Business energy efficiency

Last updated: 24th December 2020

Identify your saving opportunities. Monitor your energy use live.

Measuring your business’ energy efficiency is the first step to going low-carbon. We offer a remote monitoring solution that gives you an overview of all your sites without any site surveys. Or choose solution that gives you incredible live insights into individual energy assets.

If you are trying to demonstrate to stakeholders where you need to make changes or where they have been effective, our two energy effciency monitoring solutions equip you with greater knowledge of your opportunities.

It only takes three steps:

1. Review

  • We’ll start by looking at your current consumption patterns and equipment, analysed by our team of experts.

2. Profile

  • Next, we’ll build your energy profile based on your business-unique energy usage. We’ll suggest changes and improvements to behaviours and technologies that can make a real impact. We call this PowerReport.

3. Monitor

  • Take your energy efficiency to the next level. Hardware installed on your site monitors consumption down to each asset or circuit. Take continuous energy readings and transmit them to a cloud based platform called PowerNow.

Our business energy-efficiency solutions


Our remote energy monitoring tool PowerReport is an analysis of your business’ energy efficiency. A rapid solution that gives you the quickest overview of all your sites. Its analysis is based on your energy consumption data, crossed with external data about the building such as weather or building type.

This is non-intrusive with no sensors or site visits required, meaning there is little contribution needed from you if you are on supply with us. We’ll provide insight into your energy profile, savings recommendations and estimated cost savings.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick results: Assessments are done remotely, so you can see results sooner.
  • Constructive analysis: Insight across your site or whole portfolio. Choose to focus your efficiency efforts on sites where the business case is strongest – without going beyond the meter.
  • Advice: Receive implementation advice from experts to help you be more energy efficient.
  • Savings: Translate analysis into financial savings.
  • Wider objectives: Forward-looking. Could help you be more sustainable and innovative.


PowerNow is a live energy monitoring solution, giving you visibility of your consumption at an asset level. Using hardware onsite, we take continuous energy readings and transmit them to a cloud-based platform where you can stream data in real time. You can access this online platform from various devices including computer, tablet or smartphone.

This is a detailed solution that gives you live insights into individual energy assets for ongoing improvement, working together with EDF Energy to implement energy-saving measures for your business.

What are the benefits?

  • In depth analysis: Specific pieces of equipment within a particular building or site.
  • Real-time data: Report to management in real time with the user-friendly platform accessible on multiple devices.
  • Strategic advice: Experts to help you create an energy efficiency strategy with clear recommendations and advice.
  • Savings: Translate analysis and advice into financial savings based on customised reports.
  • Wider objectives: Forward-looking. Could help you be more sustainable and innovative.
  • Progress checks: Review progress with an energy expert every quarter.
  • Validation: Using a before and after data set of your equipment, validate a project’s return on investment.

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