Convenience is key, says E.ON in new drive to promote the freedom of electric motoring

Last updated: 24th October 2018

Cost and carbon savings from electric vehicles are well accepted by motorists but getting more EVs on the roads will depend on making the infrastructure more convenient and customer-friendly, said E.ON today as it launched a new campaign to promote the 'freedom' of alternatives to petrol or diesel driving.

With electric vehicle targets in the UK set out until 2050, E.ON is working hard to promote the decarbonisation of transport by expanding its network of superfast charging stations across Europe and into the UK. By doing so E.ON hopes to remove barriers for widespread use of electric vehicles and continue to support a future with zero carbon emissions.

New research from E.ON1 reveals that two-thirds of Britons (61%) say electric vehicles will help them save money on fuel compared to petrol/diesel vehicles and 56% agree that electric vehicles are better for the environment.

Despite the positives, the survey found that in the UK, 70% of people would not consider buying an electric or plug-in hybrid for fears of running out of power (41%) with a further 34% noting a lack of electric vehicle charging outlets near where they live.

Electric vehicles have moved on quickly from being an innovation to the mainstream. But despite their growth in the market, they still need to overcome barriers such as flexibility, range and availability of charging points in public spaces and workplaces.

As part of E.ON’s commitment to expanding its charging network across Europe, the global energy brand is challenging outdated observations about electric vehicles with a new film, entitled ‘Freedom is Electric’ featuring a line-up of custom Hot Rods, 210mph superbikes, prototype hyper-cars, and a monster truck. These mean motors all have one thing in common – they’re electric.

Set against a barren desert landscape, the film features a range of cars and bikes – and the world’s only electric monster truck – all traditionally perceived to be gas-guzzling machines. In reality these are all converted or new-concept electric vehicles running on volts rather than fossil fuels and charged using E.ON’s fast-charging points, which are accessible in thousands of locations across Europe and coming soon to the UK.

Charged using E.ON’s fast-charging technology, which is available in thousands of locations across Europe and is soon coming to the UK, the entire shoot including all the filming equipment, camera rigs, tracking vehicles and drones were electrically powered to further promote the versatility and ability of electric vehicles.

Listen carefully, and you’ll also notice something unusual about the sound of the engines – they’re made by electric guitars, painstakingly imitating the sound of V8s to hoodwink the audience into believing they’re real combustion engines.

Anthony Ainsworth, Global Head of Marketing at E.ON, said: “By bringing together these amazing vehicles and their equally passionate and inspiring owners we wanted to get people to reconsider what they think they know about electric vehicles, how they view energy and what they think about E.ON and its moves to be a force for change in energy.

“Our aim is clear, to remove the perceived barriers of electric vehicles to really help improve the electric future for our customers. We are doing this by developing a growing network of charging points throughout Europe; whether at home, at work or on the go, from the city to the mountains. We are investing in superfast charging technology including the first superfast charging station in Germany, being installed later this year, meaning EV becomes easy and drivers can get back on the road quicker than ever before.”

E.ON has extensive experience in e-mobility. In Denmark, for example, one of the most advanced e-mobility markets in Europe, the company operates around 2,500 charging points and is expected to see more than half a million charging transactions across its network by the end of this year.

In October, E.ON started setting up charging networks in Britain and Sweden and will begin offering local authorities as well as business customers a variety of e-mobility products such as integrated charging systems and pricing plans.

In the UK E.ON has already launched a new tariff for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners which uses energy purchased from 100% renewable electricity sources. The new tariff offers customers access to a competitive day rate, and a night rate priced 33% below the day rate for use when many electric and plug-in hybrid car owners will choose to charge their vehicle.

E.ON’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is part of a range of innovative new solutions for customers including solar and battery storage technology, smart appliances and intelligent homes. As a business E.ON has invested over £2.4bn in renewable technologies in the UK over the last six years and has also begun to develop solutions to cover the provision and installation of charging points for UK businesses.

For behind the scenes footage around the creation of the ‘Freedom is Electric’ film, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews introducing the vehicle owners and their stories called ‘Meet the Voltheads’ and E.ON’s Europe-wide charging network visit

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