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The remanufacturing process aims to return a product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the newly manufactured product

European remanufacturing sector could triple by 2030

The European remanufacturing sector could be worth €90bn by 2030 if it receives cross-sector policy support and investment from industry, a new report has found.

Unilever currently gets 39% of its electricity (and 28% of its energy) from renewable sources

Unilever makes 100% renewables pledge after saving a million tonnes of CO2

Unilever has revealed that its factories have saved more than a tonnes of carbon since 2008, as the consumer goods giant today (18 May) made a major commitment to switch to using 100% renewable energy.

With polling day now less than 24 hours away, edie has rounded up 10 of the best green ideas

Election 2015: 10 green policies we want to see

In the months leading up to the UK General Election, almost every corner of the green industry has given us its own set of policy wants. Here's a round-up of our top 10.

Labour MP Barry Gardiner (second from left) promised that a Labour Government would put resource security at the heart of its economic vision

Labour and Lib Dems back Office for Resource Management

MPs from two of Britain's principal parties have pledged to make strong commitments towards establishing an Office for Resource Management (ORM), while the Conservatives' position remains unclear.

An Office for Resource Management

The rationale for the establishment of an Office for Resource Management (ORM) is to create a policy unit responsible for driving the shift from waste to resource and towards the circular economy. The ORM would have three main areas of policy interest: resource security, efficiency and husbandry.

The report sets out the Aldersgate Group's views on how the Government can help to transform the UK economy into one that is fit for a resource-constrained future

Resource efficiency: What the Government must do...

The next UK Government will need to make a number of significant fiscal and regulatory reforms in order to accelerate the UK's transition to a circular - and therefore more prosperous - economy.

UK resource governance for the 21st century

High and volatile resource prices have been identified as one of the key macroeconomic trends of the 21st century.

Alejandro Litovsky:

Collaborate or lose money: New report warns of global sustainability pressures on big business

Resource pressures in global commodity markets will derail the business goals of multinational corporations unless they start to collaborate with local stakeholders.

CIWM calls on efra to keep driving home the waste policy message

CIWM: EFRA report 'could have gone further'

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has welcomed the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee's (EFRA) waste management report, but also said its recommendations could have gone further.

The Restart Project plans to develop a

Electronics repair charity powers up 'citizen-led' circular economy

Social enterprise The Restart Project will scale up its electronic repair activities by becoming a people-led platform for circular economy innovation.

The report indicates that the UK's supply of essential materials such as coking coal is concentrated

Growing risk to material supply as UK approaches 'end of an era'

The Government is being urged to act now over escalating risks to the supply of essential manufacturing materials.

Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment Barry Gardiner

Labour call for cross-Government strategy to improve leadership on circular economy

A cross-Government strategy is needed to improve leadership on the circular economy, Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment Barry Gardiner has warned.

Decoupling 2: Technologies, Opportunities and Policy Options

The urgency for decoupling, escalating resource use and environmental degradation from economic growth is now widely acknowledged by policy- makers, industry leaders and civil society. Indeed, it has become a key issue in the on-going deliberations on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Top organisations back circular economy

Scottish Parliament urged to make circular economy a top priority

A panel of leading organisations have urged the Scottish Parliament to make the circular economy a top priority.

UK food security faces 'real threat' from international water shortages

Despite the UK experiencing the wettest winter in 250 years, researchers are warning that Britain's food supply is likely to become increasingly susceptible to global water shortages.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has awarded three licences to Nebula Resources to begin fracking in the Irish Sea

'Fracking' for offshore shale gains traction with plans to drill Irish sea

The co-founder of shale gas firm Caudrilla is aiming to drill the world's first offshore shale gas wells.

Businesses must drive value by reducing exposure to the 'resource crunch'

Businesses must recognise the severity of operating in a resource constrained environment and adapt their business models for future growth, according to a new report.

Is the traditional cornerstone of waste minimisation - the waste hierarchy - in need of a fundamental overhaul?

Has the waste hierarchy had its day?

