Be Energy – Energy Awareness eLearning

Last updated: 16th May 2018

Be Energy is a new high quality, affordable, user-friendly eLearning programme that will help your employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how they can contribute to using less energy to save costs and to create healthier businesses and a healthier planet.

Through a series of thought provoking and enlightening videos and interactive elements, participants will see how they depend on energy every day at home and at work and how they can start to use less energy through making small changes to how they think and act and through using low-energy technology.

Maximum impact

The Be Energy programme has been designed for maximum impact and participant engagement to make them think about energy and how it’s used in their home and at their place of work. The programme is made up of six modules.
1. Introduction. What the programme is all about, how it is structured and how it works.
2. Energy: The Big Picture. What energy is, where it comes from and why carbon emissions are so damaging to the
3. Energy at Home. How to use less energy and save more money at home.
4. Energy at Work. How to use less energy and save more money at work.
5. Measuring Energy. Why it is so important to measure and monitor how much energy is used.
6. Energy Summit. A summary for all the key learnings from the programme.

Engaging and relevant content

Each module includes exciting and inspiring videos, taking delegates into the real world of energy. There are interactive graphics, questions and multiple-choice quizzes after each module to engage the participant in the programme and to ensure they take away the key messages. Delegates are able to download a certificate to show they have successfully completed the programme.

Minimal disruption and costs

Be Energy is designed to achieve maximum impact, with minimal disruption to business at a very affordable cost so that even in very large organisations, every employee can be engaged in the energy saving journey:

· Very accessible with minimal disruption to business

· Cost effective – as little as 90p per delegate (dependant on volume)

· Content is relevant to every participant

· Interactive elements test and reinforce learning

· Can be branded, personalised with bespoke video taken in your own work environment and tailored to your own organisation’s requirements

· Multi-media content engages the audience

· Can be completed in approximately 1 hour, but can be stopped and returned to later if necessary.

· Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required.

· Successful completion of the course is evidenced by a certificate which can be downloaded by the participant.

· Easy administrator access to manage and monitor enrolment and completion.

For delegates or organisations that want to continue their energy learning journey, JRP have a series of practical classroom and workplace training programmes to suit a wide range of requirements.

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