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Closed-loop crusaders: edie has identified six new battlegrounds that should brace themselves for the next War on Waste

Battle cry: Where should the War on Waste go next?

With edie's month of editorial content tailored to resource efficiency now in full swing, we highlight six areas where the influential 'War on Waste' circular economy campaign series should head next.

The ESA aims put evidence in front of Defra to make extended producer responsibility (EPR) a centrepiece of the department’s proposed 25-year plan

New year, new direction: ESA chairman Stewart Davies outlines circular economy prospects for 2017

In an exclusive interview for an upcoming episode of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast, edie sits down with Stewart Davies, the new chairman of the Environmental Services Association (ESA), to discuss his thoughts on the year ahead for nation's circular economy progress.

Poor recycling methods over the recent Christmas period is estimated to have cost councils £72m - made up of £63m packaging waste costs and £9m food waste costs

'Dysfunctional' circular economy system leads to £72m Christmas waste costs

England needs a more consistent recycling system that works for all companies and is fairer to local authorities, according to a new business-led report which reveals that waste packaging and food leftovers from the Christmas period will have cost councils £72m.

Ecosurety believes the UK must be a part of any discussions on design parameters if it wants to avoid facing fragmented compliance requirements for exported products post-Brexit

UK packaging producers warned of mounting costs from EU fees disparity

The growing trend of European countries implementing differentiated fees based on eco-design and recyclability criteria could result in higher payments for British packaging producers with compliance obligations outside the UK, according to resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety.

The organisation will support the new goals but urges the Government to introduce “stretching but realistic” targets in future

Defra's 'unambitious' aluminium recycling targets challenged

The Government's new packaging recycling business targets for 2018-20 do not reflect the sector's high ambitions to maximise recovery and recycling of the material, according to the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

The Furniture Recycling Group recently partnered with the University of St Andrews to transform textile recycling process in its student accommodation

Furniture manufacturers urged to solve circular economy conundrum

Britain's mattress manufacturers must become advocates of the circular economy by taking the lead on producer responsibility schemes which could significantly reduce the sector's vast waste-to-landfill rates.

The platform marks the first time that UK companies governed by Producer Responsibility Obligation Regulations are given transparent knowledge on investment

Ecosurety adopts 'network creator' mantle to launch Circularety waste investment platform

Resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety has today (28 September) introduced a new "revolutionary" platform that uses money generated from issuing waste recycling compliance documents to fund transparent projects that aid the waste and recycling industry.

The report calls on BEIS to encourage greater use of secondary raw materials in products manufactured in the UK

Why BEIS should put the circular economy at the heart of its new industrial strategy

More than £9bn could be added to the UK economy if the Government's newly-formed Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) effectively integrates circular economy principles into the country's emerging industrial strategy, waste management firm Suez has claimed

The Co-op has signed up to the PIRAP scheme which takes a collaborative approach to meeting the Government's plastic packaging targets

Co-op calls on retailers to 'move with us' on plastics recycling action plan

The Co-op has become the first retailer to sign up to the 'Plastic Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP), and is calling on other retailers to follow suit.

Alignment is needed to attain circularity and the report suggests measures to help achieve that

UK circular economy inquiry calls for stronger levers on tax and landfill

MPs are calling for new fiscal and regulatory measures to be drawn up to help stimulate the UK's circular economy. These include a lower rate of VAT for recycled products, extended warranties for consumer goods, and a landfill ban for food waste. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT below.

Repair cafes are ideally placed to act as circular

Fixers and hackers poised to trigger circular economy 'disruption'

The rise of global repair cafes and hackerspaces may result in the creation of a widespread disruptive circular economy movement, new research reveals.

A circular economy would decouple economic growth from resource consumption

10 things you need to know about the circular economy

A working circular economy could be a practical solution to the planet's emerging resource problems. Here's 10 facts you should know.

Green groups call on European Union to be ambitious and work towards a circular economy

Call for EU to follow ten steps to implement circular economy

A group of leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have issued a joint statement calling for the European Union (EU) to implement ten steps that will help Europe work towards a circular economy.

Producer responsibility at risk of becoming increasingly 'dysfunctional'

The concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR) is no longer fit-for-purpose and must be re-examined as businesses increasingly look to utilise their waste streams as a resource.

