What else could your organisation do to improve energy efficiency and sustainability?

Last updated: 2nd September 2019

Organisations often believe they have made all the efficiencies they can, but often they've only just picked the low hanging fruit. There is ALWAYS more that can be done! Here are some ideas and advice from energy and sustainability experts with decades experience working across all sectors and industries.

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So you think you’ve made all the energy savings you can?

There is ALWAYS more an organisation can do to demonstrate continual improvement – typically 25-40% more savings can be made! This is going to be even more critical going forward if this country is going to meet the Government’s carbon targets. The scope for energy consumption savings, both technical and behavioural,  is immense, maybe even 80% and we are far from getting anywhere near to this! Read more here.  

What is the cost of energy inaction?

Failure to implement energy saving opportunities can have a significant cost to an organisation.   Inaction ignores the stresses to the business posed by rising energy prices, ignores increased costs associated with production growth, ignores the profit or investment potential of any savings realised and also ignores the social gains of reduced environmental impact. So how can this message be communicated effectively? Read more here.

How sustainable is your organisation? Do you need a Sustainability Health Check?

If you are considering the best way for your organisation to set and achieve sustainability goals, our Sustainability Health Check provides objective support and is a great place to start.

Is your BMS saving money?

It would be wrong to assume that building management systems manage energy efficiently; most are wasting vast amounts of energy! Following a BMS healthcheck and system optimisation at Leeds university substantial energy savings were made. Read more.

Are you getting best value from your FM or ESCO provider?

An audit of services, a ‘Provider Audit’, can be a very effective way to interrogate the appropriateness or otherwise of a facilities management or ESCO provider and can identify improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of any arrangements. This is what Toyota did. Read more.

How do Vodafone and Severn Trent Water manage 1000s of energy projects?

The way energy projects are managed can have a significant impact on the output. An holistic approach to energy project management is essential to enable an efficient, effective, prioritised approach that maximises savings. This is how Vodafone and Severn Trent Water do it. Read more.

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