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United Kingdom

Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (347264-2018)

Air quality management (344509-2018)

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (350002-2018)

Building services (351039-2018)

Building-cleaning services (349179-2018)

Cleaning services (355951-2018)

Environmental protection (351249-2018)

Environmental services (344510-2018)

Environmental services (344669-2018)

Grounds maintenance services (346022-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (344708-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (355982-2018)

Refuse and waste related services (356061-2018)

Refuse disposal and treatment (344503-2018)

Refuse disposal and treatment (349188-2018)

Refuse transport services (344633-2018)

School cleaning services (356897-2018)

Treatment and disposal of foul liquids (351090-2018)

Winter-maintenance vehicles (355976-2018)

Bosnia and Herzegowina

EBRD - Visoko Water Supply Project (348187-2018)


Technical assistance services (356076-2018)


Business and management consultancy and related services (351136-2018)

Cleaning services (344607-2018)

Installation services of equipment for measuring, checking, testing and navigating (351156-2018)


EIB - Implementation Support to Ukraine s Higher Education Project (354595-2018)


IPA - Supervision of Works Contract for Establishment of Integrated and Self Sustainable Waste Management System in East and North-East Regions (343429-2018)


Cesspool or septic tank emptying services (350096-2018)

Snow-clearing services (346120-2018)

Snow-clearing services (352272-2018)


EBRD - Swift framework " Constanta water sub-project (354596-2018)


EBRD - Supply of operation and maintenance vehicles and equipment (346195-2018)


EBRD - Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar Solid Waste Modernisation Project (343436-2018)

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