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United Kingdom

Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (020939-2018)

Building-cleaning services (020757-2018)

Building-cleaning services (025894-2018)

Cleaning and sanitation services (020935-2018)

Cleaning services (018320-2018)

Cleaning services (025793-2018)

Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads (018515-2018)

Deleading services (025811-2018)

Facilities management services (018585-2018)

Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment with operator (018359-2018)

Property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis (018286-2018)

Radioactive waste treatment services (025748-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (023059-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (024364-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (025935-2018)

Refuse disposal and treatment (018426-2018)

School catering services (018389-2018)

Water-treatment plant construction work (022055-2018)


River regulation and flood control works (019417-2018)


Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services (025926-2018)


Cleaning services for the premises of the EU-House in Budapest, Hungary (024618-2018)


Architectural and related services (018369-2018)


Household-refuse collection services (023227-2018)

Street-cleaning and sweeping services (023259-2018)


Cesspool or septic tank emptying services (019862-2018)

Cleaning services (024553-2018)

District-heating plant construction work (027645-2018)

Drinks dispensers (019840-2018)

Household-refuse collection services (019860-2018)

Household-refuse collection services (027677-2018)

Pest-control services (027670-2018)

Pest-control services (027674-2018)

Refuse disposal and treatment (019858-2018)

Water-treatment work (024568-2018)


EBRD - Kingdom of Morocco, Rehabilitation of De-ironing Treatment Stations of the City of Assa (017330-2018)


EIB - Rehabilitation, upgrading and construction of wastewater treatment plants (024609-2018)


EIB - Design and construction of water treatment plants (024613-2018)

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