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The vehicles are expected to generate overall lifetime savings of £75,000 to £100,00 compared to a diesel equivalent

Waitrose eyes 50 biomethane trucks by end of 2017

EXCLUSIVE: British retail chain Waitrose aims to have 50 100% biomethane gas-fuelled trucks operating in its fleet by the end of year, in an effort to lower emissions from its distribution fleet.

Statoil’s oil and gas production, and subsequent emissions, are already below the industry average, with the firm emitting more than 15 million tonnes of CO2 in 2016

Statoil vows to slash carbon emissions by a fifth

Just one day after it was revealed that eight of the world's largest fossil fuel companies were responsible for pollution levels equal to that of the US, Norwegian oil and gas firm Statoil has pledged to reduce its own emissions by three million tonnes by 2030.

Biomethane is around 40% cheaper than diesel fuel and emissions from vehicles are 70% lower as a result

Waitrose showcases 500-mile biomethane truck fleet

Waitrose is operating a new commercial vehicle fleet that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) biomethane fuel in order to lower transport emissions and boost the driving range of its low-carbon freight fleet.

Aiming high: Being an SME has obvious downsides in terms of scale and access to markets, but if you can be quick to learn and change, those downsides become strengths

Big ambitions: How SME's can become sustainability leaders

Next up in the series of contributed articles for edie's Sustainability Leadership Month, Andy Wood, chief executive of Suffolk-based brewer and distiller Adnams, outlines how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can incorporate sustainability in their business agenda.

Aiming high: Being an SME has obvious downsides in terms of scale and access to markets, but if you can be quick to learn and change, those downsides become strengths

Big ambitions: How SME's can become sustainability leaders

Next up in the series of contributed articles for edie's Sustainability Leadership Month, Andy Wood, chief executive of Suffolk-based brewer and distiller Adnams, outlines how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can incorporate sustainability in their business agenda.

Currently 35 UPS EVs are in operation in London, with plans to double that number already in place

UPS calls for 'level playing field' of low-emission fleets

EXCLUSIVE: Packaging and transportation giant UPS has called on the UK Government to create a 'level playing field' by allowing the transport sector to create a better support system for vehicle electrification and enable more investment into biofuels.

The UKERC report has warned that investors would be unwilling to invest into gas projects unless enhanced policy incentives and infrastructure are in place

Natural gas capabilities in the UK 'very limited' without carbon capture, report warns

Using natural gas as a bridging fuel to a cleaner energy mix in the UK will only act as a "stop-gap", with its viability as an energy source severely limited beyond 2020 unless carbon capture and storage (CSS) technology is rolled out, the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has warned.

The firm is targeting a 15% cut in carbon efficiency and a 20% cut in water consumption by 2020 compared to 2014

Whitbread continues slashing emissions and water use

The UK's largest hospitality company has released its 2015 corporate responsibility report, detailing continued progress in water, energy and waste.

Fecal waste has energy content similar to coal and charcoal and could replace up to 2 million tonnes of charcoal-equivalent fuel

Poo power: Human waste could heat 138 million households

Safely obtained biogas from human waste could generate electricity to power all of the households in in Indonesia, Brazil, and Ethiopia combined, if researchers can harness the correct innovative technologies.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle has arrived in the UK, with a price tag of just over £53,000

The future is here: mass-market hydrogen cars take to Britain's roads

The first mass production hydrogen cars, billed for more than a decade as a clean alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles but only glimpsed as concepts at automotive trade shows, have arrived on British roads.

In the near future Volvo predicts that these trucks will be able to book their own services and workshop administrations

LowCVP calls for collaboration to develop 'trucks of the future'

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is calling on Britain's fleet operators and local authorities to band together to create a new low-carbon market for heavy goods vehicles.

Total has also decided to divest from its coal marketing operations and says it will no longer be involved in the coal business by the end of 2015

Total ends coal production as fossil fuel stocks dive

The world's fifth-largest energy company Total will no longer produce coal after selling off its last mining affiliate, Total Coal South Africa.

