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From the 12,300 products remanufactured last year, Norsk Ombruk generated benefits totalling €9.4m

Test-bed: Driving economic growth through a remanufacturing business model

Norwegian firm Norsk Ombruk has developed an innovative business model that remanufactures kitchen and bathroom equipment to offer high-performing electronic equipment at half the cost, all while driving the economy for resource-efficient practices.

Veolia's senior executive vice-president UK & Ireland Estelle Brachlianoff reflects on the success of the company’s third national apprentice of the year awards ceremony at Westminster

Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Meeting the drivers of the circular economy

Waste specialists Veolia discuss how investing in people can help drive emerging new business models, while UK start up Rype Office explains how 007 and the NHS are linked together through remanufacturing.

Carbon fibre composite, a combination of carbon fibres and a polymer matrix, is growing rapidly in transport and renewable energy applications

How can we deliver a circular economy for novel materials?

The UK Government must embed circular economy thinking within its industrial strategy and place a particular focus on encouraging the recycling and recovery of 'novel' materials such as bioplastics and carbon fibre, a new report has claimed.

Research suggests that the European remanufacturing sector could be worth €90bn by 2030 if it receives cross-sector policy support and investment from industry

Business-led remanufacturing body launched to advise EU policy

Today (27 January) marks the launch of the European Remanufacturing Council (ERC), a new, industry-led body which plans to become the co-ordinated voice for the businesses that are currently producing £25.5bn of remanufactured goods.

AkzoNobel’s ambition is to increase the amount of waste paint collected for reuse in the UK ten-fold – to three million litres – by 2020

AkzoNobel unveils new paint remanufacturing centre

The world's largest paint and coatings manufacturer has unveiled an innovative not-for-profit paint remanufacturing facility in North West England, as part of the company's ambition to produce 100,000 litres of remanufactured paint by the end of 2017.

The firm highlighted a commitment to conserve and reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), with CO2 emissions falling from the previous year by 2.8%

How Kia is using carbon capture technology to reduce production emissions

South Korean car manufacturer Kia has demonstrated its commitment to develop carbon capture and regeneration technologies as the company attempts to significantly reduce emissions in its production process, as revealed in its latest CSR report.

Of the 10,000 parts that GM uses to build its vehicle portfolio, 95% have to be recyclable as part of new legislation that the company introduced in January 2015

General Motors turns to resource efficiency to alleviate regulatory 'perfect storm'

EXCLUSIVE: Amidst all of the political uncertainty surrounding the UK's pending departure from the European Union, General Motors' (GM) regulatory affairs and CSR manager has said that embedding closed-loop processes is enabling the company to thrive amidst an ongoing "regulatory storm".

From expert insights on gaining strategic boardroom buy-in to interactive sessions on the importance of leadership at every level of business, we've rounded up the best of the quotes from edie Live 2016

The future's bright for sustainable business: 7 things we learnt at edie Live 2016

After a fascinating two days of inspiration, insight and expertise, edie looks back at some of the most important lessons taken away from edie Live 2016.

Ford researchers have been working for nearly two decades to implement a successful biomaterial into production

Ford aims to implement carbon-based foam products by 2021

American car giant Ford has set itself a five year window to introduce new foam and plastic components made from carbon dioxide feedstock, as the carmaker becomes the first in its industry to test the viability of CO2-based materials.

Cliffe said that Innovate UK is supporting Tata Steel through several projects relating to the remanufacturing of torpedo axels

Remanufacturing no longer a 'niche' business model, says Innovate UK

EXCLUSIVE: Remanufacturing has a "crucial role" to play in every large-scale heavy industry business approach, the lead technologist resource efficiency at Innovate UK told an audience of sustainability professionals at edie Live.

BCF has been communicating with Government officials, urging them to set an example by procuring recycled paint in an attempt to open market revenue streams

Could Defra paint a circular economy picture for the coatings industry?

EXCLUSIVE: The UK Government has been urged to procure paint for building renovations from recycled waste streams to accelerate a circular economy in the coatings industry, which is attempting to address "challenging issues" of paint disposal.

Economisrt Kate Raworth (speaking) has developed the ‘doughnut’ of planetary and social boundaries - a playfully serious approach to framing the global resource challenge

Could the circular economy salvage Britain's struggling steel industry?

The ongoing debate over the UK's escalating steel crisis has failed to consider the circular economy as a potential solution, with Tata Steel's Port Talbot production plant well-positioned to become a national remanufacturing hub as a way of securing a more sustainable future.

Scotland's Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead believes the new food waste target will provide economic benefits to the tune of £500m

Scotland pledges 33% food waste reduction by 2025

The Scottish Government has pledged to reduce the nation's food waste by one third over the next nine years - a plan that would save businesses and households across the country more than £500m if successful.

The new take-back system will help ensure that the estimated 700,000 orphan vehicles still on British roads have a route to responsible disposal

Car industry launches free take-back scheme

The British automotive industry has launched a new take-back collection service designed to help recycle 'orphan' cars.

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

The renewables revolution is now firmly underway in Asia. This week's sustainability news threw up some fascinating figures showing that China has consolidated its position as the planet's leading installer of solar power.

The remanufacturing process aims to return a product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the newly manufactured product

European remanufacturing sector could triple by 2030

The European remanufacturing sector could be worth €90bn by 2030 if it receives cross-sector policy support and investment from industry, a new report has found.

