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United Kingdom

Building and facilities management services (362569-2017)

Cleaning services (370802-2017)

Educational equipment (370255-2017)

Environmental services (362499-2017)

Flood-prevention works (367837-2017)

Housing services (372642-2017)

Office cleaning services (368645-2017)

Radioactive-, toxic-, medical- and hazardous waste services (371303-2017)

Refuse and waste related services (372630-2017)

Refuse and waste related services (372880-2017)

School cleaning services (366732-2017)

Waste-tip management services (362515-2017)


EDF " Technical assistance for the programme for transboundary water management in the Cubango "Okavango river basin (365747-2017)


Construction works for plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry (373468-2017)


Urban solid-refuse collection services (367763-2017)


Operation and routine maintenance services for the wastewater treatment plant at the JRC, Ispra (VA) site (371764-2017)


EIB - China energy project support (369936-2017)


Canteen and catering services (371708-2017)

Games and toys; fairground amusements (374055-2017)

Refuse and waste related services (367762-2017)

Refuse disposal and treatment (374073-2017)

Refuse incineration services (363664-2017)

Refuse recycling services (363665-2017)

Sewage treatment services (369893-2017)

Sludge transport services (367766-2017)

Snow-clearing services (369888-2017)

Snow-clearing services (371707-2017)


Environmental services (366717-2017)

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