Wine industry welcomes reductions in glass recycling targets

The wine and spirit industry has welcomed the Government's announcement that the glass recycling targets for businesses will be significantly lowered from autumn 2014.

Packaging recycling rates increase across Europe

Call for 'realistic' EU packaging targets

The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) has called for a "realistic" approach to European Union packaging targets, stating that "tailored" efforts are still needed to help some member states reach targets.

Arla plans to convert its entire fleet of vehicles to dual-fuel at it new dairy in Aylesbury

Arla foods opens dedicated biofuel station to reduce fleet emissions

Anchor butter and Lurpak producer Arla foods has announced the opening of a dedicated biofuel filling station at its new £150m dairy in Aylesbury, the largest fresh milk processing facility in the world.

Credit: Northfoto /

Amazon wages war on waste with 'frustration free' packaging

Amazon has reached a key milestone in its sustainable packaging aims, announcing that 200,000 of its products now come in easy-to-open, recyclable cardboard designed to alleviate "wrap rage".

Paul Levett: wants more government intervention

Call for landfill tax clarity in Autumn Statement

A leading waste industry figurehead has called on the Chancellor George Osborne to make a compelling case for future landfill tax increases in his forthcoming Autumn statement this Thursday.

Paper industry leaders hit out at corrugated packaging 'slurs'

Eliminating corrugated packaging will not automatically reduce the amount of waste in the food supply chain, contrary to popular opinion, the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has insisted.

The global coffee capsule market is worth $6.6bn with around 50 different coffee pod or capsule systems on the market

Compostable coffee pods serve well for greener convenience

A British plastics manufacturer has developed a compostable coffee pod, offering one of the first sustainable packaging alternatives in the single-serve market.

Desso looks to reach out to FM sector for greater carpet reuse

Carpet manufacturer Desso's takeback programme is forming a central plank of Carpet Recycling UK's (CRUK) aim to boost the recovery of an estimated 58 million carpet tiles uplifted each year in the UK.

Lockheed Martin recognised for responsible action on e-waste

Defence and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin has been recognised for its producer responsibility efforts on electronic waste management.

Coca-Cola puts reuse before recycling in latest consumer campaign

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched a new consumer-facing recycling campaign for plastic bottles aimed at getting the public to think more creatively about such packaging.

Crayola goes back to the classroom to close 'pen to fuel' loop

Crayola is working with schools in the US on a closed loop recovery scheme to recover its used plastic marker pens and convert them into renewable energy.

The future looks bright - as long as it's circular

Changing society from a 'buy and bin' to a 'rent and return' culture may take a generation to achieve, but the pain in getting there will be worth the effort, says Angus Middleton

So, what exactly is holding back the circular economy?

It's challenging, it's ambitious - but the appetite is certainly there to make circularity happen within big business. In practice however, an array of stumbling blocks remain as Maxine Perella finds out

Recycling 'not enough' to insulate industry from commodity price risk

The UK's reliance on primary materials and its exposure to commodity price rises will be determined to a certain degree by the lifetime of products.

World's first standard for waste management sets a precedent

The first international standard for waste management has been developed by the Carbon Trust, which aims to set a global benchmark for good practice.

New commission targets resource efficiency gains for business

A government-led authority has been set up to examine ways to deliver bottom line growth to business through creating new models of efficiency and resource management.

Breakthrough technology could increase sustainable product choices

A new technology being developed will allow consumers to count the cost of a product's impact on the environment.

Tesco teams up with Coca-Cola to incentivise customer recycling

Tesco is joining forces with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to encourage customers to recycle more at home through an incentive pledge-based scheme.

Paul Vanston speaking at CIWM's annual conference

Politics hindering ability of waste partnerships to deliver value

Public sector waste and resource professionals need to be much better at delivering partnership working, according to a leading local authority figure.

Phil Conran speaking at the CIWM conference

Producer responsibility 'failing' on environmental design

There is little evidence to show that the producer responsibility regulations have led to an improvement in environmental design, according to a leading consultant.

Nestlé builds on Buxton bottle recycling with educational pilot

Nestlé Waters is set to expand its Buxton Natural Mineral Water bottle recycling scheme in the Derbyshire town where it produces the bottled products.

E-cigarette recycling reward scheme looks to stub out landfill

A recycling incentive scheme for electronic cigarettes has been launched by E-Lites, where smokers can exchange their used e-cigs for free replacement products.