Air pollution is killing an average of 4,000 Chinese every day

China's air pollution crisis killing 1.6 million each year

Air pollution kills an average of 4,000 people every day in China, according to a new study by researchers at Berkeley Earth.

In her column, Rudd claimed shale could create 60,000 new jobs in the UK and generate billions of pounds for the economy

Rudd warns councils to speed up fracking decisions

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the Government will be writing to local councils to urge them to speed up planning decisions on fracking.

Green groups have contrasted the UK's approach with Obama's ambitious announcement

Obama's clean power action contrasts with 'small-minded' UK approach

Green groups have compared US President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan with the lack of UK Government action, claiming Prime Minister David Cameron needs to do more to meet climate change targets.

This week saw big numbers from the UK Budget as well as big businesses such as Facebook and Lamborghini

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

It's been a hectic week for sustainability professionals, with the Summer Budget leaving many edie readers with some big numbers to mull over...

Lamborghini has achieved carbon neutral status at its factory and headquarters. Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini shifts green credentials into top gear with carbon neutrality

Supercar maker Lamborghini has achieved carbon neutral certification for its headquarters and factory in Italy.

Carbon Tracker estimates that $85bn of Shell's and BG's potential future LNG project options may not be needed

$283bn of liquefied natural gas projects 'unnecessary'

Approximately $283bn of potential liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are likely to be surplus to requirements over the next 10 years if the world is to limit global warming to two degrees, experts have warned.

Lancashire council has turned down the first of two applications for fracking by Cuadrilla

First Cuadrilla fracking bid rejected by Lancashire council

Lancashire County Council has turned down Cuardrilla's planning application for fracking at Roseacre Wood.

The study claims to be the 'missing piece' for securing future low-carbon transport

£10bn investment needed to drive low-carbon transport industry

More than £10bn will need to be invested in low-carbon transport if the UK is to meet its carbon emission reduction targets by 2050.

Gas power plants produce around 500kg of emissions per MWh of electricity – compared to 750kg/MWh for coal power plants

Natural gas 'very risky' to clean up energy supply

Natural gas does should not be considered an 'easy bridge' between coal power and renewable energy, the New Climate Economy (NCE) has warned.

900MW of renewable capacity was installed in the US, compared to 300MW of natural gas

US installs three times as much renewable capacity as fossil fuels

Renewable energy sources accounted for more than three quarters of new capacity installed in the US in the first quarter of 2015.

Student campaigners want Edinburgh University to divest fully from fossil fuels

Edinburgh Uni expected to dump coal and tar sands stocks

The University of Edinburgh is expected to approve plans to divest from companies involved in coal and tar sands extraction, but campaigners said the action did not go far enough.

The report claims that sourcing 10% of energy from renewables in the Gulf state could save the United Arab Emirates $1.9bn a year

Renewables could outshine fossil fuels in Middle East

The renewables revolution appears to be making waves across the globe as a new report released today has revealed that solar and wind may now be the cheapest sources of new energy supply in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Tim Yeo says people who think fracking is an environmental problem are mistaken

Shale gas should be at centre of next government's energy policy - Tim Yeo

Shale gas exploration can be environmentally sound, and should be the centrepiece of the next government's energy policy, the Conservative's most senior green-leaning MP has urged.

Petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia are among the companies benefiting from around £1.7bn in government funding over the course of the parliament

UK loaned £1.7bn to foreign fossil fuel projects despite pledge

The UK Government has provided well over a billion pounds in loans to fossil fuel projects around the world despite a pledge to withdraw financial support from such schemes, an analysis of loans made by the UK's export credit agency has revealed.

A national energy efficiency programme would create up to 108,000 jobs and cut natural gas imports by 26%

Government must establish 'more ambitious' energy efficiency scheme

A more ambitious energy efficiency investment programme would pay for itself within 10 years and add £13.9bn annually to the UK economy by 2030.

Current CO2 levels are 2.74% higher than 2013 and 5.96% higher than 2012

US energy review results clash with Obama's Climate Summit speech

Despite an increase of 4% in the production of renewable energy over the past 18 months, new figures have revealed a marked increase in fossil fuel consumption across the US.

