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An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the oceans each year. Image: Parley. Twitter

Stella McCartney shines spotlight on ocean waste through Parley partnership

British fashion designer Stella McCartney has announced an extended collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, to support the "fragility" of the oceans and help combat rising marine plastic pollution.

The partnership also enlisted the help of ambassadors to implement the agenda across numerous countries

Corona targets marine plastic waste through islands protection pledge

Mexican beer brand Corona has partnered with Parley for the Oceans in a move that will protect 100 islands against rising marine plastic pollution by 2020.

The long-term commercial viability of the technology will be tested by Unilever at a pilot plant in Indonesia, a country which produces 64 million tonnes of waste every year

Unilever breakthrough technology set to tackle plastic sachet waste

Consumer goods giant Unilever has today (11 May) unveiled a breakthrough technology which aims to address the systemic global issue of multilayer plastic sachet waste.

Around 60% of bottles are currently recycled in the UK, but DRS could increase recycling rates to 98%. Image: Thames21

Sadiq Khan urged to explore plastic bottle return scheme

The London Assembly Environment Committee (LAEC) has called on the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to fulfil his promise of becoming the 'greenest Mayor London has ever had' by exploring the viability of a return scheme for plastic bottles, with a view to a city-wide trial.

The Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the impacts of coffee cups and plastics bottles

Wake up and smell the coffee: our shared responsibility to manage food and drink packaging waste

As edie's Resource Management month draws to a close, circular economy experts Libby Sandbrook (BITC) and Debbie Hitchen (Anthesis) explore the challenges and opportunities behind two of the most talked-about packaging waste issues of our generation: coffee cups and plastic bottles.

Greenpeace is calling on companies to take “drastic action” to phase out single-use plastic. Photo: Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace slams 'jaw-dropping' inaction on marine pollution from soft drinks firms

A new Greenpeace UK report has condemned the "woeful lack of action" by the soft drinks industry to prevent ocean plastic pollution, as figures show the world's top six brands use a combined average of just 6.6% recycled plastic in their bottles.

The London Assembly Environment Committee has agreed that a deposit and take-back scheme should be trialled in certain areas of the capital

Is it time for a plastic bottle tax?

Following the success that the UK's plastic bag charge has had on changing consumer behaviours and reducing waste, environmental campaigners and industry experts have this week been discussing the viability of a plastic bottle deposit scheme. Would such a scheme be successful?

The new trays will consist of 25% ocean waste and 75% HDPE plastics to enhance the recyclability of the products. Image Dell

Dell delivers tech industry's first ocean plastic packaging

Computer firm Dell has achieved a new first for the technology industry, after converting waste plastic found on beaches and in waterways into new packaging for one of its laptop products.

Sainsbury’s sells more than 300 million own-brand cotton buds each year, and expects the revised expected to remove over 50 tonnes of plastic from production

Sainsbury's becomes first retailer to commit to 100% plastic-free cotton buds

Sainsbury's has today (22 February) become the first British retailer to publicly commit to the complete removal of plastic from its cotton buds, as the supermarket group aims to replace the current sticks with a fully biodegradable option by the end of 2017.

The Tidyman logo is used to help consumers understand how their actions impact on the environment and to encourage correct disposal methods

Harrogate Water turns to iconic Tidyman logo to raise recycling awareness

As reports emerge that UK ministers are likely to reject a plastic bottle deposit scheme, Britain's largest independent bottled water company has agreed to place the iconic 'Tidyman' logo on its products in a new partnership with Keep Britain Tidy.

Sky's coverage of ocean plastic waste was bolstered by the views of Sir Richard Branson, Ben Fogle, astronaut Tim Peake and Sir Ben Ainslie

#OceanRescue: Sky drives engagement on ocean plastic waste through new social campaign

Broadcasting company Sky has turned to social media to increase awareness of the "major challenge" of plastic waste in the oceans, using celebrities and behaviour change tips as levers to inspire and educate consumers.

Jeremy Rowsell hopes that his inaugural On Wings of Waste flight will change the mindset of airlines and aviators across the world

On Wings of Waste: Plane fuelled by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight

British-born pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell has made history this week by flying a light aircraft across Australia using a conventional fuel blended with fuel derived from plastic waste.

Adidas will use marine waste sourced from Parley’s clean-up operations, which are located in the Maldives and along 1,000 coral islands off the western coast of India

Adidas launches mass-produced ocean plastic trainers

Global sportswear company Adidas looks set to push around 7,000 pairs of trainers made from 95% ocean plastic into the market, alongside setting a new goal to produce one million ocean plastic pairs of trainers by 2017.