Given the phenomenal rise of circular economy thinking in recent years, the waste hierarchy as it stands may no longer be a valid starting point for business. Maxine Perella reports

Landfill ban plan welcomed by recycling industry body

A plan mooted by Tory MPs to ban sending plastics, wood, textiles and food to landfill has been welcomed by recycling industry body Resource Association.

IKEA more than doubles share of sustainable cotton in products

IKEA has increased the use of sustainably sourced cotton in its products to 72%, up from 34% in 2012.

WRAP CEO Liz Goodwin says gaining a charitable status would allow WRAP to access a wider funding pool and give the organisation greater freedom

EXCLUSIVE: WRAP to apply for charitable status to safeguard its future

WRAP is set to overhaul its structure and apply for charitable status in a bid to diversify its funding base and secure its long-term future.

Credit: Hung Chung Chih /

China sends strongest signal yet on circular economy leadership

China has set up a government-backed association to promote circular economy growth as latest figures reveal that its value is starting to outpace that of the nation's linear economy.

Wastewater phosphorus recycling takes step forward

A pilot project to extract phosphorus from wastewater is underway in Denmark, which could open up commercial opportunities to recycle this increasingly scarce mineral.

Ellen MacArthur study signals Welsh leadership on circular economy

Wales is "ideally placed" to be a circular economy front runner according to a new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which predicts the country could generate annual multi-billion cost savings by going circular.

O2 charging its way to sustainability

Under O2's rate, reduce and recycle strategy, the company has taken a bold step to make charger-free products the 'new normal' by 2015. Leigh Stringer reports

Increasing population and consumption is wiping out the efficiency gains that some companies are making

Growth and consumption wiping out corporate efficiency gains

Major companies must do "radically more with radically less" if the planet is going to provide for the nine billion people predicted by 2050, says AkzoNobel's director of sustainability, André Veneman.

EXCLUSIVE: Economic situation offering opportunities to develop resource efficient solutions

With many business, consumer and government purse strings under pressure, there is a great opportunity to provide solutions that deliver resource and monetary savings, says Bupa's head of sustainability strategy Andrew Smith.

AkzoNobel receives top ranking for sustainability in materials sector

AkzoNobel has been ranked the number one position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the newly named Materials industry group, previously the Chemicals sector.

How is your business making sense of the circular economy?

We are inviting sustainability professionals to take part in an exclusive survey to gauge what practical steps businesses need to take in order to move waste up the hierarchy and ultimately design it out.

Corporate responsibility must get tougher and more transparent

Businesses must ask some "tough questions" and become more transparent if they wish to scale up their CSR commitments, PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) corporate responsibility leader Shannon Schuyler has said.

Resource risk strategies falling foul of insufficient data

A lack of robust data is hampering efforts by businesses and their supply chains to guard against some of the biggest environmental risks associated with their goods and services.

Big data, the key to navigating the resource risk maze?

A lack of robust data is hampering efforts to guard against some of the biggest environmental risks associated with the successful supply of goods and services, as Maxine Perella finds out

EXCLUSIVE: Facilities managers seek greater 'meaning' from sustainability

Corporate sustainability must be "deconstructed" and turned into useful business language if facilities managers are to effectively drive this agenda forward, leading outsourcing firm MITIE has said.

Adidas virtual designs save over one million material samples

The use of virtual technology in product design has saved adidas more than one million material samples as the company looks to ramp up 3D modelling across its operations.

EXCLUSIVE: Supply chain resource risks could sound death knell for SMEs

Small firms need to start implementing resource risk strategies or be at the mercy of supply chain pressures that could ultimately put them out of business.

Supply chains must be incentivised to quantify resource risk

The UK's manufacturing industry is at threat unless the Government intervenes to help businesses mitigate against resource risk, the Circular Economy Taskforce has warned.

So, what exactly is holding back the circular economy?

It's challenging, it's ambitious - but the appetite is certainly there to make circularity happen within big business. In practice however, an array of stumbling blocks remain as Maxine Perella finds out

Adidas achieves 50% waste savings through product redesign

Sportswear giant adidas is seeking to engineer out waste and other resource impacts by fundamentally rethinking its product design strategies.

