Vodafone engages employees worldwide to cut carbon with RedLovesGreen

Last updated: 6th January 2020

Vodafone aims to build a digital society that enhances socio-economic progress, embraces everyone and does not come at a cost to the planet. “We have committed to improve 1 billion lives and halve our environmental impact by 2025” Vodafone recognises climate change as ‘one of the most critical global challenges facing humanity’. In response to this threat they have publicly committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and purchase 100% of the electricity they use from renewable sources by 2025, in addition to committing to a range of targets against the SDGs.

Key Successes

11,000 employees worldwide following the RedLovesGreen campaign

1,700 employees have completed energy awareness eLearning

22 countries engaged


Employee engagement – untapped potential

Employee engagement is crucial for any business wanting to achieve their carbon reduction targets. By taking a strategic approach to engagement, companies can establish a shared ownership of targets and ensure that everyone plays their part.


With over 100,000 employees globally, Vodafone recognises how crucial their people are to achieve these targets – “We cannot achieve our commitments without our people. We need every one of our employees to believe in our purpose. And we need to be held accountable.”


Launching the RedLovesGreen Programme


Vodafone was looking for innovative ways to engage colleagues across their global operations and encourage them to consider the targets in their day-to-day decisions.


To achieve this, Vodafone partnered with Carbon Credentials to develop and launch the RedLovesGreen campaign. RedLovesGreen was launched as an identify for all energy and climate related communications. Communications was and continues to be a huge catalyst in maintaining engagement.


The campaign aims to raise awareness of the actions that the business and individual employees can take to reduce energy, and encourage changes in behaviour that collectively will have a significant impact. These include simple habit changes such as switching off equipment that’s not in use and also wider culture changes, such as encouraging difficult conversations or questioning decisions.


In just one year, RedLovesGreen has attracted over 8,000 followers in 22 countries worldwide and led to over 100 individuals signing up to become Energy Gurus.


Key Benefits



Employees are regularly interacting with the campaign and sharing their positive stories.



Creative communications inspire action and promote change at Vodafone.



Developed a clear plan of communications activities every 12 months



The Programme in Action

Our design experts create interactive communications material to regularly engage employees on the RedLovesGreen social media group. This is used to catalyse their support and encourage behaviour change. It provides a central space to share success stories, news updates, tools and information.

Since launching, the global social media group has attracted over 8,000 followers who engage regularly on this topic and the campaign has reached many more globally through other channels.


The programme has gone further to ensure Vodafone’s employees are informed by providing an energy awareness e-Learning module which has already been completed by over 1,700 employees worldwide. This module aims to improve their understanding of energy usage and its role in reducing carbon emissions.


Vodafone’s Central Energy Team has also launched an Energy Gurus community – a group of energy efficiency advocates worldwide who inspire others to take action and make a change.


With over 100 Gurus already signed up, there have been a number of ‘community’ led initiatives suggested and implemented including:- investigating the possibility of an internal carbon calculator for employees, reducing packaging for phones, communicating Vodafone’s solar panel projects, and sharing best practice energy efficiency examples.


Maintaining momentum

Our engagement experts support Vodafone to keep up the momentum by creating quarterly newsletters and comms packs for all employees and for the Energy Gurus. This helps maintain interest and supports the Energy Gurus in developing their own communications. It also provides a space for best practice advice, to answer common questions and report on Vodafone performance. These open and dedicated communication channels ensure that Vodafone employees are kept up to date on the company’s targets and that they are well engaged in the process.


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