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Is your company taking a pragmatic approach to sustainability?

Are retailers punching above their weight yet on sustainability?
Customers are increasingly demanding retailers raise the bar on environmental and ethical standards, but what degree of enthusiasm is there within the sector to step up to the challenge?

Has the new Government energy efficiency strategy offered up fresh incentives for your business?

Will the re-election of Barack Obama put climate change back on the global agenda?

Does your business have a crisis plan set in place to counter the effects of extreme weather conditions?
As Storm Sandy batters business in the US, closer to home, edie research has revealed that by 2032, four times as many businesses could be at risk of flooding in the UK.

Should corporate sustainability strategies be peer reviewed?
Sainsbury's has conducted a crowdsourcing exercise on its 20 by 20 sustainability plan to find out where its weaknesses and strengths lie. Should other companies follow suit?

Water Industry View
Should AMP investment cycles be extended from five to eight years?

Which area of resource efficiency will you be targeting over the next 12 months?
Business leaders have identified four key areas on the sustainability landscape where action needs to be taken. Which one is most pressing for your organisation?

Ed Miliband failed to address the green economy in his much lauded speech this week.
Will this lose the Labour Party significant support from the Green sector?

Are woman in the driving seat when it comes to your company’s sustainability agenda?

Who is not buying into corporate sustainability?
Within your organisation,where do the biggest staff challenges lie in pushing forward a sustainable agenda?

Zero Waste Week: a rubbish pledge?
As national Zero Waste Week gets underway, how worthwhile are initiatives like this in terms of influencing behaviour change when it comes to crunching down on our waste?

How important is personal autonomy in effecting environmental behaviour change in the workplace?
Last week the Nationwide and the Carbon Trust announced a new tool that aims to help 15,000 of its staff cut their carbon footprints with measures such as advising on teleconferencing instead of travelling to meetings.

Will the shale gas boom have a negative impact on renewable energy?
Professor Paul Stephens of Chatham House told edie last week: “There was previously an assumption that shale gas would act as a substitute for coal, however, now there are increasing worries that it could act as a substitute for renewables.”

Do the higher collection targets for e-waste go far enough?
New laws require EU member states to recycle 45% of electrical and electronic equipment sold from 2016, rising to 65% in 2019

Water Industry View
The Water White Paper ‘lacks ambition and urgency’ according to the Efra parliamentary committee. Do you

Who is the biggest EfW winner of the ROCs review?
Energy-from-waste is one of the sectors that has gained from DECC's response to a review of the Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) subsidy banding - but which technology stream will profit most from the new levels?

Is the ROC delay hurting your business?
The Government is stalling over making a decision on subsidy levels for renewables, but how damaging is this for energy firms?

What will the water industry reforms bring to your business?
This week Defra released its draft Water Bill in a bid to improve competition in the market and drive innovation. But how do you see your business benefiting from the proposed reforms?

Is it time for a more radical approach to sustainability?
Thought leaders are hailing the advent of a new trend - disruptive innovation - claiming it can revolutionise the green agenda. What do you think?

Water Industry View
Can water contracts be won on best through-life costs?

How important is water footprinting to your business?
Register now for's free webinar entitled 'Water: The forgotten impact? Understanding water use, measurement and management' on June 13th.

Have you entered the Sustainability Leaders 2012 Awards yet?
Entries for the awards, brought to you by edie and Sustainable Business magazine, need to be submitted by 15 June - you can find out more here

Will we need two earths by 2030?
A report from WWF claims that humanity is using up to 50% more resources than the planet can provide – what’s your view?

What drives your business to report on sustainability?

What area of sustainability do brands need to get to grips with?
The sustainability agenda is a wide one, but what is the most pressing issue keeping brand leaders awake at night?

Who is to blame for drought hit Britain?
Do you agree that UK drought in the midst of heavy floods is due to water mismanagement by suppliers?

Does the Government need greater ambition to drive renewables growth?

Water Industry View
Is the water industry doing enough to tackle drought?

I've seen the future of waste-to-energy and it is ...

Flying solo - should Scotland become independent?
Would Scottish independence have a “detrimental” effect on the UK’s energy security and climate change targets?