Dagevos called on companies to introduce innovative new design methods that stopped “plastic leakage” into oceans occurring in new closed-loop models

Plastic Soup Foundation: UK microbeads ban first step to implementing plastic circular economy

EXCLUSIVE: The UK Government's decision to introduce a national ban on microbeads can act as an "important step" that mobilises countries to look beyond microbeads in the ocean and focus on creating a plastic circular economy "without leakage".

The Environmental Audit Committee is demanding a national ban on microbeads by the end of 2017, along with the introduction of a clear labelling scheme during the transitional period

MPs call for outright ban on plastic microbeads from cosmetics products

The UK Government has today (24 August) been urged by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) to completely ban cosmetic companies from using environmentally harmful plastic microbeads in bathroom products by the end of 2017.

A full-scale production facility for the new polymer is being built in Hollymoor Point in Rubery, Birmingham, and is due to open in 2017. Photo: Aquapak Polymers

Could a '100% recyclable' polymer drive the new plastics economy?

The developers of a packaging polymer that is both 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable in standard waste management facilities claim the new material could help to create a much-needed circular economy for plastic packaging.

Five trillion pieces of plastic are now floating in the world’s oceans, which is frequently mistaken for food by fish and birds

Plastic waste dumped in UK seas 'carried to Arctic within two years'

Plastic dumped into the seas around the UK is carried to the Arctic within two years, scientists have revealed, where it does "extreme harm" to the fragile polar environment.

Pledges are unclear about the minimum size of microbeads being excluded, which means small particles used in products like sunscreens would continue to be used

MPs attack loopholes in cosmetic industry's microbead phase out

Voluntary action by the cosmetics industry to phase out the use of microbeads in Europe came under strong attack from MPs on Wednesday, who criticised loopholes in the pledges and slammed the lack of labelling on products containing the plastic particles.

G-Star and the Plastic Soup Foundation are urging other fashion companies and the textile industry to support the international Ocean Clean Watch scheme

G-Star RAW launches scheme to halt plastic pollution in oceans

Designer clothing company G-Star RAW has joined forces with marine pollution campaign group the Plastic Soup Foundation in an effort to prevent microfibres creating plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

The boat will be used each day to fish more waste out of the water systems and put a spotlight on the effects of plastics in our waters

Interface builds boat from 7,000 plastic bottles to tackle ocean pollution

The world's largest carpet tile manufacturer has joined forces with a 'plastic fishing' company to design and create a unique boat made from more than 7,000 plastic bottles fished from the canals of Amsterdam.

The high street chain is avoiding the 5p plastic carrier bag levy by offering handleless bags to customers free of charge

Card Factory defends plastic bag tax avoidance

Greetings cards retailer Card Factory has fended off criticism of it's decision to sell plastic bags without handles as a way of avoiding the 5p carrier bag charge.

At least eight million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean every year, according to the report

More plastic than fish in oceans by 2050, Ellen MacArthur study warns

With environmental issues featuring high on the agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this week, a new report has revealed that applying circular economy principles to plastic packaging could save up to $120bn for the global economy.

The new prototype will be consumer ready along with other ocean plastic products by the end of the year

Adidas adds 3D-printed insole to ocean waste shoe

Sportswear giant Adidas has created the world's first sports shoe made entirely from reclaimed and recycled ocean waste, which now includes a 3D-printed midsole made from recycled polyester and fill net content.

The Bristol Whales aim to highlight the levels of waste from single use plastic bottles

VIDEO: Bristol's giant whale lights up Green Capital

A spectacular LED-lit monument made of recycled plastic bottles has been unveiled in Bristol to commemorate the city's year as European Green Capital.

Plastic in the oceans is becoming an environmental issue for marine life

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste shifts from land to sea every year, new study finds

Around eight million tonnes of plastic waste find their way into the world's oceans each year, according to a new study.

Designnobis is now considering crowdfunding as a way of commercialising its 'Infinite Light' made of recycled plastic bottles

Solar lanterns offer smart reuse concept for plastic bottle waste

A cheap lighting concept which creates solar lanterns from plastic bottle waste is being trialled by designers in the hope it can be scaled up for commercial production.

Valuing plastic: the business case for measuring, managing and disclosing plastic use in the consumer goods industry

It is estimated that 10 to 20 million tonnes of plastic is finding its way into the world’s oceans each year, costing approximately US$13bn a year in environmental damage to marine ecosystems.

The new plastics recycling facility will be capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of mixed plastics each year

Viridor breaks ground at £12.5m Kent recycling plant

Waste management and recycling firm Viridor has started work on a new Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) in Rochester, which will boost the region's plastic recycling capacity by 75,000 tonnes a year.

Beauty brands commiting to microbead phase out as environmental threat grows

Growing evidence around the environmental impact plastic microbeads in beauty products are having on oceans is seeing some of the industry's major brands committing to phasing them out.