Lack of WEEE transparency is putting producer responsibility at risk

The majority of business-to-business e-waste collections are not reported in compliance with the WEEE Directive, new research has found.

Levi's shows real bottle in 'waste less' designer denim drive

Levi's has unveiled its latest innovation in sustainable design with the launch of jeans made from recycled plastic bottles and food trays.

UK in danger of failing on new plastic recycling targets

The waste sector must have "sensible policy and strategic development" if the UK is serious about achieving the new and ambitious five-year recycling targets for plastic packaging from 2013 to 2017.

Coca-Cola teams up with council to pilot community outreach recycling

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has joined forces with Milton Keynes Council to develop a project that will utilise the power of peer-to-peer community pledges to improve local recycling rates.

EXCLUSIVE: Circular Economy Taskforce looks to identify risk hotspots

The risks around a circular economy are being examined and mapped out by the Circular Economy Taskforce, as the consortium prepares to report on its initial findings next month.

Going for gold with cradle-to-cradle: Interview with Bridgett Luther

The cradle-to-cradle concept is now hugely influential in terms of sustainable product design. Bridgett Luther, president of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, tells Daan Elffers how this agenda is shaping up

Producer responsibility review plans to cut WEEE compliance costs

The Government has published its first discussion paper on producer responsibility regimes, as it seeks to simplify the regulation while reducing compliance costs for businesses.

Is the great British public being conned on recycling?

Recent headlines in the Daily Mail which claimed millions of tonnes of household waste were being dumped abroad in foreign landfill sites may be scaremongering, but the industry isn't helping itself, argues Chris Dow

VIDEO: Councils stand to gain by adopting 'Plan A' style partnerships

Somerset Waste Partnership's pioneering venture with Marks & Spencer to build greater transparency into producer responsibility is examined in the latest of our Resource Revolution thought leader video interview series.

Europe prepares to test industry standard for product sustainability

Companies wanting to highlight the environmental performance of their products could receive a welcome boost as a European standard for product lifecycle analysis (LCA) moves a step closer.

Crown Paint's sustainability manager Mark Lloyd

Crown Paints adds colour with national recycling scheme

Crown Paints is launching a takeback scheme, which aims to engage the public conscience with recycling and demonstrate producer responsibility.

Europe shows evidence of smarter recovery in packaging waste

The amount of packaging waste being sent to landfill across Europe has declined sharply over the past 12 years, according to latest figures.

Breakthrough at mercury pollution talks

Governments around the world have agreed a global, legally-binding treaty to prevent the release of mercury emissions.

Desso cradles a new way of thinking

Leading carpet tile manufacturer Desso aims to have 100% of its business cradle-to-cradle by 2020 - an ambition which is sparking diversity and innovation along the way, as Maxine Perella finds out

P&G pilots first 'scalable MRF' for post-consumer waste

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has launched a pilot project to tackle global waste arisings in the form of an infrastructure-based recovery model that can be scaled up and replicated.

M&S promises to halt toxic chemical release from supply chain

Marks & Spencer has pledged to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chain and products by 2020, following pressure from campaign group Greenpeace.

Signatories must be made accountable in voluntary waste deals

Voluntary responsibility agreements are important in driving innovation in waste management, but regular reporting is required to assess individual performance and deals need to be backed by the threat of regulation.

Europe heading for dismal zero waste 'fail' on plastics

The plastics industry is not on track to achieve zero waste to landfill until 2037 - 13 years later than its stated 2020 target.

Waste prevention and reuse set to dominate industry agenda

Waste prevention and reuse is the most pressing issue facing the waste industry over the next five years according to those who work in the sector.

PUMA is set to launch its InCycle range of biodegradable and recyclable shoes and apparel

PUMA costs out environmental 'calories' of its products

PUMA has scaled up its environmental profit and loss (EP&L) reporting to a product level, effectively putting a carbon 'price tag' on the shoes and clothing it produces.

Unilever pledges funds to boost recovery of metal packaging

Unilever has embarked on a two-year investment programme to increase household recycling rates for metal packaging across the UK.

Kenco sets up recycling scheme for coffee packaging

Kenco has entered into a strategic partnership with Terracycle to recycle coffee packaging waste across the UK.

Coca-Cola to study psychology of recycling inside the home

Coca-Cola Enterprises is to embark on a ground-breaking international pilot to understand what makes consumers tick when it comes to recycling.

