Now’s the time to carve out a better career

Skills shortage, employee's market, more jobs than applicants - these words are music to the ears of those seeking to embark in a career in the environmental industries or wanting to bolster their existing position.

While there is still stiff competition for the most attractive posts, there has never been a better time to look for a job that helps the planet while keeping the bank manager at bay, or climbing a few rungs up the career ladder.

Even as recently as last year, things could look pretty bleak for those wanting a job in this area and employers could choose from the pick of the crop but it seems that as green issues move up the political, and business, agenda, the environmental services sector is blossoming and the only thing holding back its growth is a shortage of staff.

This situation looks like it will set the scene for future developments too, with government and the corporate world both banging the drum for the environment.

We’re seeing a steady stream of pro-environmental legislation trickle out of Whitehall, and there will be a continuing need for experts to help companies comply with this.

And Government is also investing in trying to ensure that UK plc remains an innovator in this area – as symbolised by the DTI and Defra joining forces to promote environmental technologies and services.

On the other side of the coin, business is embracing the environment and is not begrudging doing so – it knows that this is what its customers not only want but demand.

But beyond that, businesses have a long-term perspective which might go beyond the next-election thinking of our political leaders.

Corporates are looking beyond the five year plan, with their sights fixed on the distant horizon of eternity. To ensure longevity of a company, you have to ensure longevity of the planet first.

All this means we’re seeing a slight shift in the way things are done, with the environment ceasing to be a fringe concern or a niche market.

The sector is expanding to meet this growing interest and that means opportunities for those with the qualifications, and drive, to take them.

Sam Bond

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