When car engines fail they are typically just taken out and replaced because traditional engine remanufacturing techniques can be prohibitively expensive

Ford: New remanufacturing method could cut emissions by 50%

Ford has developed an innovative recycling technique that aims to give a new lease of life to old engines that would otherwise be scrapped.

The Manufacturing Commission is calling for an 'Industrial Evolution' based on long-term thinking

Manufacturing Commission urges Britain to lead green revolution

Britain's manufacturing industry is in desperate need of a second Industrial Revolution, this time based on stronger energy efficiency policies from Government and an embedded sustainability mindset within big businesses.

Industrial Evolution: Making British manufacturing sustainable

This report, compiled over the course of a nine-month inquiry with input from across business, academia, the public sector and the civil service, sets out how we can start redesigning our industrial system to make it more sustainable, improve our national security, and ultimately enhance our quality of life.

AkzoNobel's global sustainability manager David Cornish announced the ReColour project at an event in Westminster

AkzoNobel to 'ReColour' communities with paint recycling project

Three million litres of waste paint will be diverted from landfill and re-used by local communities in the UK every year, thanks to a new collaborative remanufacturing project fronted by AkzoNobel.

The panel discussion explored how industry and Government have responded to the APSRG and APMG remanufacturing report

UK economy (still) missing out on remanufacturing revolution

The UK continues to lag behind the rest of the world when it comes to developing a remanufacturing industry, with a notable lack of cooperation between Government and industry stifling the transition to a more circular economy.

Zero Waste Scotland believes investing in remanufacturing could add £620m to the Scottish economy

Scotland offers £100,000 to remanufacturing innovators

Zero Waste Scotland's chief executive Iain Gulland has today (28 July) announced the launch of a new fund to boost remanufacturing innovation.

Green thinking can bring huge benefits in reducing bottom lines costs and increasing employee engagement

Why the time is NOW for sustainable business practice

James Deacon, head of corporate responsibility at technology company Ricoh UK, offers his advice for businesses looking to become more sustainable in 2015 and beyond

A pan-European transition to a circular economy would generate around €1.8trn benefit for European economies every year

Ellen MacArthur Foundation values EU circular economy at €1.8trn

A pan-European transition to a circular economy would generate around €1.8trn of benefit for European economies every year, a major new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has claimed.

The report is one of the first globally to quantify the environmental impacts of the circular economy at a national scale

Scotland makes climate case for circular economy

A circular economy in Scotland would reduce carbon emissions by up to 11 million tonnes a year without sacrificing the nation's financial prosperity, a new report from Zero Waste Scotland has found.

The €1.5m project will also work closely with policy makers to increase demand and address existing barriers to resource efficiency.

EU launches new remanufacturing network

The European Commission has launched a new lobby group that aims to boost remanufacturing throughout the EU.

97% of respondents thought the UK should take a leadership role in the forthcoming EU circular economy package

88% of sustainability professionals say industry falling short on circular economy

The vast majority of environmental and sustainability professionals think that the industry they work in is not doing enough to achieve circular economy goals.

Conservative MP Lauren Sandys:

Defra not taking advantage of waste opportunities, says Tory MP

Defra is still not looking at waste as an opportunity and should hand over full policy control to the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS), according to Conservative MP Laura Sandys.

The EEF's Susanne Baker says a global emissions agreement would have a

UK at risk of manufacturer exodus without global emissions deal, says EEF

EXCLUSIVE: Large UK manufacturers could be forced to move their operations overseas if countries cannot agree a unilateral cap on emissions at the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Remanufacturing adds around £2.4bn to the British economy, but this could increase to £5.6bn with appropriate support, according to the report

Closing the loop: Centre of Excellence needed to support UK remanufacturing, report argues

The UK is lagging behind other developed nations in harnessing the value of remanufacturing and needs its own Centre of Excellence to support the rapidly-growing industry.

The logistics firm joins a growing list of companies, innovators and regions as a member of Ellen MacArthur's Circular Economy 100

DHL joins Circular Economy 100 to collaborate on reverse logistics

Package delivery behemoth Deutsche Post DHL is turning its focus to improving its logistics models to enable a more circular flow of goods, having being accepted as a Circular Economy 100 (CE100) member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

£447.4m of electricity was generated by waste in 2013

Defra report: Waste sector adds nearly £7bn to UK economy

The waste sector added £6.8bn in gross value to the economy in 2013 and supported 103,000 jobs, according to new government figures released on Thursday.

The 'Great Recovery' project is a partnership by Zero Waste Scotland with the RSA

Further boost for Scotland's circular economy with design collaboration project

A new partnership by Zero Waste Scotland is aiming to accelerate the country's progress towards a circular economy by calling on resource experts, product scientists and material scientists to collaborate and re-think design.

Scottish Institute for Remanufacture aims to accelerate Scotland's transition to a circular economy

Scotland's circular economy to be supported by new research hub

The first major research institute in Europe tasked with growing remanufacturing businesses and driving the circular economy has opened today (21 January) in Scotland.

WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin says that the circular economy could deliver jobs where they are needed most

Circular economy 'could create more than 200,000 jobs' in the UK

The development of a circular economy could create more than 200,000 jobs across the UK by 2030, according to a new study by WRAP and Green Alliance.

With the General Election and UN climate talks around the corner, 2015 is a big year for green business

Happy New Year: What's in store for green business?

A shift in climate change policy, more industry collaboration and a remanufacturing revolution are among the hopes and expectations of sustainability professionals who believe 2015 will be a year to remember for the right reasons...

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