Reverse logistics saves Michelin six-figures in tyre disposal costs

Michelin has embarked on a nationwide reverse logistics drive for its used tyres in the UK, resulting in massive cost savings for its waste disposal operations.

Michelin in the fast lane for tyre recovery

Bringing old tyres back to life is big business at Michelin - it not only makes environmental sense but helps maximise customer assets, as Maxine Perella finds out

Olympic pledge sees Coca-Cola recycle over 10 million bottles

Coca-Cola has delivered on a key target to recycle 10.5 million plastic bottles from the London 2012 Olympic games, returning most of them back to shelf within 6 weeks.

A Fujitsu computer part made from recycled plastic

Fujitsu to recycle CDs and DVDs into new PCs

Fujitsu has developed what it claims is the industry's first system for recycling used CDs and DVDs into new notebook PCs.

VIDEO: Wash-off labels set to boost bottle recycling

Wash-off labels for glass and PET bottles have been developed to help brand owners maximise opportunities for material recycling of their products.

ANALYSIS: The great e-waste exorcism experiment

The launch of a washable keyboard is the latest sign that electronic equipment manufacturers are looking to stretch their producer responsibility obligations out towards the conceptual end of product design.

Recycling rates up in Ireland but experts warn more support needed

Household packaging recovered in 2011 was up by almost 10% to 208,000 tonnes compared with 2010, according to the latest figures released by Repak, Ireland's packaging recovery organisation.

Pressure mounts for eco-design incentive under WEEE Directive

The Government has been called upon to kick-start individual producer responsibility (IPR) in the UK by incentivising manufacturers to design electrical and electronic goods that are easier to reuse or recycle.

Coca Cola targets bio-waste for next packaging frontier

Coca Cola Enterprises is pioneering work around utilising waste-derived natural materials to push packaging innovation to new levels in terms of recyclability and carbon.

Waste producers must become more responsible for greener design strategies

Producer responsibility: a new era for eco design

As we look towards the future of the WEEE Directive and the transition to a circular economy Bruno Zago argues the case for individual producer responsibility

Phil Hogan: Consultation findings will inform future policy

New materials targeted as Ireland beefs up producer responsibility

Ireland is to explore the possibility of extending producer responsibility regulations to include newspapers, magazines and farm-based plastic chemical containers.

Kraft Foods told by shareholders to recycle more

Kraft Foods has come under pressure from its shareholders to increase the amount of packaging it recycles following criticism that it is unwilling to engage on the issue.

Brands join forces to pioneer plant-based packaging

Some of the world's biggest consumer brands have formed a global alliance to push forward the development of bio-plastics packaging in their products.

Mark Shayler: It's time to be "happy with less"

Closed loop society could be 'just a decade away'

A circular economy where waste considerations are built into the lifecycle of product manufacture could be a reality within 10 years, a leading eco-designer has claimed.

VIDEO: Nike creates better world for plastics recycling

Some of the world's biggest sports stars are raising awareness of how plastic bottles can be transformed into athletic performance clothing under Nike's latest football brand campaign.

Technicians working on asset recovery inside HP's new factory in Erskine

HP breathes new life into IT asset recovery

HP is embarking on a ground-breaking producer responsibility drive as it looks to exploit global opportunities in the reuse and asset recovery market for its commercial IT equipment.

EnvironCom clinches Travis Perkins WEEE deal

Travis Perkins Group has appointed EnvironCom to manage its waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recovery operations.

UK needs to get tougher on landfill if it is to compete

The UK has been singled out for its success in "drastically reducing" the amount of municipal waste sent landfill over the past decade - but it still lags behind Europe's best performers.

Food service sector braced for waste prevention drive

Caterers and food service operators will be expected to commit to reducing food and packaging waste under a new producer responsibility deal this May.

Consumer incentives could help in boosting recovery levels

Resource security ambitions hinge on WEEE success

Tighter controls on e-waste are urgently required if the Government's Resource Action Plan is to deliver on its ambitions, industry leaders have said.

The jury is still out on whether PRNs have had their day

ANALYSIS: Is it time for the axe to fall on PRNs?

While businesses remain divided over the prospect of higher packaging targets most agree that some degree of producer responsibility reform is needed, specifically around packaging waste recovery notes (PRNs).

