Water footprinting

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Sustainability Leaders Awards 2017: meet the winners!

Welcome to the winners report for the 2017 Sustainability Leaders Awards. Organised by edie, these awards recognise excellence across the spectrum of sustainable business; from the best efficiency programmes through to product innovation, from stakeholder engagement and CSR initiatives to the people making it happen.

The 10-page guide explains how water retail competition could be used to consolidate bills, generate significant financial savings and deliver key environmental benefits for businesses

edie launches free water retail competition guide for businesses

Organisations across the country now have access to a free, in-depth 'edie explains' guide to water retail competition, which is set to come into effect in England this April and will impact all non-domestic water users.

Businesses will be key to solving water challenges, according to the Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust rolls out new water footprinting certification

Businesses with a smart approach to water consumption are being urged to sign up to the Carbon Trust's new Water Footprint label.

Each person consumes between 2,000-5,000 litres of water embedded in their food

Food and drink firms 'must improve efficiency' to protect dwindling water supply

The food and drink industry must curtail the amount of water used in production to avoid two thirds of the world's population living in 'water-scarce' areas by 2050.

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