Fracking uses large volumes of water for short periods of time and as such could have negative effects on water security

Global water availability 'could limit fracking developments'

A new report that looks into the potential environmental effects of fracking has revealed that drilling and fracturing shale gas wells poses a 'significant risk' to freshwater supplies across the globe.

Is fracking for shale gas key for the UK's long term energy mix, or is it a recipe for environmental disaster?

Will shale gas ever find its place in today's broad energy mix?

Many decades ago, Albert Einstein said that 'Everything is Energy and Energy is everything". This claim is still very true as we look at the impact of energy as a source on our modern society today.

The announcement comes after a number of the world's top 25 PR stated they would not work on campaigns to deny climate change

PR giant Edelman will not accept climate change denial campaigns

America's largest PR firm has announced it will not accept clients that seek to deny climate change in an official statement.

Green sky thinking: Six truly amazing renewable ideas

From the weird to the wonderful, the space age to the bizarre, green innovators are coming up with amazing inventions to create a more sustainable future.

Shale gas and oil have become accessible in the last decade because of advances in the technology of fracking

Scotland shale gas and oil reserves 'modest' compared with England

Midland Valley of Scotland has up to 134.6 trillion cubic feet of shale gas below ground, according to British Geological Survey.

Making scoops, closing loops: Edie visited the Ben & Jerry's factory in the Netherlands

GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Ben & Jerry's new biodigester

Ben & Jerry's has become the first ice cream company in the world to power its factory using its own ice cream. Edie took a trip to the company's European factory in the Netherlands to take a closer look at 'The Chunkinator'.

Hyundai tasked the students with creating a 'mobile marketing campaign' for its zero-emissions vehicle

GALLERY: Hyundai and students make a fuel cell fashion statement

Students from the London College of Fashion (LCF) have revealed their winning designs in the LCFxHyundai 'Fashioned Fuel Cell' competition. The collaboration aimed to promote the world's first production fuel cell car.

President Obama told West Point graduates this week that the US must lead by example on climate change

Obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut US carbon pollution

President Barack Obama will unveil a plan on Monday that will cut carbon pollution from power plants and promote cap-and-trade, undertaking the most significant action on climate change in American history.

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, energy experts are worried that this over-dependence on Russia could expose European business and citizens to threats from the Kremlin and higher prices

Shale and non-Russian gas imports at heart of new EU energy strategy

Ukraine crisis forces bloc to seek diverse sources of gas, but green groups complain ignoring renewables is a mistake.

Shell is holding its annual AGM in Amsterdam today (20 May)

Bursting the Carbon Bubble: Shell insists fossil fuel reserves won't be 'stranded'

Royal Dutch Shell has dismissed claims that its proven oil and gas reserves will become unusable as a result of climate change regulation; maintaining the view that fossil fuels will continue to play a major role in the global energy system through to 2050 and beyond.

(L-R): Winston Reed from Greener for Life Energy with Chris Long from FLI Energy

New biogas AD plant breaks ground in Cornwall

Construction work has today (12 May) begun on the Fraddon Biogas Plant - a new biomethane-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) site in Cornwall.

Waitrose aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by producing renewable fertiliser

Waitrose teams up with ITM Power to produce renewable fertiliser

Supermarket chain Waitrose is stepping up its sustainability drive by joining forces with the Technology Strategy Board and ITM Power to develop a system for the production of renewable fertiliser.

Onshore wind generation increased by 36.4% in 2013 from 2012, with offshore wind generation up by 45.8%, due to increased capacity, as well as higher wind speeds.

Renewable electricity generation up 28% in the UK

Renewable electricity generation increased by 28% in 2013 to 52.8 terawatt-hours (TWh), up from the 41.3 TWh recorded in 2012, according to official figures.

The FTA says says the current system for incentivising the use of biomethane means that it is diverted to heating and electricity sectors

Government must 'secure biomethane supplies' for transport sector

The UK Government is being urged to act on recommendations from the Department for Transport's Low Emission Task Force to increase the use of biomethane in heavy goods vehicles (hgvs).