Creating space for a Better Place at adidas

Sportswear giant adidas is taking great strides in its green ambition to rethink product design and manufacture and challenge itself through innovation, as Maxine Perella finds out

Recycling 'not enough' to insulate industry from commodity price risk

The UK's reliance on primary materials and its exposure to commodity price rises will be determined to a certain degree by the lifetime of products.

Global hotel operator Accor's consumption costs have hit €400m (£345m) per year

EXCLUSIVE: Resource efficiency essential as consumption costs set to rocket says Accor

Ensuring resources are used efficiently has become a necessity for businesses as global energy costs continue to rise and water scarcity increases, says Accor's executive vice president of sustainable development Sophie Flak.

New commission targets resource efficiency gains for business

A government-led authority has been set up to examine ways to deliver bottom line growth to business through creating new models of efficiency and resource management.

Desso's Rudi Daelmans pushes for transformational change

Desso sustainability chief calls for robust waste data to aid smarter recovery

Desso's sustainability director Rudi Daelmans has spelt out his vision for a circular economy by calling for a system that makes it easier for recyclers to extract valuable materials from products so that they can be reused.

Professor Ekins on the dynamics of waste transformation

Leading economist declares 'Waste is so last century'

Aspirations for zero waste and a circular economy will only become a reality if the transformation takes place at the lowest possible cost.

Can cradle-to-cradle go global?: Interview with Walter Stahel

He invented the phrase 'cradle-to-cradle' and is widely regarded as one of the world's most eminent thinkers on the circular economy. Walter Stahel gives an insightful appraisal of this highly aspirational concept to Daan Elffers

Bradford University launches world's first circular economy masters degree

Bradford University has launched the world's first circular economy professional business degree in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and leading firms including B&Q, BT, Cisco, Renault and National Grid.

Cradle-to-cradle movement gathers pace in UK

A new cradle-to-cradle (C2C) collaboration in the UK could make it easier for companies to derive value from their sustainability strategies.

EXCLUSIVE: UK must up its game as China races ahead on resource efficiency

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has called on the Government to provide incentives to stimulate greater resource efficiency in the UK economy.

Sustainability must go mainstream: Interview with Peter Bakker

Business cannot succeed in a society that fails - that is the personal mantra of Peter Bakker, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He takes time out to tell Zeljka Davis why

Circular re-entry: are you ready to go beyond recycling?

At ground level, the circular economy means a lot more than just sending your waste to be recycled. It's about tapping into those materials once they re-enter the economy. Mike Taylor explains

EXCLUSIVE: M&S and Interface call for 'brave new world' on resource scarcity

A culture of radical efficiency must be built into business models to accelerate the development of sustainable raw materials, according to CSR champions Mike Barry and Ramon Arratia.

EXCLUSIVE: Circular Economy Taskforce looks to identify risk hotspots

The risks around a circular economy are being examined and mapped out by the Circular Economy Taskforce, as the consortium prepares to report on its initial findings next month.

Liz Goodwin: UK needs to accelerate drive towards circularity

EXCLUSIVE: WRAP chief calls for radical action on circular economy

The UK needs to be bolder in pushing through new business models if it is to create a circular economy, WRAP CEO Liz Goodwin has warned.

Going for gold with cradle-to-cradle: Interview with Bridgett Luther

The cradle-to-cradle concept is now hugely influential in terms of sustainable product design. Bridgett Luther, president of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, tells Daan Elffers how this agenda is shaping up

Demand for rare earth metals requires recycling strategy overhaul

A rethink in recycling practices is necessary to mitigate against resource scarcity risk as demand for rare earth metals grows, new research warns.

Rare earth elements are essential for the manufacture of solar panels

European Commission launches network to help safeguard against resource scarcity

The European Commission has launched a network to address Europe's dependence on critical raw materials that are crucial to EU business.

We are just three steps away from a circular economy

It's that simple, yet the case for incremental change remains stuck in a mindset groove. So how do we design ourselves out of this one, ponders James Greyson.

