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United Kingdom

Building and facilities management services (237027-2017)

Cleaning and sanitation services (237183-2017)

Cleaning services (234935-2017)

Construction work (233015-2017)

Drainage construction works (237098-2017)

Facilities management services (237226-2017)

Facility related sanitation services (234825-2017)

Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy services (233480-2017)

Fire-detection systems (237173-2017)

Repair and maintenance services of building installations (237127-2017)

Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services (237282-2017)


Services supporting the evaluation, implementation and further development of air quality and emissions policies (236109-2017)

Bosnia and Herzegowina

Supply and delivery of: lot 1 " food supply; lot 2 " bottled water; lot 3 " catering consumables (234272-2017)


EBRD - Construction of cogeneration plant for Heat Only Boilers Ovcha Kupel (232941-2017)


Environmental services (233911-2017)


Cleaning services for the premises of the EU House in Italy, Rome (232947-2017)

Routine and corrective maintenance of the JRC Data Centre, including minor upgrades (234274-2017)


Collected and purified water (238599-2017)


Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (238651-2017)

Highway operation services (238650-2017)

Refuse disposal and treatment (238661-2017)

Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services (234231-2017)

Snow-clearing services (238612-2017)


Reforestation 2017 "2020 (232910-2017)

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