is dropped in an effort to stimulate behaviour change.

Scotland's environment secretary, Richard Lochhead, hailed the 5p plastic bag charge as a 'major success'

Scotland's plastic bag charge sees usage drop by 80%

The number of plastic carrier bags handed out in Scottish shops has reduced by at least 650 million in the first year of the nation's 5p charge.

The 5p charge has been introduced by the Government and aims to reduce the 7.64bn carrier bags that end up in landfill

5p plastic bag charge launches in England

England will today (5 October) follow in the footsteps of the rest of the UK by introducing a 5p plastic bag tax for large retailers.

Signing the Litter Prevention Commitment is the latest in a line of sustainable goals set by Costa Coffee

Costa makes Litter Prevention Commitment with #costacleanup

Staff from more than 650 Costa stores headed out to the streets in a mass litter-pick on Sunday (13 September) to commemorate the coffee shop chain partnering with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

The campaign has seen a series of interactive installations and exhibitions in Villiers Street to encourage people not to litter

Westminster tackles cigarette & gum litter with innovative behaviour change campaign

Giant cigarettes, voting ashtrays and music-playing poles have seen the amounts of gum and cigarette butts left on the streets of Westminster fall rapidly.

Businesses and campaign groups have put their names to the Litter Manifesto

McDonalds and Wrigley add support to national Litter Manifesto

Businesses and campaign groups have backed a new Litter Manifesto calling on the Government to tackle the UK's £1bn litter problem.

The Bristol Whales aim to highlight the levels of waste from single use plastic bottles

VIDEO: Bristol's giant whale lights up Green Capital

A spectacular LED-lit monument made of recycled plastic bottles has been unveiled in Bristol to commemorate the city's year as European Green Capital.

6,000 volunteers cleared 180,000 pieces of litter from British beaches

M&S helps to clear 180,000 pieces of beach litter

Staff and customers from Marks and Spencer (M&S) and volunteers from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) removed more than 180,000 items of rubbish from Britain's beaches during the Big Beach Clean-up in May.

The Clean Up Britain campaign estimates littering costs the UK around £1bn per year

Clean up campaign to use behavioural science to end littering epidemic

An anti-littering campaign headed up by former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman is to use 'nudge theory' to cure Britain's littering bug.

The bottle deposit scheme could save Scottish councils £13m a year

Scotland investigates bottle deposit scheme to advance circular economy

Scotland has moved a step closer to implementing a nationwide bottle-deposit scheme with the publication of new feasibility report by Zero Waste Scotland.

The emissions savings from local authorities' waste and recycling services improved markedly between 2012/13 and 2013/14

Carbon savings from recycling hit record levels

Council recycling services in England saved 4% more greenhouse gas emissions in 2013/14 than in 2012/13, thanks mainly to increased captures of metals and plastics.

M&S expects 5,000 of its customers to join the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and the Canal & River Trust to take part in the 4th annual Big Beach Clean Up

M&S calls on customers to tackle Britain's littered beaches

British retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) is calling on customers to join 3,000 of its employees on its annual litter-pick along Britain's beaches and canals, following news that litter levels are rising.

MSC says much of the problem stems from so-called 'flushable' wet-wipes being put down the loo rather than in the bin, and extends across the water industry

Government must tackle rising number of wet wipes, says marine charity

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is calling on the Government to tackle marine litter after new data revealed the number of wet wipes found on Britain's beaches rose by 50% in a single year.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems have

Lib Dems reiterate green ambition with election manifesto

"The Five Green Laws are nailed to the front page of our manifesto," proclaimed Energy Secretary Ed Davey as he announced further details of the green policies that the Liberal Democrat Party would implement if elected in May.

Plastic in the oceans is becoming an environmental issue for marine life

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste shifts from land to sea every year, new study finds

Around eight million tonnes of plastic waste find their way into the world's oceans each year, according to a new study.

Sainsbury's  will stop rewarding shoppers with Nectar points for every bag they reuse from April next year.