Should supermarkets be truthful about the food they waste?
Three out of the big four supermarkets have refused to divulge how much food they throw away each year. Should they be made publicly accountable for this?

Where's the win in the new Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) competition?
The Government has unveiled plans to revive its £1bn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) competition. Which of these is it most likely to achieve?

Is the carbon reporting delay putting your business under pressure?
Mandatory reporting on greenhouse gas emissions was expected to come into force next month - but the Government has failed to reach a decision on this. How is the uncertainty affecting your business?

Water and the corporate agenda
In the wake of World Water Day - where does water come on your company's sustainability agenda?

What next for the Carbon Reduction Commitment
Do you agree with claims by business leaders that the Carbon Reduction Commitment is 'overly complex and burdensome'?

Is PRN reform needed?
Is PRN (packaging waste recovery note) reform required to support higher government packaging targets?

How can the UK tackle drought?
Is a north-south pipeline laid along the HS2 rail link an effective way to ease future drought crises?

What next for solar subsidies?

Will Decc's Supreme Court appeal create further uncertainty for businesses looking to invest in solar?

How can supermarkets best reduce food waste?

What do you think of Ed Davey's plans for the energy sector ?
In light of Ed Davey's assertation that: "There may have been a change at the helm, but there'll be no change in direction or ambition." Are you

What do you think of water bill increases?
Do you think the increases in water bills are fair and acceptable for business users?

Do you think WEEE compliance costs are too high for producers?

Should controversial Glyndebourne wind turbine have been built?
Frozen Planet presenter, Sir David Attenborough, officially started a wind turbine at Glyndebourne recently. However, the scheme just made it though the planning process, but do you think it should have been allowed?

What can the waste industry expect in 2012?
Which of the following outcomes do you think is most likely for this sector over the next 12 months?

Did Greg Barker deserve a heckling?
Energy minister Greg Barker was heckled as he spoke to solar industry leaders this week. Did he deserve it?

What is the meaning of resource security?
The new buzzword in the waste sector is resource security - but do you know what it means?

Does the Water White Paper place priority in the right places and does it go far enough?
Response to the Government's Water White Paper has been largely supportive, with the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) saying it places "priority on the right issues for actions", but does it go far enough?

Will reuse grow in importance as resource security becomes more critical?

Is the Autumn Statement 'colour blind' to green issues?
The Government's Autumn Statement is 'dangerously colour blind on the green economy', according to Green Party MP Caroline Lucas - is she right?

Can the Isle of Wight become a net energy producer?
The Isle of Wight is aiming to go green and become an exporter of energy, but is that possible?

Water Industry View
Industry and the Government should work to establish a fair and competitive market for organic waste treatment as soon as possible.

Was the CRC league table worth the wait?
After a series of delays the CRC league table was finally published this week. But, with all the changes and the removal of the revenue aspect was it worth it?

FITs cuts have your say
Cuts to the Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs) have shocked the industry, but are they justified or not?

Is the UK building too many residual waste treatment facilities?

What should Courtauld 3 aspire to?
Indications are that the next phase of the Courtauld Commitment will focus on product design and lifecycle impacts. Do you agree?

Will Scotland achieve zero waste by 2025?
The Scottish Government has unveiled regulations that will legislate for a zero waste society by 2025, but is it an ambition too far, too soon?

How many councils will revert back to weekly bin collections?

Will recycling black plastics improve mixed plastics recovery?
Recycling black plastics and other complex polymers may soon be feasible due to breakthrough trials during the reprocessing stage. Will this have a significant impact on capturing more of the mixed plastics waste stream going forward?

Water Industry View
The OFWAT review has marked the beginning of the end for "boom and bust" AMP spending.

What is the biggest barrier to building more waste facilities?

MPs set to battle over FITs
MPs are set to battle over changes to Feed-In Tariffs (FITs), will this lead to any changes?

Should solar or battery industry launch a lead take back scheme?
New research shows lead pollution caused as a direct result of the solar PV industry expansion is set to rise, but who should recycle it the solar industry or the battery side?

Is collaboration the way forward to capture more of the UK's waste stream?
Manufacturing giant Unilever is seeking to work with a local authority to boost mixed plastics recycling rates - should this type of partnership approach be adopted more widely?

