Nothing soft about the new PAWS

PAWS is a software package for the hydraulic analysis and design of pressure pipe systems that incorporate ABS pumps. It is operated through a system which enables the user to draw on the computer screen a graphical representation of the pump/pipe system under consideration. Alternatively, the pipe network graphic can be imported from another application as an Autocad DXF file. The software interprets the connectivity of the system, enabling it to return a solution to the problem at hand.

PAWS for ABS analysis and design functions in two main areas – the design of

pressurised sewage drainage systems using ABS Piranha® pumps; the analysis

and control of waterhammer pressure transients for ABS pumps and rising main


Analytical features include the facility to switch pumps on and off and compute

sump emptying time. Analytical results are printed on the screen graphic and

as a spreadsheet.

The waterhammer analysis capability computes the transient pressure fluctuation

in a pump/rising main system resulting from sudden pump tripout. PAWS caters

for single pumps and multiple parallel pumps discharging into a single rising


The latter can be segmented into multiple sections with different pipe properties.

Provision is made for the inclusion of waterhammer control devices, including

air valves, air vessels and open surge tanks. The PAWS pipe feature allows for

comprehensive modelling of hydraulic characteristics e.g. wall roughness and

the insertion of fittings such as bends and valves. Stand-alone flow objects,

include open channels, flow-measurement flumes and weirs, storm water overflow

weirs and pipe manifolds, each with built-in analytical functions.

The software also provides users with a set of hydraulic building blocks and

an Analysis tool for drafting, creating and testing hydraulic systems on the


Every component of an hydraulic system has physical dimensions and other properties

that influence its hydraulic behaviour. When you draw an object on the PAWS

design sheet you are essentially creating a virtual version of a real world

object. backed up by a full complement of parameter values.

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