Free workshop: Understanding your energy data and what it can tell you

Last updated: 28th September 2021

When was the last time you scrutinised your utility invoices? Are you paying too much? Too little? This is an essential workshop for anyone responsible for managing their organisation's utility bills.

We recently saved a client quarter of a million pounds in fictitious water consumption. The combined factors of no energy manager, no meter reads for three years together with a change in supplier billing processes and the absence of water meter loggers created the perfect storm for a £425,000 invoice, of which £250,000 was fictitious consumption!*

This one hour workshop will help anyone responsible for managing utility bills to:

  • Understand their energy bills
  • Know how to look for savings on fixed charges/non-commodity items
  • Know how to access their energy data
  • Understand normal patterns of consumption
  • Recognise unexpected and excess consumption
  • Understand about data quality for carbon reporting
  • Minimise costs and maximise efficiency.


  1. What is energy management?
  2. What is your bill telling you?
  3. What data is available and what do you need?
  4. How can you use data to optimise consumption?
  5. How can your data be used for carbon reporting?

This workshop will be useful to any organisation or any size, but particularly those who do not have an energy manger in post and where perhaps the finance manager/bursar/estates manager/facilities manager has the responsibility for managing energy.

The workshop will be delivered by one of JRP’s senior sustainability and energy consultants, Wendy Cheeseman. Wendy is a highly qualified, experienced and award-winning professional who has worked extensively for the last 14 years for both private and public organisations. She is a passionate believer in eliminating needless energy consumption as a priority before moving on to efficiency and generation projects and has an infectious enthusiasm for using data to drive efficiencies.

Register now for this free workshop or email jane.stanbridge@jrpsolutions to arrange a free review of your energy data by one of our specialists.

*The remainder was late payments fees (eventually) removed and £165,000 ‘catch-up billing’. (This is when you are billed against estimates which turn out to be far less than actual consumption and once an actual read submitted a hefty bill ensues.) This caused a myriad of woes from a hole in budgets as there had been no accrual for the amount left to pay, to concerted attempts to engage with utilities’ key account managers who responded with legal challenges before reviewing the evidence our team put in front of the supplier

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