Are landfill sites bad for your health?
New research claims landfill sites are not bad for your health, do you think this is right?

Are planning changes a step too far?
The Government is simplifying planning rules to boost the low carbon economy, but are they doing the right thing?

Will carbon dating help the case for ROCs in energy-from-waste plants?
OFGEM has approved a new carbon dating technology for energy-from-waste installations, enabling operators to claim renewable obligation certificates (ROCs). Do you think this will lead to a greater uptake of EfW for renewables?

Energy White Paper - flop or the future?
Energy minister, Chris Huhne, has unveiled his Energy White Paper but do you think he will transform the market?

Energy channel poll: Changes to the CRC are they worth it?
The Government has changed the CRC, a little, but business is unimpressed. Do you think the changes are worth it?

Tell us what you think of the new edie!
edie has been relaunched to focus on our three main channels of energy, waste and water, you can tell us what you think by taking this brief survey about the new look site, and telling us whether you like it yourself below.

Is an Energy Efficiency Directive the right step forward?
The European Commission is proposing to introduce a new Energy Efficiency Directive to increase the efficiency of energy generation from waste plants by making combined heat and power (CHP) with district heating the default option. Do you think this will have the desired effect?

Is £10M enough to lead an AD green energy revolution?
Funding to the tune of £10M to boost investor confidence in new anaerobic digestion facilities across England will be made available in a special government loan fund - will this be enough to encourage uptake of AD?

Councils asked to up their game on waste collections
Environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, has watered down plans to restore weekly bin rounds and instead asked councils to sign up to a waste and recycling services commitment. Is this a better option?

Are you concerned with rising energy costs?
ScottishPower has whacked its gas prices up by 19%, do you fear other energy suppliers will follow suit?

Should councils be given cash to reinstate weekly bin collections?
Rumours are circulating that councils will be offered up to £100M in funding to return to weekly waste collections under the Government's forthcoming Waste Review. Do you agree?

Should the Green Investment Bank have borrowing powers from day one?
Deputy PM Nick Clegg has given the latest details of the Green Investment Bank. While the bank will begin investing in 2012 it will not be able to borrow until 2015.

Should the bank have borrowing powers immediately?

Is 2011 the year of wind?
A small scale wind turbine builder thinks FITs will cause a surge of funding for wind as business dumps solar due to funding fears, so is 2011 the year of wind?

UK slips on WEEE is it a blip or is worst to come?
The UK is sliding down Europe's top WEEE recyclers list but is it just a blip?

Do you think there will be hosepipe bans this summer?
Industry figures are
ruling out hosepipe bans and water shortages
despite the boiling start to 2011's summer.

Do you think there will be hosepipe bans this summer?

Do we need extra funding with a Green Bank looming?
It has got no where near the same money, but a deal between the Carbon Trust and Siemens will see up to £550M offered for environmental work. But with a Green Bank looming is this a good idea?

Is this the end for 'best before' labels
The Government looks set to scrap 'best before' dates on food. Is this a good idea or should we just use more common sense when it comes to throwing away food?

Are the Olympic Games failing to be green?
The 2012 Olympics will miss its target of 20% of its energy coming from renewables.

Do you think the Games are failing so far to live up to the ambition to be the greenest Olympics to date?

Is shale gas being held back by secretive DECC?
MPs on the influential Energy and Climate Change Committee have accused DECC of 'retarding rather than advancing' the cause of shale gas by holding behind closed doors meeting with industry figures, do you think that's right?

Do you back a nuclear power future?
Sir David King has released his report backing expansion of the nuclear industry do you agree or disagree with his views.

Should the UK abandon nuclear power?
Japan's nuclear reactor problems resulting from the tsunami disaster have brought the safety of nuclear power to the top of the agenda again.

Should the UK abandon nuclear?

Will the Carbon Plan tackle emissions effectively?
The government has published its draft Carbon Plan setting out the timetable of action to move to a low carbon economy.

Will this tackle emissions effectively?

Will the government's sustainable business plans work?
The coalition government has published its vision for sustainable development.

Do you think the measures will work?

Is cinema tickets for recycling scheme good investment?
Hard up students are being offered free cinema tickets for swapping drinks cans in a recycling scheme. Is this the best use of Governnment funding?

