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The central London branch offers universal charging points to accommodate the rising number of electric vehicles (EVs)

London EV drivers rewarded with car parking discount

Plug-in vehicle drivers in the capital are set to be rewarded by a new parking tariff scheme at a central London car park which discounts parking for low-emission cars.

The work also shows that, even if diesel cars did meet emissions limits, there would still be 70,000 early deaths per year

38,000 people a year die early because of diesel emissions testing failures

The global human health impact of the diesel emissions scandal has been revealed by new research showing a minimum of 38,000 people a year die early due to the failure of diesel vehicles to meet official limits in real driving conditions.

Ford is examining how EVs, autonomous driving, ride sharing and IoT connected vehicles can interact with urban infrastructure to ease congestion and improve air quality in cities

Ford extends ride-sharing scheme as part of 'City of Tomorrow' vision

Motor giant Ford has outlined its vision for the 'City of Tomorrow', which utilises technologies such as drones and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance urban driving to lower air pollution, with the firm also extending its Chariot ride-sharing services to eight cities.

The validity of the EEA specific emission figures has been called into question previously

Europe vehicle industry meeting emissions targets, report claims

Virtually all of the largest car and van manufacturers met European Union (EU) company-specific emissions targets in 2015, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has claimed.

VW claimed that thousands of vehicles qualified for London's Congestion Charge discount because they apparently emitted less than 100g of CO2 per km and met the 'Euro 5' emissions standards

Sadiq Khan: VW must fully compensate Londoners for dieselgate

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged the Volkswagen Group (VW) to improve its "utter lack of action" and fully compensate Londoners that remain affected by last year's 'dieselgate' emissions scandal, on the same day that the UK Government has been ordered to produce a new UK air quality plan by July 2017.

With the High court ruling against the Government's published air quality plans, new, more effective proposals must be introduced, says the RAC

Motorists on-board with stricter action against vehicle emissions

Motorists across the UK are showing a rising concern for poor air quality levels and are calling for stronger action to be taken to reduce vehicle pollution in those worst affected areas, a new survey conducted by the RAC has found.

New infrared technology that allows the public to

Report: Air pollution could be resulting in more UK road accidents

A new correlation between air pollution and traffic accidents has heightened the need to improve air quality, an action that could be accelerated through the use of infrared technology acting as a visual demonstration of vehicle emissions.

As a generation, millennials are willing to try new things, challenge processes, and think differently about the future, Nissan's survey shows

Millennials are on-board with the EV transition, survey finds

The majority (53%) of millennials would consider buying an electric vehicle (EV) within the next 10 years, or already own one, whilst three-quarters see switching to an eco-friendly car as the single best action to drive a more sustainable future.

All of the largest car manufacturers currently exceed pollution limits for diesel models, but these brands are increasingly embracing EVs as part of a low-carbon transition

One year on from Dieselgate: Has anything changed?

On the one-year anniversary of Volkswagen's corporate abasement (VW) for cheating emissions tests, a damning report has revealed that the German carmaker is in fact selling the least-polluting diesel models among all major manufacturers.

The Union Jack flies above Westminster in London, one of the most polluted cities in Europe

ClientEarth: UK Government should come clean on dirty air

Environmental law firm ClientEarth has challenged UK government air pollution projections in light of new research that finds diesel cars are releasing six times more dangerous pollutants on the road than in factory testing.

The motor company has agreed to pay a fine to the EPA for selling roughly 340,000 tuners that alter emission control systems beyond legal limits since 2008. Photo: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson fined $15m for polluting 'super tuners'

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has reached a settlement with US authorities to pay $15m (£11m) and stop selling an aftermarket tuning product that exceeds national pollution limits.

South Korean Environment Ministry director Hong Dong-kon claims that the Qashqai model was the only diesel vehicle from 20 models to fail emissions tests

Nissan denies accusations of vehicle emissions fraud

Japanese carmaker Nissan has denied accusations that it has cheated emissions tests, following claims from South Korea's Environment Ministry that more than 800 UK-built Qashqai models were set to be recalled.

VW’s first all-electric car will be operational by 2020, and will act as a “hallmark” alongside the Porsche Mission E, and Audi’s e-tron quattro concept car

Electric cars to become 'hallmark' of VW's portfolio

Automotive giant Volkswagen (VW) has unveiled new transformative outlines for its future projections, which will see the company make electric vehicles (EVs) its new "hallmark", in an attempt to rectify the recent emissions-rigging scandal.