Plastic bottles effective in killing drug-resistant fungi

IBM uses plastic bottle waste to help fight MRSA

Researchers from IBM have linked up with scientists from the Singapore Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to develop a treatment, made from plastic bottle waste, for hospital superbug MRSA.

Kimberly-Clark takes a 'hand in glove' approach to recycling

Kimberly-Clark Professional is embarking on worldwide programme to recycle single-use cleanroom and laboratory gloves.

LEGO targets material optimisation through supply chain innovation

LEGO Group has joined forces with WWF to reduce its carbon impacts through greater collaboration with its supply chain.

England will be introducing a plastic bag charge in 2015

Councils may be forced to impose England's carrier bag charge

Local authorities should be responsible for enforcing the plastic bag charge due to be introduced in England in 2015, according to Defra.

A range of Tetra Pak cartons

Tetra Pak to scale up bio-based plastic dependent on Brazil trial

EXCLUSIVE - Tetra Pak is considering a roll-out of bio-based polyethylene in its carton packs across the world if a trial in Brazil is successful.

Crayola goes back to the classroom to close 'pen to fuel' loop

Crayola is working with schools in the US on a closed loop recovery scheme to recover its used plastic marker pens and convert them into renewable energy.

TNT delivers social value by closing loop on plastic mail bag waste

TNT Business Solutions has developed a closed loop recycling scheme for its plastic delivery bags where all profits will be donated to charity.

Look familiar? Despite consumers' good intentions they still took home more carrier bags last year than the year before

Bad news on bag use as consumption increases year-on-year

Progress on reducing the number of single-use carrier bags issued in the UK has stalled according to the latest figures from WRAP - in fact, last year saw an increase in usage.

Rise in plastics bans forcing firms to consider sustainable alternatives

A growing number of countries are banning unsustainable plastics, meaning UK plastics firms will need to adopt oxo-biodegradable technology quickly if they want to retain their export markets.

UK in danger of failing on new plastic recycling targets

The waste sector must have "sensible policy and strategic development" if the UK is serious about achieving the new and ambitious five-year recycling targets for plastic packaging from 2013 to 2017.

Closing loop on waste plastics could spark renaissance in British manufacturing

Recycled polymers could stimulate a return to plastic manufacturing in the UK as changing attitudes towards sustainability and rising costs for Far Eastern producers present new market opportunities for Britain.

London council sees surge in mixed plastics recycling at kerbside

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames has seen a 43% increase in the amount of plastic recycled after the council widened the range of materials that could be collected at the kerbside last October.

HP strengthens recycling network to close loop on cartridge waste

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has expanded its free customer recycling take-back scheme for cartridges as it looks to strengthen its closed loop plastics recovery operations.

Credit: Christopher Elwell /

Mixed plastics waste proves hardy material for flood defence

Markets for mixed polymer waste may be opening up as a pan-European consortium proposes to manufacture high value products such as flood defences from these materials.

Pressure mounts for plastics landfill ban as NI joins bag tax brigade

Northern Ireland has become the latest region within the British Isles to introduce a levy on disposable carrier bags as the European Commission draws up plans to clamp down on their use.

Ecover trials ocean plastic waste 'trawls' for latest packaging drive

Ecover has raised the bar in closed loop packaging by creating a recycled polymer mix for its bottles that will incorporate plastic waste fished out of the ocean.

Pressure grows for VAT suspension on recovered plastics

Calls are mounting for a VAT exemption on recycled plastics to help stimulate consumer demand and encourage investment in the UK's plastics recycling industry.

John Lewis to close the loop on plastics waste in retail first

John Lewis Partnership is set to develop a pioneering closed loop business model for its plastics waste, in a move believed to be a first for any UK retailer.

The discs produced by heating and compressing a sample of trash simulants. Credit: NASA

NASA lifts off with closed loop project for space waste

Space detris could be recycled and made into radiation shields for spacecraft exploration if research from NASA scientists bears fruit.

PVC recycling 'text book example' of cutting resource use

Recycling can dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of PVC and boost material optimisation, according to a white paper released today.

Veolia wins £460m PFI waste deal as it goes plastic fantastic

Veolia has secured a 25-year PFI contract worth £460m with Leeds City Council for residual municipal waste treatment and energy recovery.

Zero waste to landfill for milk bottle manufacturer

The UK's leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) milk bottles has achieved its goal of zero waste to landfill.

Europe heading for dismal zero waste 'fail' on plastics

The plastics industry is not on track to achieve zero waste to landfill until 2037 - 13 years later than its stated 2020 target.

Jonathan Porritt: More understanding is needed around innovative energy recovery solutions

Jonathon Porritt advocates EfW for plastics recovery

Enviromentalist Jonathon Porritt has called for a more open debate on the potential of using waste-to-energy to recover the calorific value in plastics waste.