What do you think of Bill Bryson's railyway litter campaign?
Author Bill Bryson has launched a campaign against rubbish dumped on railway tracks, but is it the right problem to tackle?

Should NI Water be privatised?
NI Water has been accused of failing on a 'monumental scale', due to its handling of Christmas and New Year water shortages is it now time to privatise it?

Can wind energy renew Belfast?
Belfast, a city reeling from the property bubble burst, could renew itself with wind power but is £40M a good spend for the future?

Should cadavers be used as a source of renewable energy?
A council has revealed plans to use the energy from burning bodies to power a swimming pool. Do you think this is a good renewable source of energy or a step too far?

What gets your vote TEQs or a carbon tax?
A high profile launch in Westminister this week has put TEQs back on the agenda, but do you like the rationing system or favour a carbon tax?

Would you live next to an incinerator?
Protestors in Plymouth say a planned energy-from-waste incinerator is potentially polluting and an eyesore.Would you be happy to live next to one?

The CBI says changes to the CRC have created uncertainty.
Do you think the government should revise the CRC?

Was the outcome of COP 16 successful?
With a non-binding agreement in place but no legislation, do you think COP 16 was successful?

Is 'tweet a leak' a gimmick or the future?
Thames Water is asking customers to report leaks by twitter. Is this just a gimmick or a useful way to contact utility companies?

Is it worth holding COP 16 at all?
After last year's disappointing COP meeting, many people think no successfully legally binding deal will come out of this year's COP 16. Is it worth holding the conference at all?

Will emissions drop again next year?
The results for 2008-9 showed emissions dropped by 1.3%. Do you think there will be a further drop in next year's results?

Is the private sector doing enough for the green cause?
Environmental legend Tony Juniper feels the private sector is not doing enough for environmentalism is he right or are businesses not shouting enough about their work?

Do you agree with the Lighter Later Campaign?
Do you think we should change the clocks to have more hours of sunlight in the evening?

Does the new Green Deal go far enough?
The Green Deal offers homeowners the chance to green their properties and get money off their energy bills - but does it go far enough?

Was the spending review good for you?
Will the spending review help the green economy or strangle it?

Is Greenpeace action against cuts a stunt or making a stand?
Greenpeace scaled the Treasury this week in a protest against cuts, was it a worthwhile action or was it just a stunt?

Does Adnams plant signal start of UK AD revolution?
Renewable gas from waste is taking off with a range of firms developing plants. The latest is brewer Adnams who started sending gas to the grid last week, does this mark the real start of a UK AD revolution?

Huhne pledges to raise UK renewable power output will he manage it?
Energy and climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, has pledged to lift the UK out of the bottom three of renewable power generators by 2015 can he do it?

New parents not won over by green nappies
The waste industry is still facing a sticky problem, as only 5% of parents reuse nappies. Should more be done to promote them or not?

Are water firms dealing with complaints better?
Water companies in England got less complaints last year with a 17% fall, but are they getting better at dealing with complaints or have people given up moaning?

Ground source heat pumps flop
Ground source heat pumps have flopped in a year long UK test, so now what's next for the technology? Should more investment be put into it, or should we focus on more proven technologies like wind?

Will drug violence damage COP16?
Almost 30,000 people have been killed in Mexico's drug wars since 2006, and now with the murder of six women and two men in Cancun, where COP16 is due to be held, is the country safe to host a COP meeting?

Does it take a tragedy to get people thinking green
New Orleans is being rebuilt with greener technology, but does it takes a Katrina level tragedy to get major urban areas to go green?

Are fizzy drinks firms getting greener?
As sugar packed Sunny D pledges to go zero waste are fizzy drinks firms getting greener?

Will COP16 get a result?
COP16 is looming into view but a legally binding agreement appears unlikely, but there's always a chance and edie will be following it all the way. Do you think COP16 will work?

CRC scheme - less than 50% sign up
With less than half of the organisations required to not signed up for the CRC scheme is it still on course? Tell people your views below.

Tell us your views on the London bike hire scheme
It has not gone off without some problems but London now has a cycle hire scheme. Have you had a go, will you try it and what did you you think? Feel free to comment below.