All cars included in the investigation failed to meet the EU limit when tested under “real-world” conditions, with DfT finding that the average emissions were five times higher

Britain's diesel car emissions 'five times over EU limits', Government tests reveal

Recent claims by the UK Government that it is "leading the push" for greater emissions testing in diesel cars have been branded as "misleading", after a Department for Transport (DfT) investigation revealed that some vehicles are still producing up to 12 times the EU maximum limit for road-tested emissions.

Mitsubishi falsified 157,000 of its own-brand light passenger cars as well as 468,000 vehicles produced on behalf of Nissan

Mitsubishi expresses 'deep apologies' after falsifying fuel economy tests

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has become the latest carmaker to become embroiled in a testing scandal, after the company admitted to manipulating data to make 625,000 vehicles appear more fuel-efficient.

FedEx Express surpassed its goal to increase vehicle fuel efficiency by 30% by 2020 five years early, with a new vehicle sustainability goal set which will see significant further savings

FedEx plans to deliver 'future of aviation' with biofuels drive

The world's largest express transportation company is pioneering the use of sustainable aviation fuels through a new partnership which will see millions of gallons of biofuel produced from waste wood biomass.

The Formula One technology could reduce the weight of steel components in vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf by more than half

How Formula One technology could drive vehicle emissions reductions

The UK Government has announced new funding of £38m to support emissions reduction schemes across the automotive industry, including an innovative project which harnesses Formula One (F1) technology to make family cars lighter and plug-in vehicles go further.

Diesel is particularly associated with emissions of nitrogen oxide linked to lung disease and premature deaths

European lawmakers back limited reduction in car emissions

European lawmakers on Wednesday (3 February) backed a compromise deal to reduce car emissions that will still allow vehicles to exceed official pollution limits, defying calls for more radical reform following Volkswagen's emissions-test cheating scandal.

Renault's market value has tumbled by around €5bn as a result of the reports

'No emissions fraud' in Renault engines as stocks plummet

French ministers have reassured Renault owners and investors that no performance-modifying software was detected in engines of Renault vehicles following reports that fraud investigators had inspected three of the carmaker's sites.

The new Focus can deliver an 80% battery charge in around 30 minutes

Ford accelerates EV transition with $4.5bn investment

Ford is ploughing $4.5bn into electric vehicle (EV) solutions and extensions through to 2020, in an enhanced investment programme that will see 13 new EV models added to the US carmaker's portfolio.

Vehicle emissions are currently responsible for 12% of Europe's carbon emissions

UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal

The UK, France and Germany have been accused of hypocrisy for lobbying behind the scenes to keep outmoded car tests for carbon emissions, but later publicly calling for a European investigation into Volkswagen's rigging of car air pollution tests.

Martin Winterkorn said he was shocked by events of past few days and hopes to provide Volkswagen with a fresh start by resigning

VW chief resigns over emissions scandal

Volkswagen (VW) chief executive Martin Winterkorn has resigned after a hailstorm of criticism over the carmaker's emissions-rigging scandal.

The greenest of the green? Forest Green Rovers' New Lawn stadium. Photo:

Premier League sustainability: Creating the world's greenest football club

The Premier League season got underway this weekend with a winning start for Manchester United and dropped points for Arsenal and Chelsea.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said public concern about air pollution could help boost electric vehicle sales

EV industry must spread air quality message, says Transport Minister

New Transport Minister Andrew Jones has called on the low-carbon vehicle industry to make the public more aware of the local air quality benefits of buying electric cars.

A record 9,000 new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) were registered in the UK in the first quarter of 2015.

Electric car sales accelerate by 366%

A record 9,000 new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) were registered in the UK in the first quarter of 2015.

With so many materials that have to be actively disposed of, electric cars are still a far cry from being 'sustainable'

Sustainable cars: Looking beyond the tailpipe...

Following a plethora of ultra-low emission vehicle announcements from governments and industry, electric cars are beginning to be adopted by the public and will one day become commonplace. But, as Lucinda Dann investigates, a car's green credentials don't just lie in its exhaust emissions.

The newly-expanded Go Ultra Low consortium aims to share the multiple benefits of ULEVs with a wider audience

More major carmakers join Government push for ULEVs

Audi, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen have joined the UK Government's Go Ultra Low campaign which aims to increase the take-up of 'plug-in' cars and vans.

The funding will provide a boost to car clubs and help to cut congestion and traffic pollution

Department for Transport announces £500,000 boost to car sharing schemes

Car clubs are set to receive a £500,000 funding boost, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced today (July 28).