Sainsbury's to stop Nectar points for bag reuse

Retail giant Sainsbury's has announced that it will stop rewarding shoppers with Nectar points for every bag they reuse from April next year, as part of wider changes to its loyalty programme.

Every retailer in Scotland will charge at least 5p for each new carrier bag they give to shoppers.

Carrier bag charge: In numbers

On Monday (20 October), Scotland will introduce its levy on single-use carrier bags (SUCB), meaning they can no longer be given away free of charge. To help explain the facts and figures surrounding the levy, edie has compiled a list of carrier bag sustainability statistics.

The clothing company has chosen to donate to the Trees for Life charity

Superdry signs bag-saving charity pledge

Two weeks before the Scottish carrier bag charge comes into force, fashion brand Superdry has signed up to Zero Waste Scotland's Carrier Bag Commitment.

California is set to become the first US state to ban single use plastic bags

California lawmakers give green light to plastic bag ban

A ban on single-use plastic bags in California is expected to be signed into law after the states senate passed a bill barring single-use plastic bags from retailers from next July.

Scottish Government aims to take a proactive approach to tackle marine litter.

Scotland unveils strategy to tackle marine litter

The Scottish Government has announced that it has launched a new strategy to tackle marine litter.

(L-R) Brian Grindley, Sustaining Dunbar, Richard Lochhead, Environment Secretary, and Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland, at the launch in Dunbar

Dunbar to become Scotland's flagship Zero Waste Town

Zero Waste Scotland has launched a new initiative to help Dunbar become Scotland's first 'Zero Waste Town' in a pilot project announced today (6 August) by Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.

The Circular Economy Package requires member states to recycle 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste by 2030

EU sets 70% recycling target in new Circular Economy Package

The European Commission has today (2 July) unveiled a revamped package of waste and recycling targets to accelerate Europe's transition to a circular economy.

A shopper could be faced with having to pay for a bag in some stores but not in others, depending on which material was used

Plastic bag tax 'unnecessarily complicated', say MPs

The Government has ignored calls to include all retailers in the 5p plastic bag charge, despite numerous experts insisting it would reduce litter, slash carbon emissions and cut down on waste.

The introduction of carrier bag charges in Scotland has cleared its final parliamentary hurdle

Scottish Parliament approves carrier bag charge

The Scottish Parliament has approved new regulations to introduce a charge for single-use carrier bags.

McDonald's is just one of the big brands to join the battle to tackle litter

Coca-Cola and McDonald's sign up to litter prevention pledge

Fast food giants McDonald's and KFC, along with Coca-Cola Enterprises and Wrigley, have signed up to a litter prevention commitment organised by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

Political visit to plastic film recycling facility by Ed Davey (pictured above).

Energy Secretary visits UK's first plastic film recycling facility

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has paid a visit to the UK's first shopping bag and plastic film recycling facility in London.

Green groups call on European Union to be ambitious and work towards a circular economy

Call for EU to follow ten steps to implement circular economy

A group of leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have issued a joint statement calling for the European Union (EU) to implement ten steps that will help Europe work towards a circular economy.

First product made from litter collected at the M&S Big Beach Clean Up

M&S unveils frisbee made from beach litter

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has launched a frisbee made from plastic litter collected from beaches across the UK.

Cigarette butts and chewing gum are Scotland's most common bits of litter.

Broad approach is needed to tackle litter in Scotland, INCPEN says

The Scottish Government needs to take a broad approach when tackling the problem of litter rather than a piecemeal one, according to the Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN).

KBT launches first-ever report on waste

Keep Britain Tidy debuts waste report

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has published its first report on ending waste and managing resources.

M&S to help tackle beach litter

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has announced that it will partner up with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and the Canal & River Trust to help tackle litter on UK beaches.

Pharrell Williams

Music star helps to turn ocean waste into jeans

Pharrell Williams, a music star and fashion designer, has announced a partnership with designer denim label G-Star RAW to create jeans out of plastic waste taken from the world's oceans.

Plastic bag plans for England

Government slammed over bag charge plans

The Government's plans for a five pence charge on plastic carrier bags in England have been slammed by a cross-party committee of MPs.

