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The UK will be obliged to give effect to the Package for as long as it remains in the EU

Circular Economy Package: Everything you need to know

In light of the European Parliament's decision to reinforce more ambitious recycling targets within the long-awaited Circular Economy Package, edie takes a detailed look at how the proposed measures could affect businesses, especially in light of the UK's imminent departure from the European Union (EU).

Defra’s long-awaited 25-Year Environment Plan has been delayed by the BRexit vote, leaving uncertainty as to whether environmental protections provided by the EU will be maintained

Five green policy priorities to stop Brexit ruining our environment

From the delivery of an ambitious 25-Year Environment Plan to the avoidance of ineffective 'zombie legislation', Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) executive director Matthew Farrow outlines the key steps that must be taken by the Government to ensure Britain's exit from the EU will not have a negative impact on our environment.

Meet the 2015 Sustainability Leaders - Winner Report

Welcome to the winners report for the 2015 Sustainability Leaders Awards. Organised by edie, these awards recognise excellence across the spectrum of sustainable business; from the best efficiency programmes through to product innovation and the people who are making it happen.

Circular Economy Package will be binned - what's next?

The European Commission's decision to scrap the widely-favoured Circular Economy Package has been confirmed, leaving the UK's resource and waste management sector waiting in anticipation for what comes next.

Waste regulation is only as effective as the enforcement that is applied, writes Conran

Waste policy: Great expectations for 2015

A recent paper published by FCC into the environmental positions of the main political parties suggests that regardless of the political landscape after May, there will be more of the same with little appetite for immediate change. It seems clear that the economy will be the overriding driver over the next 12 months on both a UK and a European Government level, argues director at 360 Environmental Phil Conran.

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