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United Kingdom

Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (176727-2018)

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (164922-2018)

Asbestos-removal work (164728-2018)

Auditing services (169410-2018)

Building-cleaning services (171965-2018)

Cleaning services (168758-2018)

Cleaning services (169533-2018)

Cleaning services (171794-2018)

Cleaning services (171883-2018)

Construction work (163377-2018)

Environmental services (167121-2018)

Environmental services (169401-2018)

Environmental services (169403-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (167343-2018)

Refuse recycling services (167254-2018)

Repair and maintenance services (171825-2018)

Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services (169284-2018)

Window-cleaning services (164576-2018)


Support to the Commission for the assessment of submitted National Implementation Measures (NIMs) (175713-2018)


Cleaning services for the premises of the EU-House in Helsinki, Finland (163371-2018)


Engineering works and construction works (166104-2018)


Cleaning and sanitation services (173037-2018)

Construction work (166034-2018)

Drinks dispensers (166025-2018)

Environmental services (166041-2018)

Groundwater pollution monitoring or control services (166035-2018)

Refuse disposal and treatment (166055-2018)

Repair and maintenance of plant (173035-2018)

Research and development services and related consultancy services (170629-2018)


EBRD - Hydro Power Plants Rehabilitation Project (166092-2018)

Cote d'Ivoire

EIB - Construction Supervision (175711-2018)

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