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edie explains: ISO 50001

This ISO 50001 guide, produced in association with edie's supporting partner NQA, provides an in-depth summary of the ISO 50001 Standard which can be used by an organisation to establish and maintain a continuous level of energy performance improvements.

Lord Stern says the economic conditions brought about by the financial crisis made it easier to make progress on climate change

World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist

World leaders missed the perfect opportunity to tackle climate change during the global economic crisis, according to the influential economist and academic Lord Stern.

Households are wasting less food by planning meals, being better organised with shopping and making their own lunches, according the FSA report.

Brits prevent food waste to save money, new survey finds

UK householders are changing their eating habits and preventing food waste due to financial pressures, according to a new survey by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Closing the loop: Building the environmental supply chain

Globalised business was built on the back of cheap oil, near-unlimited access to resources and a culture of discarding. Companies created highly dispersed globalised sourcing, production and sales footprints. Products and materials criss-crossed the world on their journey from manufacturing to market. Considerations about the environmental impact of this highly extended supply chain model took a back seat to growth.

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