Demand Side Response

Last updated: 24th December 2020

Be flexible with your energy use. Get rewarded.

What is DSR?

Businesses on a Demand Side Response (DSR) scheme commit to reducing or shifting their energy consumption when UK electricity demand from the Grid threatens to exceed supply. 

Using our innovative PowerShift platform, businesses who can be flexible with their consumption are rewarded for shifting or reducing demand, or by making capacity available through onsite generation, when needed. DSR creates opportunities for flexible businesses to earn revenue by supporting National Grid in times of peak demand or system stress. We help you scope out the energy-saving potential in your existing assets, identify the right scheme for you and get your business DSR-enabled. Once this is done, you can start earning.

What are the benefits of DSR?

  • Unlock untapped revenue from your existing assets, whilst also helping to fulfil your sustainability goals.
  • Valuable insight into your energy consumption patterns, helping you improve the energy efficiency of your business.
  • Some DSR schemes such as Firm Frequency Response and the Capacity Market enable your business to be paid just for making capacity available to respond to events. This means your assets would still be generating revenue even where they are not required to deliver.
  • By reducing your consumption, you’ll also be saving on your energy bill.

 Why is Demand Side Response needed?

Two of the current challenges facing the UK electricity market are:

Quantity: the margin between peak demand and supply is at historic lows not seen since the industrial revolution due to the closure of fossil fuel power stations (

Quality: increased reliance on renewable energies with fluctuating outputs such as solar and wind makes it harder for the National Grid to balance supply and demand.

What does it cost to get set up?

We will supply and install our DSR enablement equipment at your site(s), meaning your business could get started at DSR with little to no upfront cost. Any costs incurred will be netted off from revenues and spread over the lifetime of the contract. If your business is looking to export electricity from on-site generation to the grid, then there could be costs associated with getting an export connection set up. In this case, we can support you through the application process and co-ordinate with the DNO on your business’ behalf.

Find out more on our Webpage dedicated to DSR:

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