Is back to the floor good business or just PR?
The boss of one of the biggest waste and recycling firms has gone back to the floor to see how his firm is run. But will it change anything or is just PR?

Is anaerobic digestion about to boom?
Drinks maker Adnams is claiming a UK first by becoming the first brewer to open an AD plant. Is this the start of a wave of AD plants or will red tape and NIMBYs stop them in their tracks?

Lord Redesdale: 'I'll get rid of Ofwat'
Lord Redesdale has attacked Ofwat and promised to get 'rid of it by the end of the year'. Is he right to attack the water watch dog or should he mind his own business.

Will cable car offer London a low carbon future?
London mayor, Boris Johnson, is hoping a cable car will give the Olympics a low carbon transport boost. Will people rush to try it or walk straight by it?

Are the arts right to take BP cash?
Funding for the arts from troubled oil firm BP has come under fire this week but is it wrong for hard pressed galleries to take BP's cash?

Is the emergency budget a good thing for the environment?
George Osborne has announced his first budget, but with increases in landfill tax, a Green Investment Bank and a promise to look at aviation taxes - was this the start the 'Greenest Government ever' had promised us, or not.

Is the 2010 a green World Cup?
The 2010 World Cup got underway in South Africa last week. But is the19th World Cup a green event?

Is the EA right to ban staff from flying?
The Environment Agency is to ban staff from taking domestic flights, will this make for a better agency or put its work at risk?

Do extreme weather events prove the climate is changing?
World's hottest year ever, UK's coldest May and the worst floods in living memory hit Poland. Signs of climate change or just another day in the (records) office?

Will new UN climate head do a better job than de Boer?
Christiana Figueres, daughter of a former president of Costa Rica, is the new executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Is she a breath of a fresh air or will she struggle to deliver more than her predecessor Yvo de Boer?

What does the future hold for the UK's first Green MP?
In an historic move the UK has elected its first Green MP with Caroline Lucas taking the seat of Brighton Pavillion. Does this signal a new era of greener voting or is a fluke?

Is waste management about to run into a crisis?
One of the UK's leading voices in the waste industry has warned that we're running into a perfect storm where waste arisings will outstrip our capacity to deal with them. Is he right?

Which of the main political parties is the greenest?
All three of the main political parties are fighting for green votes and they had a heated debate at Sustainabilitylive! last week. But who has your green vote?

Waitrose pulls milk cartons
Easy to recycle cartons have failed to grab the public's attention and have been pulled from the shelves of supermarket Waitrose. Is this a wise financial decision in the face of a lack of consumer interest or a step back?

Can Europe really be 100% renewable in 40 years?
PricewaterhouseCoopers says Europe and North Africa can switch to 100% renewable energy as soon as 2050. Is this a realistic aspiration or a pipe dream?

Is rewarding recycling a good use of tax payers' money?
The Borough of Maidenhead & Windsor has become the first local authority in the UK to offer all residents a recycling rewards scheme. Is this the best way to increase recycling rates?

How do you rate the budget's green credentials?
The UK budget promised a green investment bank and other measures to help the growth of environmental business. But was it any good or just empty gestures?

Do green builds damage wildlife?
The RSPB has claimed green buildings are destroying nesting spots for swifts. Do you think green buildings should take more account of wildlife?

Will you mark Earth Hour next weekend?
Lights are due to be switched off around the globe on March 27 as part of what could be the biggest Earth Hour ever. Will you be turning off your electrics too?

Restaurants plan to go green
UK restaurants have come together to set up a green group to promote environmentalism. Would you be more likely to eat in a restaurant if you knew its green credentials?

Was Yvo de Boer right to quit?
The UN's climate chief Yvo de Boer has quit his post amid frustration over lack of progress at the COP15 climate talks. Was it the right thing to do?

BA is building a waste to fuel plant - is this the dawn of green aviation?
British Airways has announced it will open Europe's first waste to jet fuel plant, is the start of green aviation or a publicity stunt?

Do more powers = better enforcement for regulators?
The Environment Agency and Natural England have been given new powers to tackle crime. Will it make much difference on the front lines?