Keep Britain Tidy

Councils given tougher powers to punish car litterbugs

Local councils have been given additional powers to crack down on people who throw litter out of car windows under new laws approved by peers.

Beauty brands commiting to microbead phase out as environmental threat grows

Growing evidence around the environmental impact plastic microbeads in beauty products are having on oceans is seeing some of the industry's major brands committing to phasing them out.

Microbeads pollution - a drop in the ocean for the beauty industry

The threat plastic pollution poses to marine wildlife is now a recognised issue amongst consumers, businesses and governments, but is the damage from microplastics, found in many beauty products, a problem literally being washed down the drain? Leigh Stringer investigates

A national wish list for waste prevention

In light of the Government's recently published waste prevention programme, Eunomia has produced a short waste prevention wish list - simple measures which could make a real difference

A year in waste: how did the UK measure up?

Liz Gyekye presents the 2013 waste industry highlights across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and offers a sneak preview of what's in store for 2014

England will be introducing a plastic bag charge in 2015

Councils may be forced to impose England's carrier bag charge

Local authorities should be responsible for enforcing the plastic bag charge due to be introduced in England in 2015, according to Defra.

Braintree District Council takes a touch approach to litter - including some very honest communication campaigns

Councils take starring role on BBC's litter programme

Three councils that featured on the BBC's Panorama programme last night (October 29) have been praised for making positive efforts to tackle litter.

Encouraging progress has been made, but litter from fast food is still a problem

New resource minister praises councils for litter-free streets

Defra's new resource management minister has applauded local authorities for helping to make England's streets cleaner.

David Cameron leans towards plastic-bag charging scheme

The Prime Minister David Cameron has implied that shoppers could soon be charged for plastic bags in an attempt to reduce their use.

An average of seven bottles and cans can be found on every 100 metres of Scotland's roads

Major events in 2014 prompt Scotland to tackle road litter

Major events scheduled for 2014, including the Ryders Cup and the Commonwealth Games, are driving Scotland's efforts to tackle road litter.

Hopes rest on Scotland's litter strategy to drive behaviour change on packaging

The food packaging industry has welcomed Scotland's litter consultation, believing it will help inform consumers on how best to deal with leftover 'necessary' packaging material.

Scotland paves new path for citizenship recycling

Scotland is to roll out thousands of public recycling bins across the country in a bid to make people more accountable for their waste when away from home.

Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths

Lack of English plastic bag levy mystifies campaigners

A plastic bag charge should be introduced in England where figures show that usage rates increased by half a billion last year, according to Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths.

Futuristic 'icebergs' float to rescue of polluted oceans

A set of floating inverted skyscraper-like structures capable of coverting ocean litter into energy have been designed by architects.

Environmental lobbyists call for plastic bag levy

Four leading environmental organisations are calling on the Government to reduce litter and waste by forcing retailers to introduce levies on all single-use bags.

Richard Branson hopes for a plastic-free solution (credit stocklight /

Richard Branson looks to ditch plastic for airport luggage

Richard Branson has called for plastic alternatives to help improve luggage security across airports and cut down on pollution at the same time.

Tough new Bill aims to crackdown on roadside litter

Motorists could soon be held liable for any litter thrown out of their vehicles as new proposals tabled in the House of Lords today look to increase powers for fixed penalty fines.

London to roll out 'time bands' for waste collections

A new 'time banding' system for commercial and residential bagged waste collections in London is set to launch from April 1, in a bid to improve hygiene.

Beach litter is responsible for thousands of marine bird deaths every year in the UK

M&S lends weight to beach litter clean-up campaign

Marks & Spencer is instigating what is set to the UK's biggest ever beach clean-up in a bid to stop marine pollution of seas and shorelines.

The Highways Agency is driving sustainability forward on England's motorways

M25 recycling project results in £15m waste savings

The Highways Agency has saved over £15m through recycling over 70% of waste produced during an extensive motorway widening scheme on the M25.