If packaging targets are to increase, the PRN system must be fit-for-purpose

VIDEO: Packaging targets 'must coincide' with PRN overhaul

Reform of the PRN system for packaging waste recovery notes is urgently required if the Government is to push ahead with higher packaging targets, industry figures have warned.

Greater supply chain engagement is required to drive best practice in glass recovery

Pressure mounts for glass packaging responsibility deal

Better supply chain engagement is required if a closed loop economy for glass packaging is to become a reality, industry players have warned.

A blanket ban on plastic carrier bags across Europe could do more harm than good, experts fear

Opinion divided over proposals for Euro-wide plastic bag ban

Legislative proposals for a European-wide ban on plastic carrier bags must be based on sound evidence, experts have warned, amid fears that Euro MPs will bow to political pressure.

Coca Cola to debate producer responsibility at London event

Coca Cola Enterprises will be revealing its latest thinking around producer responsibility issues at a forthcoming seminar next week in central London.

Plastic recycling collections need standardisation if higher targets are to be achieved, argues BPF

Industry leaders hit out at plans to increase packaging targets

A government consultation to adopt higher packaging recycling targets has been criticised by a leading industry body, who believes the move will burden "an already struggling sector".

HP is well known for its printers, and wants to see fairer charges placed upon producers for WEEE

HP hits out at 'unfair' WEEE producer compliance costs

HP is calling for compliance costs under the WEEE Directive to be reduced, arguing that producers are now being overcharged due to the rising value of e-waste.

Consumers will be able to drop off their used e-goods at larger retail stores

WEEE overhaul forces more takeback requirements on large retailers

Retailers will have to extend their takeback schemes for e-waste under new rules governing the WEEE Directive which have effectively strengthened producer responsibility requirements.

Sony's aggressive policy on waste reduction is already bearing fruit (Credit: Tupungato /

ANALYSIS: Sony on track to eliminate waste by 2050

Sony Corporation has exceeded its waste minimisation targets across all of its global business sites, achieving a 54% reduction rate in 2010 set against a 40% objective.

Partners in recovery: Dean Overton (left) and Martin Fahey examine the metals stream coming out of the optical sorter at Overton's reprocessing plant in Stourbridge

Mitsubishi gives producer responsibility the cool factor

Mitsubishi Electric has joined forces with a leading reprocessor to recover end-of-life air conditioning units in a unique takeback scheme, as Maxine Perella discovers

Government told 'get tough' on producer responsibility for packaging waste

The Government has been urged to rethink its packaging waste policies by London's local authorities who want more business-funded schemes to help deal with the cost of the problem.

Electric evolution

In the first three months of compliance with the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, a respectable 100,000 tonnes of WEEE was separately collected by householders and businesses. It's a promising start, but there have been problems along the way, as Mark Lupton reports

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary March 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month sees industry preparing for Site Waste Management Plans, amendment of regulations covering land contaminated by radiation and legislation designed to control diffuse pollution in Scotland.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary May 07

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see the EU authorising the use of six chemicals found in pesticides, new rules on greenhouse gas emission trading in the UK, while Northern Ireland sees a host of new water and sewerage service regulations come into force.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, April 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month we see new regulations giving financial incentives for energy saving devices and a law obliging producers to recover and recycle packaging waste, while English and Welsh water undertakers are told in more detail how to prepare and publish water resources management plans.

'Every industry should be an environmental one'

He's been environment minister for less than a year, but David Miliband has a clear vision for the environmental performance of business

" It's not enough just to be compliant"

In a new feature, Hewlett Packard's environmental manager Bruno Zago and WEEE programme manager Kirsty McIntyre act as a mouthpiece for the manufacturing industry, and reveal how their firm is leading the way. Interviews by Tom Idle

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, October 06

This month sees the EU get tough on battery disposal, setting targets for member states in a Directive on battery and accumulator recycling, as well as increasing its efforts to involve citizens in environmental policy making and tightening up freshwater quality regulations.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, September 06

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we look at EU attempts to limit POPs entering the waste stream, tax allowances in the UK for energy saving industrial machinery and new regulations to protect the public and workers from radioactive contaminated land in Ireland.

Destructive tendencies

A new weapon is being developed to help in waste management. It is designed into a product from the start but not called on until its dying moments. Eric Russell discusses active disassembly

Porsche fined over packaging waste

Car manufacturer Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd has been ordered to pay more than £27,000 for failing to comply with packaging-waste regulations.

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