The 4D Process

Last updated: 14th March 2022

The 4D process delivers meaningful change - because we DO what we SAY. We have applied our expertise in customer insight, business consultancy, change management and sustainability to develop a rigorous process for programme development called 4D. Tailored to the specific challenges and objectives of your business, this four-stage process will explore and synthesise both commercial and consumer perspectives and deploy robust ROI modelling tools that ensure the right change decisions.

The process also acknowledges that sustainability itself will be interpreted differently by various stakeholders within an organisation, that buy in can be difficult to translate into organisational behaviours and to maintain in the face of more immediate commercial imperatives. That’s why we apply a high degree of rigour to the process ensuring every stakeholder sees the value and strategic target we are aiming for. 

The 4Ds

DIAGNOSIS Assessing existing and future commercial potential of sustainability actions within your business is the first step of the process.

DISCOVERY Step 2 is to focus on your customers and explore the role, relevance and impact of sustainability in their lives and on their perceptions of your brand.

DEVELOPMENT Step 3 brings customer, business and market perspectives together to identify the routes most likely to lead to meaningful change and deliver maximum financial benefit.

DELIVERY In the final stage of the process, we work with you and your employees to activate the programme, measure its progress, evaluate its impact and ensure it’s embedded as business as usual.

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