Virgin harnesses recycled PET for sustainable flight kits

Virgin Atlantic plans to recycle four million plastic bottles a year for use in its new amenity kits for airline passengers.

Futuristic 'icebergs' float to rescue of polluted oceans

A set of floating inverted skyscraper-like structures capable of coverting ocean litter into energy have been designed by architects.

Richard Simmonite with his Bag Re:Born invention

VIDEO: The carrier bag that could crunch down on plastics pollution

A reusable carrier bag that can be turned into a bin liner has been developed, an invention which could reduce plastic film use in light of taxes on single-use carrier bags.

High profile names support campaign for plastic free Olympics

Celebrities throw weight behind 'plastic bag free' Olympic Games

High profile names such as David Attenborough, Richard Branson and Vivienne Westwood have announced their support for the Greener upon Thames campaign, which aims to have the London Olympic Games 2012 plastic bag free.

Richard Branson hopes for a plastic-free solution (credit stocklight /

Richard Branson looks to ditch plastic for airport luggage

Richard Branson has called for plastic alternatives to help improve luggage security across airports and cut down on pollution at the same time.

Plastic bag 'tax' shown to slash usage rates

New figures suggest that charging for single-use carrier bags is a highly effective way of reducing their use, with Wales recording a 22% fall in bags last year.

Nestle is working to recover more challenging materials, such as its dolce gusto pods

Nestlé pushes for EfW debate on mixed plastics

Nestlé has called for more lifecycle assessment around post-consumer mixed plastics, arguing that a there may be greater role for energy recovery in dealing with this waste stream.

M&S launches world's most sustainable suit

Recycled plastic bottles form the lining of what Marks & Spencer is claiming is the world's most sustainable suit - a result of years of development.

Boris says London needs a whole lot more bottle

London Mayor Boris Johnson is backing a campaign to boost plastic bottle recycling and create more jobs.

VIDEO: Nike creates better world for plastics recycling

Some of the world's biggest sports stars are raising awareness of how plastic bottles can be transformed into athletic performance clothing under Nike's latest football brand campaign.

Eco Plastic claims it now has the largest plastics bottle recovery facility in the world

Plastics recovery hit by rising contamination levels

The quality of plastic bottles sent for reprocessing in recent years has deteriorated due to the "rampant" rise of mixed plastics in the waste stream, according to an industry expert.

Irish farmers get plastics recycling boost

Hundreds of tonnes of waste farm plastic are expected to be collected for recycling throughout County Clare in Ireland over the coming weeks.

EU study shows rising trend for plastics waste recovery

Recovery levels for building and construction plastics waste appear to be on the rise across Europe as a whole, but there are strong disparities in performance at state level.

The PVC material prior to sortation

Prisoner PVC recycling pilot could form UK blueprint

A pilot prisoner recycling scheme in Rochdale could be used as a national model to capture greater volumes of low-grade PVC if it proves successful.

WRAP targets plastic packaging as priority

Plastic packaging waste was singled out as a priority area for action by WRAP at an Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group meeting in London last week (March 7).

Bioplastics packaging proving 'too costly' to recover

The growth of plant-based plastics in packaging is causing problems when it comes to their end-of-life recovery, a waste management expert has warned.

Ford's Electric Focus takes sustainable design to new levels

Ford gears up with electric car launch made from recycled bottles

Ford is set to launch what it claims will be the most sustainable car on the consumer market next month with its new Focus Electric vehicle, made with recycled plastic bottles.

Restricting drinking straws to request only will help food operators with waste costs

London restaurants opt for drinking straws ban to cut plastic waste

London restaurants, bars and cafes have joined forces to launch the UK's first 'Straw Wars' campaign in a bid to cut down on the use of plastic drinking straws by customers.

Charging for single use carrier bags is set to rise in Northern Ireland

NI announces phased charging structure for plastic bags

Northern Ireland will introduce a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags in April 2013, which will increase to 10p in April 2014.

Quality levels of recovered plastic bottles are suffering to a rise in mixed plastics collections

Reprocessors struggling with surge in mixed plastics recycling

The rise of mixed plastics collections in the UK is starting to pose serious material quality problems for reprocessors, according to new research out today (January 30).

Casepak opens MRF in Leicester

A pioneering £21m materials recycling facility (MRF) has opened in Leicester to handle municipal and commercial waste, with the aim of recovering 95% of material as a resource.

Plastics recycling will be 'key focus' in 2012

Boosting plastics recycling in the UK will be a "key focus" for 2012 as the sector continues to develop PET and HDPE bottles recycling technologies.

Balfour Beatty develops closed loop process for plastic waste

Balfour Beatty is recycling waste plastic from its sites into cable protection covers for use during utility maintenance work in what is thought to be an industry first.

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