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United Kingdom

Building installation work (146714-2020)

Cleaning services (140378-2020)

Cleaning services (142746-2020)

Construction work (142720-2020)

Environmental services (149893-2020)

Hygiene services (140380-2020)

Noise control services (149895-2020)

Refuse recycling services (140391-2020)

School cleaning services (142744-2020)

School cleaning services (149897-2020)


Global Prior Information Notice for DG Environment of Intended Open Calls for Tender for 2020 (140463-2020)


Project-management services other than for construction work (138977-2020)


Cleaning services (141640-2020)


Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (149762-2020)

Blast-cleaning services for tubular structures (142657-2020)

Cesspool or septic tank emptying services (146664-2020)

Environmental management (144732-2020)

Environmental management (149759-2020)

Financial market regulatory services (149765-2020)

Pest-control services (149755-2020)

Refuse and waste related services (149760-2020)

Refuse collection services (140244-2020)

Refuse transport services (144733-2020)

Research and development services and related consultancy services (149753-2020)

Sacks and bags (149729-2020)


Service Contract for Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) " Southern Europe (146875-2020)

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