EXCLUSIVE: Critics left deflated by Labour's waste review

Sustainability professionals have expressed disappointment over the Labour Party's newly-launched resource security policy review, calling it a "hurried" blueprint, let down by "old-fashioned thinking".

Ed Miliband's party sets out its stall on future waste policy. Credit: cooperman /

Labour pledges to help 'design out waste' if elected to power

Governments are in a powerful position to lead on circular economy agendas and should do more to accelerate their transition, the Labour Party has said.

E-waste deal could transform rare earth metals recovery

Commercial-scale high value extraction of precious and base metals from used circuit boards is nearing reality following successful R&D work in this field.

Smartphone market gets its first sustainability standard

A sustainability certification scheme for smartphones has been introduced in, what is claimed, a world first.

Germany's resource security drive highlights UK shortcomings

Germany's approach to securing rare earth metals by maximising their extraction from disparate waste streams should sound alarm bells for the UK's own resource security strategy, a leading policy advisor has warned.

Lessons from Germany: securing supply of critical metals

German efficiency is being deployed to harvest rare earth metals from various waste streams in a manner that should make us envious, says Susanne Baker

Welsh resource body sets out stall with 'fresh approach' to environment

The future direction of new Welsh environment body Natural Resources Wales was outlined yesterday by Resources Minister Alun Davies during its official launch in Treherbert.

Ellen MacArthur: the circular economy is a long-term fix

Ellen MacArthur: demand for circular economy has 'taken off'

Businesses across the world are increasingly expressing an interest in unlocking economic opportunities around the circular economy, Dame Ellen MacArthur has said.

Crowdsourcing inquiry gives strategic steer on Net Positive

Businesses looking to embark on Net Positive strategies need to gain a thorough understanding of how they can generate value through their operations before attempting to set targets.

VIDEO: John Lewis predicts: 'Waste won't exist in 20 years'

John Lewis Partnership offers a compelling retail perspective on how corporate resource efficiency is reshaping the waste supply chain in the second of our Resource Revolution thought leader video interview series.

CEOs 'fired up' by sustainability primed to be fast-track enablers

Transforming board level buy-in into ground-level action is crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in corporate sustainability, a leading CSR commentator has advised.

Sustainability: a guide to substance over style

Embedding sustainability into your operations will set your business apart from the rest. But where do you start? Zeljka Davis offers a simple step-by-step approach

Deborah Meaden has a well documented interest in sustainable business

Dragon's Den Deborah Meaden backs sustainability 'survival' tool

Entrepreneur Deborah Meaden is encouraging businesses to adopt smarter risk strategies around sustainability so they can capitalise on fast-changing operational environments.

Is Chancellor George Osborne in danger of overlooking what is a pressing issue for business?

Dear Chancellor, don't dismiss resource security

Decisions on resource pressures should be underpinned by solid evidence so why did the Treasury call a halt to an independent review into this issue, asks Suzanne Baker

Nature must be 'new lens' for corporate resource security

Business needs to re-examine its relationship with nature and start integrating true resource value into operational strategies, if it is to guard against future risk.

Climate week kicks off with rise of the 're-generation'

Brits are increasingly choosing to recycle, reuse or resell items they no longer want instead of sending them to landfill, according to a nationwide poll.

IT strategist to lead circular economy business forum

A leading computer science expert is to head up the Circular Economy 100, a network of 100 global companies committed to developing and implementing circular economy initiatives.

Prepare for CSR 'mega-trends' or risk reputational collapse

Companies must not only build greater transparency into their sustainable business models, but develop an explicit social purpose if they are to prosper in the future, new research has revealed.

Training course advises firms on how to profit from waste

Businesses are to be trained in how to cut waste costs across their operations to become more resource-efficient, under new plans unveiled this week.

British scientists get to the heart of sustainability with Kenyan roses

Valentine's romancers across the country could benefit from trials taking place in Kent to improve the sustainable production of Kenyan roses.

PUMA closes the loop with first cradle-to-cradle product line

PUMA has unveiled its first cradle-to-cradle collection product range comprising footwear, apparel and accessories - of all which have been certified as 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

Nestlé boss adds waste to list of supply chain risk factors

Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has identified wasteful agriculture practices as a "major challenge" to tackle within its global supply chain as it looks to ramp up production levels.