At Arrowe Park Hospital, a 1710kW CHP system will displace up to 70% of the site's electrical and thermal demands

NHS Trust uses funding to modernise energy infrastructure

Two NHS Trust hospitals are receiving a "green makeover" that will see both of the sites energy infrastructures modernised through a number of efficiency initiatives and technologies.

BP's 2035 outlook: CO2 emissions to rise by a third as energy consumption soars

Global carbon emissions are set to rise by 29% by 2035 as a result of a 41% increase in energy consumption, according to BP's Energy Outlook report.

Asda cuts fleet emissions by adding 50 duel-fuel vehicles

Asda Logistics Services (ALS) is introducing 50 dual-fuel Volvo FM tractor units at its newly opened distribution centre in Avonmouth, Bristol, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Sainsbury's to open first carbon, waste and water neutral store

Sainsbury's will be opening its most environmentally friendly store in Leicester which will emit zero carbon from all operational energy used, send zero waste to landfill and will have zero impact on the water usage of the local catchment area.

Two of DHLs new duel fuel vehicles

DHL expands duel fuel fleet to cut CO2 emissions

Major logistics company DHL has introduced 63 new dual fuel vehicles to its existing 38, which it claims now makes the company the single largest dual fuel heavy trucks fleet operator in Europe.

Growing signs that renewables are 'coming of age' for SMEs

Using renewable energies to power your business more efficiently - from solar panels and biomass heating, meet the small businesses using green energy alternatives.

EIA: Renewables and nuclear 'world's fastest' growing energy sources

Renewable energy and nuclear power are the world's fastest-growing energy sources, each increasing by 2.5% per year, according to a new report by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Centrica agrees Northern England fracking deal with Cuadrilla

The British Gas owner, Centrica, has bought a 25% stake in a venture license to drill for shale gas in Northern England from fracking firm Cuadrilla.

Atmospheric CO2 levels reach 'highest in human history'

Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in human history, according to the latest data.

Shell reduces water use but plants operating less efficiently

Shell reduced the amount of fresh water it used by 6 million cubic metres in 2012 compared to 2011, mainly due to the company withdrawing less river water for its oil sands operations.

SKODA joins race for top spot in eco-friendly ranking

Czech car manufacturer SKODA has boosted its sustainability credentials by implementing a new environmental programme.

SC Johnson's wind turbines at the Waxdale facility

SC Johnson boosts wind deployment to close gap on renewables target

SC Johnson increased its use of renewable energy to 29.9% in 2011 pushing the business closer to its 2016 target of 33%, according to its latest sustainability report.

ETI investigates potential of hydrogen storage technology

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has launched a £300,000 project to investigate the economics and potential use of energy systems involving low carbon hydrogen production, storage and flexible turbine technology.

B&Qs dual fuel lorries

B&Q partners up to create greener fleet

The UK's largest home improvement retailer B&Q is powering 50 of its lorries with natural gas produced from waste, to develop a greener operating fleet.

Global coalition pledges to cut emissions in oil and gas sector

More than a dozen Ministers from countries around the world have released a statement calling for faster action in reducing venting, leakage, and flaring of natural gas from oil and gas operations.

Businesses urge ITRE Committee to recognise energy efficiency

Businesses have called on members of the European Parliament's Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee to ensure they recognise energy efficiency as the single most cost-effective means of achieving the goals set out in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050.

European Commission at 'full throttle' for clean fuel targets

The European Commission has today proposed a package of binding targets on Member States to invest in infrastructure for alternative fuels such as electric charging points for road transport and liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling points for ships.

EU must recognise link between energy efficiency and competition

The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) has called on the European Commission to fully acknowledge the role energy efficiency can play for growth and job creation in the European Union.

Ireland's energy use per household has fallen 16% since 2007

Renewable energy saves Ireland €300m in fossil fuel imports

Almost one fifth of Irish electricity usage now comes from renewable sources, according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Fracking could hinder renewable energy targets warns CIWEM

Shale gas from fracking should not be encouraged in the UK until there is evidence that operations can be delivered safely and robust regulatory controls are implemented, according to the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

Coal consumption in Europe increased by 3.3% last year compared with 2010

EU's greenhouse gas emissions down 2.5% in 2011

The European Union's (EU) greenhouse gas emissions fell by 2.5% in 2011 despite higher coal consumption, according to new estimates from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Just 12 local authorities recorded a decrease in CO2 emissions between 2009 and 2010

CO2 emissions rise in 97% of local authorities

Out of the 406 local authorities in the UK 394 have recorded an increase in CO2 emissions between 2009 and 2010, according to statistics by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Is shale gas the way forward?