Water minister Richard Benyon takes part in the clean-up in East London

Boris and Benyon support waterways clean-up campaign

London mayor Boris Johnson and water minister Richard Benyon are backing a new campaign to "clean and green" East London's rivers and canals ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Train operator c2c launches station recycling scheme

Train operator c2c Group has rolled out a recycling programme for all of its stations across the south east, from Essex to London.

Manchester waterways clean-up project reveals bizarre dumps

A doll's house, giant Guinness hat and wrestling DVD have been some of the more unusual objects collected from Manchester's waterways as part of a clean-up project.

The campaign launch involved McDonald's, Keep Scotland Beautiful, and community support officers

McDonald's leads fight against litter in Scotland

McDonald's has pledged to tackle litter in Glasgow by lending its support to a scheme which is encouraging businesses to sign up to a major clean-up campaign.

The wastewater recovery

After 10 dedicated years, Frank Rogalla of Aqualia hangs up his hat on Technically Speaking and looks to the future potential of energy and nutrient recovery in wastewater.

The rubbish replica of the Marble Arch

VIDEO: Marble Arch replica made out of rubbish highlights litter plight

A replica of London's iconic Marble Arch has been built from litter collected from the streets of Westminster - notably Oxford Street, Regent's Street and Bond Street in one day - a total of 120 bags.

Credit: Kamira /

Council's 'Big Green Society' drive homes in on waste and litter

A London council is calling on the public to take greater responsibility for the waste and litter they generate using principles behind the Government's Big Society plan.

Plastics industry draws up global action plan for ocean pollution

A global action plan has been launched by the international plastics industry to combat the growing problem of marine litter.

Welsh shoppers show overwhelming support for carrier bag charges

The majority of people in Wales are in favour of the country introducing a charge on single-use carrier bags, new research shows.

Dispatches reporter Morland Sanders

Dispatches lifts the lid on nation's rubbish habits

Waste management companies are set to be scrutinised tonight (October 4) as Channel 4's Dispatches programme investigates how the nation is tackling its growing waste problem.

Talking bin scheme to trial in London and Liverpool

A talking bin trial which uses famous voices to congratulate users for binning their rubbish is set to launch in London and Liverpool next month.

Local authorities back campaign to tackle chewing gum litter

The Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) has launched its 2011 campaign in partnership with 12 local authorities in a bid to cut levels of chewing gum litter.

Irish councils receive funding boost to tackle litter

The Irish Government has provided local authorities with 1.5M euros in a bid to tackle graffiti and littering at key tourist locations as part of its anti-graffiti and tourist season anti-litter grant schemes.

Keep Britain Tidy merges with Waste Watch to boost recycling

Environmental charity organisations, Keep Britain Tidy and Waste Watch have merged following a year-long strategic alliance, in an attempt to project a "stronger unified message".

Chicken poo to power poultry farm

A farm will power its chicken production through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) from next month.

London Underground recycling drive sees more bins for Tube passengers

London Underground has increased the number of bins on its Tube network by 25% in a bid to increase its recycling rates by encouraging more customers to dispose of their litter.

Brazillian model Giselle Bündchen

Tree-planting celebrities help mark World Environment Day

People famous and not so famous across the world are getting reading to mark World Environment Day (WED) on Sunday (5 June).

Dirty loo habits pollute UK beaches

The latest litter survey from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says that sewage-related debris (SRD) from people's bathrooms is one of the major causes of beach pollution.

L to R: Andrew Richmond, GLA; William Payne, Veolia; Nigel Tyrell, Lewisham Council; and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mayor rolls out clean London scheme

Londoners are being urged by Mayor, Boris Johnson, to help keep the capital clean by reporting 'grime-crime' such as graffiti, litter and fly-tipping, using internet and mobile phone technology.

The site where the man fell

Litterpicker injured falling into well

A Mansfield District Council worker fell six metres down a dry well while clearing litter from a yard, magistrates heard today (January 12).

London Mayor Boris Johnson at the launch of an electricals recycling campaign earlier this year

Environment Committee calls for more action on food waste

The London Assembly's Environment Committee is calling for London Mayor, Boris Johnson, to take more action on food waste and recycling.

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