Circular economy ambition hinges on business appetite

A lack of market demand for secondary materials within the UK is starting to raise concerns among circular economy experts, especially as policy drivers appear to be on the wane.

Which? maps out sustainable consumption blueprints for 2030

Waterless washing machines, rechargeable kids and handheld molecule scanners might be commonplace in a future world built on resource scarcity, collaborative consumption and immersive technology.

Green packaging requires urgent rethink to avoid landfill legacy

The adoption of sustainable packaging strategies such as material minimisation and lightweighting may be doing more harm than good, experts have warned.

Pressure grows to legislate for circular economy to achieve scale

A circular economy cannot be achieved by business collaboration alone - strong intervention is also required from world governments, a leading commentator has warned.

Defra engages in 'systems thinking' to inform future waste policy

Defra has called in consultants to help advise on how it can incorporate more holistic thinking into its waste policies and build up a better evidence base to support these protocols.

Ford Motors boosts bottom line from closed loop thinking

Ford Motors is starting to profit from a corporate innovation strategy that recovers waste materials and turns them into new component vehicle parts.

Circular economy not 'silver bullet' for resource crunch

Industrial systems based on circular economy models will be constrained by end-of-life material availability, limiting future improvements in process efficiency, scientists claim.

Ellen MacArthur: seeking to influence the world's business leaders

Ellen MacArthur calls for greater urgency on circular economy

The business case for a circular economy heightened today as Dame Ellen MacArthur joined scores of business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in a united call to action.

Sustainability agenda 'missing a trick' by sidelining SMEs

Small firms have been marginalised in the debate about sustainable business practices and have been slow to adopt environment-related improvements as a result, new research has found.

Leading industry bodies join the Resource Revolution

Support for the Resource Revolution is gathering pace a month after its launch as some of the most influential think tanks and policy-shapers officially endorse the campaign and its aims.

ANALYSIS: Accountability for food waste becomes easier to digest

News that half the world's food supply may be going to waste has raised serious questions around our ability to manage this most essential subsistence at every point in the value chain.

Help form opinion on the future of resource efficiency

Business attitudes towards the increasing importance of smarter resource management are being sought as part of an exclusive research project being undertaken by edie and sister title LAWR magazine.

Business case for sustainability not yet 'credible enough'

An inability to engage effectively with chief finance officers (CFOs) on the social and environmental merits of better resource management may be hindering the business case for sustainability.

Cottoning on to better traceability

Sustainability is a real issue in cotton where supply chains are disconnected from its source. Improving standards for this important raw material is keeping many a retailer awake at night, but John Lewis is determined to take up the gauntlet, as Maxine Perella finds out

EXCLUSIVE: WRAP looks to add value as budget is cut by 11%

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) will see its budget cut by 11% next year as it undergoes a government review to ensure its work is delivering value for money.

Euro leaders call for wasteful goods to be 'taken off market'

The European Commission is calling for a cull of resource-inefficient consumer goods across Europe to stimulate markets for products and services that have lower lifecycle impacts.

ANALYSIS: Labouring over the birth of a circular economy

The complexities of delivering a circular economy are starting to reveal themselves as moves to translate the ideology into practice get underway.

Help us shape the Resource Revolution

As the waste industry looks to reposition itself to take advantage of a new, emerging circular economy, edie has joined forces with sister title LAWR magazine to bring you the Resource Revolution - an in-depth campaign that aims to act as a transformational catalyst for change.

UK in resource driving seat as world falls 'asleep at the wheel'

Most businesses around the world are "sleepwalking into a resource crunch" but UK companies could turn it to their advantage, according to research from the Carbon Trust.

Resource insecurity is 'back with a vengeance'

The world is undergoing a period of intensified resource stress, with supply disruptions, volatile prices and accelerated environmental degradation likely.

Europe's unsustainable consumption causes concern

There is growing concern that the EU is falling behind in its ambitions to address future threats around resource security.

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