Goonhilly Earth station saves 10% through Energy Insight solution

Last updated: 22nd August 2019

Goonhilly Earth Station installs 165 sensors to deliver real-time insight into energy consumption and drive efficiency.

> 165 sensors transmitting real-time energy data

> 10% expected energy savings

Meaningful insight into energy use

Goonhilly Earth Station is a pioneer in the satellite communications industry. In recent years, the 164-acre site has branched into data centre services, deep space communications and high-tech manufacturing – all of which have made heavy demands on its energy consumption. The organisation needed an effective way of monitoring usage, with the insight to make actionable changes.

Improving operational efficiency

As part of its £19m Local Energy Market (LEM) trial in Cornwall, Centrica Business Solutions has installed 165 sensors across the Goonhilly site. The wireless, self-powered sensors monitor the flow of electricity and deliver energy information to an online analytics platform that can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Energy Insight solution, Panoramic Power, improves operational efficiency, uncovers new growth opportunities and reduces business risk. Goonhilly is one of the largest Energy Insight installations in the UK.

The results

Goonhilly says the data from the Energy Insight solution will lead to an immediate 10% reduction in energy consumption across the site. Longer term, the visibility of real-time insights and the granular detail of the monitoring are expected to promote cultural change and drive continued reductions.

“The Energy Insight solution lets us see exactly how the business uses energy – right down to device level,” says Kevin Wilkes, Satellite Communications Engineer, Goonhilly Earth Station. “It gives us the energy intelligence we need to reduce wasted power and improve operational efficiency.

“We can immediately identify parts of the site that are consuming the most energy, including the heating of our corridors and the archive room where we need to keep the heating on to protect documents.”

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

The Energy Insight Solution, Panoramic Power, is comprised of self-powered, wireless sensors that transmit real-time data from energy-using equipment to the Centrica Business Solutions cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar. The intelligence driven by this data enables Goonhilly to:

> Have real-time visibility and understanding of power usage

> Identify inefficiencies and wastage through smarter data analysis

> Reduce energy bills and enables it to redirect budget

> Extend the life of equipment through predictive maintenance alerts

Learn more about Centrica Business Solutions IoT enabled energy insight technology

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