Nobel Peace Prize winner attacked by camera crew

A former Nobel Peace prize winner became involved in a heated exchange with a documentary film maker when his appearance at the Copenhagen climate talks was hijacked.

Stanford University professor, Stephen Schneider, was speaking at the Bella centre in the Danish capital as part of the COP15 climate talks.

Professor Schneider, who was the recipient of the 2007 collective Nobel Peace Prize, was speaking today (December 10) to promote his book Science as a Contact Sport.

During a 15 minute talk Professor Scheider, a friend of former US vic-president Al Gore, attacked the leaking of email from The University of East Anglia’s world renowned Climate Research Unit.

He said: “Climatologists define climate change as a 30 year average, because if I had done what statisticians call ‘cherry-picked’ data from ’92 to ’98 we’re going to hell in hand basket.

“Even if you want to argue that in the last ten years they’ve not moved up much, they’ve also been the warmest decade in the last thousand years.”

However, as he took questions at the end of his talk the filmmaker took to the stage and repeatedly asked professor Schneider if he ‘approved of deleting data’.

In a tense exchange the filmmaker, who didn’t identify himself, accused the professor of trying to silence the press.

Professor Schneider, who was visibly shaking after the confrontation, repeatedly answered that he did not agree with deleting data.

Luke Walsh

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