Shale Gas is bad news for renewables says leading think tank

Any focus on shale gas in the UK could have a negative impact on investment in renewables, according to a report published this week from UK think tank, Chatham House.

Companies are reluctant to switch to biodiesel through a lack in confidence for the alternative fuel

Calor declines move to biodiesel on risk to reliability

Calor has decided against switching 30% of its vehicles to biodiesel fuel after a review found that the move would impact on the reliability of the company's transport operations.

Total annual carbon footprint per monthly active Facebook user was just 269 grams - the equivalent of three bananas.
Pic: Pan Xunbin /

Facebook reveals carbon emissions and targets greener profile

For the first time, social media giant Facebook has disclosed its annual carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Non-renewable source fuels Olympic cauldron

Olympic organisers considered using biogas to fuel the Olympic cauldron but chose to use less eco-friendly natural gas to reduce costs.

Bioenergy research hub powers up

The efficiency and whole-life impact of bioenergy is to be probed under a new research hub, which will investigate the practicalities of various technology streams and their outputs.

Questions raised over China's shale gas potential

China's ability to deliver on its shale gas production target of 6.5 billion cubic meters a year by 2015 has been called into question by global business analysts GlobalData.

IEA applaud UK's low-carbon vision but also voice concerns

The UK is "leading by example" on low-carbon issues but will need huge private-sector investments in energy infrastructure if future development reality is to match the country's climate policy ambitions.

ECCC told its time to start replacing North Sea oil

Britain needs to de-fossilise its ground transport sector before the 'bonanza' of North Sea oil runs out says Sir David King, director of Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

Shale gas: Between a rock and a hard place

Could shale gas production make an important contribution to the future UK power supply? The prospect of hydrofracking alarms environmentalists. But, says Rob Bell, politicians will find it difficult to resist

Natural gas: a viable low-carbon solution?

According to the gas industry, natural gas is the perfect bridge fuel to civilisation's sustainable future - solving peak oil and helping the battle against climate change. David Strahan weighs up the evidence

Milton Keynes Council: seeking an environmentally sustainable solution for its waste

Milton Keynes seeks long-term solution

Milton Keynes Council is holding an industry day on 29th March for companies interested in bidding for the long-term treatment of its residual waste.

What lies beneath

Trapping CO2 underground is now a reality, and it seems a sensible proposition in the face of climate change. But putting the gas down below can allow companies to get access to even more fossil fuels. Mike Scott reports

Is bio-methane the greenest?

In the ongoing debate about the suitability and sustainability of biofuels for vehicle transport in the UK, the potential of bio-methane is often forgotten

A beacon project

A pipeline is being built, which will carry 20% of the UK's natural gas supply, to help cope with growing demand for gas. Remote locations have posed problems, writes Paul Stearnes

At the cutting edge

It's rare for one company to be active in so many different aspects of the industry - from distribution to manufacturing, data collection to butt fusion, and polyethylene pipe and fittings to ductile iron. And, with its international sales almost doubled compared with last year, Fusion Group is flourishing.

Austrians told energy tax reductions are illegal

Vienna has been told to scrap a scheme offering state aid to companies based on their energy consumption.

The Valenton sludge processing plant in Paris, France, which consists of three DDS 70 drum dryers with heat recovery by thermal oil, opened in 2005. Image: Andritz

Thermal dried sludge meets EU standards

Efficient sludge management is facing the twin challenges of more stringent land disposal regulations and an increase in the quanity of wastewater. Doris Thamer, senior sales manager, and Werner Jenewein, senior process manager, of Austrian sludge specialist Andritz claim that drying technologies can meet both these demands.