Boris Johnson was awarded a 4/10 for his progress on lowering London's carbon emissions. pic: pcruciatti/

Boris gets low grade on London Environment Committee report card

The London Assembly Environment Committee's 'report card', released today (July 25), awarded Mayor Boris Johnson a 4/10 on his progress to reduce London's carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency - a clear 'could do more'.

Trials of electric buses are underway in London, with plans to introduce Nissan's electric taxis to the capital by 2015

Biofuel and low-carbon truck investment stalls

Policy and investment in the UK's low-carbon truck and biofuels sector has stalled in meeting air quality emissions targets and CO2 reductions.

Audi's traffic light technology has potential to cut CO2 emissions by 15%

Car manufacturer Audi has developed a new online traffic light information system which could save up to 900 million litres of fuel and cut CO2 emissions by 15%, the company says.

Michelin calls on motorists to reduce CO2 emissions

Major tyre manufacturer Michelin says British motorists could be emitting more than two billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere because they are not inflating their tyres correctly.

Nissan's electric taxi to hit London streets by 2015

Nissan has confirmed that its 100% electric taxi - the e-NV200 - will hit the streets of London in 2015 speeding up efforts to help the city meet 2020 pollution targets.

London trials first electric buses

Electric buses are being trialled for the first time in London today in an effort to cut emissions from the Capital's bus fleet.

Leonardo Dicaprio (second from left) will join Richard Branson as a high-profile ambassador for the new racing series, Formula E

Leonardo Dicaprio and Venturi Automobiles launch final Formula E team

Film star and environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio has teamed up with Venturi Automobiles to complete the 10 team line-up of next year's first all-electric vehicle racing championship.

A project is underway that will test driverless cars in a pedestrianised area for the first time

Government 'challenges' automotive firms to drive efficient engine technology

A £75m fund for automotive companies to develop engine technologies that improve the efficiency of the modern car has been announced by the Government.

By 2020, current legislation states that the average car sold in the EU must not emit more than 95g CO2/km

EEA: All major car manufacturers hit 2012 CO2 target

Every major car manufacturer has met their 2012 targets for vehicles' average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Carmakers are using loopholes such as supercredits and manipulation of fuel efficiency tests to meet their CO2 limits

Car manufacturers 'manipulating' tests to meet CO2 targets

Progress on reducing CO2 emissions in the car manufacturing industry is being undermined by the use of 'supercredits' and the manipulation of tests, according to a new report.

The Government will collaborate with the motor industry to achieve its ultra-low emission vehicle vision

Government launches ultra-low emission vehicles strategy

The Government has officially launched a strategy to drive forward the ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) industry.

Businesses offered help to improve sustainability of travel operations

Businesses are being offered new services to help them improve the sustainability of UK business travel.

Motorists to pay more as Gov 'underestimates cost' of biofuels in petrol

The cost to motorists of adding biofuels to petrol will be as much as £224m more each year than Government estimates, according to new research published today.

UPS: en route to a fuel efficient future

From using electric vehicles in New York City during the 1930s to operating one of the world's largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, UPS has long practiced environmentally-conscious innovations. Leigh Stringer looks into the company's approach to further reducing its CO2 emissions

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems 2040 diesel and petrol ban needs 'progressive legislation'

The Government must introduce legislation that allows motorists and industry to affordably adopt cleaner vehicles if the Liberal Democrats vision of banning all petrol and diesel cars from UK roads by 2040 is to be realised, says the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

New rapid charger at South Mimms Welcome Break service station

Nissan and Ecotricity expand UK electric vehicle charging network

Nissan and green energy company Ecotricity have together installed 13 new electric vehicle (EV) rapid chargers, increasing the total number of chargers in the UK to 97.

UPS driver fuels liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle. UPS plans to purchase approximately 1000 additional LNG vehicles and build four refueling stations by the end of 2014.

UPS cuts CO2 by 2.1% despite increase in shipping volume

UPS has reduced its global scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions year-on-year by 2.1% in 2012, despite a 2.3% increase in total shipping volume.

A Zipcar parking area

Croydon Council drives sustainable staff fleet with Zipcar

UK pay-as-you-drive network Zipcar is to provide a car club service to Croydon Council employees in a partnership that aims to reduce car usage, CO2 emissions and overall travel costs.

Black cabs will need to clean their emissions or face crippling costs in the city

Clean diesel could get drivers into low emission zone

Diesel drivers could enter London's proposed low emission zone without facing stiff charges using a device which would scrub out the worst of their tailpipe toxins.

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