Innovative belt drier for fermented residues

Belt drying is a well-known, established process for biomass. However, as Armin Vonplon and Werner Jenewein of the Austrian manufacturer Andritz report, the challenge was to find ways of developing proven sludge drying components in a newly adapted belt drying system.

In the mix

Electricity companies now have to tell their customers exactly where their power is coming from, and the carbon dioxide and nuclear waste produced, writes John Haven

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (December 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see a raft of new directives from the EU, the latest developments on REACH, tighter controls on batteries and in the UK new safety laws for offshore installations and more on restricting toxic chemicals in paints.

Fuel of the future

Camilla Anderson talks to James Beal of Renewables East, a company at the forefront of the drive to convert motorists to the cause of biodiesels

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (August 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. The summary includes the US-led climate change pact that will rival Kyoto, the UK's 'right to roam', new subsidies for biomass, efforts to combat oil pollution from shipping, tighter regulation of GMOs in Wales and an amendment to British climate change levy regulations.

Edie environmental legislation summary (July 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser and Edie News round-up of new policies and recent changes to legislation that will impact the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally: EU bans phthalates in toys, 13 alien invaders added to list of plants banned from Scottish wilds, Northern Ireland gets new powers to designate and protect environmentally sensitive areas, UK public sector document to become more public and much more.

A smashing idea

British Glass explores the benefits of a new web-based system that has revolutionised reporting data on energy and production

It's time to renew our obligations towards heat.

Gaynor Hartnell of the Renewable Power Association outlines the benefits of a renewable heat obligation.

Combining heat and power supply: intelligent energy solutions for local communities. Sabine Froning of Euroheat and Power discusses the advantages of CHP.

Huge heat losses appear in the EU energy balance. From the annual energy supply of 63 EJ, more than 20 EJ heat are lost in power plants, oil refineries, and industrial processes. These losses can be significantly reduced by expanding combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating / cooling (DHC) systems.

Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

Government policy, at both European and UK levels, is stimulating local government in particular to develop environmentally sustainable solutions across the transport and waste management sectors. LAWE reports on the latest policies and technology in this month's Tracking Trends feature

Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

Government policy, at both European and UK levels, is stimulating local government in particular to develop environmentally sustainable solutions across the transport and waste management sectors. LAWE reports on the latest policies and technology in this month's Tracking Trends feature

New technology on show at em-CERTS 2004

LAWE reports on the latest development in monitoring equipment and technology for stack emissions and ambient pollution which are on show at this year's em-CERTS event.

VOC abatement plant ensure compliance at chemical works

ACWa AIR, the pollution control division of ACWa Services, has installed and commissioned a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) at the BASF chemical works in Cramlington. The unit will ensure full compliance with stringent Environment Agency regulations by removing more than 99% of benzene contained in exhaust gases discharged from the processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Alternative fuel: the burning issue

Akbar Ali and Michael Crookes of solicitors, Davies Arnold Cooper, look at how British manufactures can facilitate the development of cleaner energy.

Alternative fuel: the burning issue

Akbar Ali and Michael Crookes of solicitors, Davies Arnold Cooper, look at how British manufactures can facilitate the development of cleaner energy.

Flame resistant

High temperature furnaces, such as those used in the metallurgical industries for metal melting and reheating, are notoriously inefficient because of the large amount of heat leaving the furnace in the flue gases. Over the years this heat has been captured by incorporating waste heat recovery systems to preheat the combustion air. This can be done using recuperative burners or more recently, the development of compact, high-effectiveness regenerative burners. The regenerative burners can preheat the air to well over a 1,000°C, producing energy savings of around 60 per cent. However, these levels of air preheat temperatures result in increased flame temperatures, which produce high levels of oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Beating the elements

White Young Green Environmental reports on remediation strategies on a truly grand scale.

Keeping it real

Paper manufacturer, M-real New Thames Ltd has implemented a number of strategies to reduce its impacts on the environment. Jason Rayfield visited the company’s New Thames Mill in Kent to find out more.

NETL develops carbon capture test plant

To accelerate the development of carbon capture, separation and sequestration technologies, the US government’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is constructing a modular, flexible CO2 capture test facility.

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