US cuts green watchdogs funding is this a sign of things to come?
President Barack Obama has trimmed funding for his environmental watching the EPA. Is this the start of world-wide cuts to public green services or basic book balancing?

Can we cut building emissions fast enough to meet targets?
Some worrying statistics were published this week showing that existing buildings are likely to put the kibosh on the targets outlined in the Climate Change Act unless drastic measures are taken. So are we up to the challenge?

What do you think of the 'Primark Effect'?
Leading MPs have called on UK firms to fight the so called 'Primark Effect', and be more sustainable. What do you think about that - should throw away fashion be banned or do we have a right to cheap clothing and other items?

England gets its first marine protection zone what do you think?
The government has created England's first marine protection zone and another three are on the way. Are these zones worth the money and effort or are they just a PR stunt?

What are your environmental hopes for 2010?
It's a new year and, as ever, the environment will be high on the political agenda.
With a general election and COP16 on the agenda, what will be the big green story in 2010?

COP15 gives us the Copenhagen Accord was it worth it?
COP15 is over and there has been no deal on climate change and only a Copenhagen Accord.
It seems like China blocked any real deal as world leaders struggled to agree the accord so looking back should was it worth it?

Has COP15 been worth it?
COP15 is almost over and a deal looks far off.

As ministers battle to save it do you think it's been worth it?

COP15: How's it going so far?
There's been blanket coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Talks over the past week, one edie and elsewhere. Does the future look rosy or bleak?

Less than a week to COP15 will it work?
There's now less than a week until world leaders go to Copenhagen for key environmental talks. But, with all the political spin will anything come out of it?

Tories promise green backing if they win the next election
The Conservatives have made their bid to win green votes at the next election by promising a green investment bank, ISAs and paying people to recycle is this the way forward or election spin?

Should we have more than two children?
A leading environmental group has called on couples to have no more than two children and said benefits should be taken away from those who have more. Is this fair comment or an attack on personal freedoms?

Is Ed Miliband right to go for nuclear?
Ed Miliband face possible legal action over plans to fast track the planning system and is under huge attack for going for nuclear power despite protests. Has he made the right choice?

Can we seal the deal at COP15?
With a month to go until the COP15 talks it seems like progress is being made, but is it enough to seal the deal?

Solve the housing crisis through remediation
The Concrete Centre wants us to invest in new ways of cleaning up land so we can build more house on it.Is this the right way to go?

Will more remediation solve housing crisis
The Concrete Centre is calling for more land remediation to solve the housing shortage.

Are you ready for the CRC?
Do you feel well prepared for the Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Efficiency scheme? Are you au fait with the revisions and confident your organisation will make a good showing in the league table?

Are you ready for the CRC?
The Carbon Reduction Commitment will affect over 5,000 organisations in the UK when it comes into force next year. Are you ready?

Bonn climate talks appear to fall flat - could Copenhagen go the same way?
Disappointingly is seems the Bonn climate talks were bogged down by paperwork and have achieved very little real change.

Does it matter as this was not 2009's main climate event or does this mean the Copenhagen summit in December will turn into a damp squib?

Is weeing in the shower a valid conservation technique?
Brazilian environmentalists have launched a TV ad campaign calling on people to urinate in the shower to save the water wasted by flushing the toilet. Is this an effective water conservation strategy?

Is the UK renewable sector in danger of becoming over-reliant on offshore wind?
A leading voice from the tidal power industry has expressed concerns that Government is putting all its eggs in one basket by supporting offshore wind at the expense of other technologies. Is this fair comment or is Government right to back the leading horse?

Should the Government nationalise Vestas wind turbine factory and save 600 jobs?
The Government has announced £1bn of funding for wind power, but has so far refused to intervene to save the country’s only significant manufacturer of wind turbine equipment.

No targets for walkers or cyclists to London 2012 games
The Government has admitted it has not put in place any targets for convincing people living in London, whether just for the Olympics or permanently to walk or cycle to venues.

Should communities ban bottled water?
A one-horse town in Australia has banned the sale of bottled water because of its environmental and economic implications. Several public sector organisations have already done this around the globe. Is it right to target bottled water for its environmental sins?

Are wealthy countries going to deliver what's needed at the Copenhagen climate talks?
This week dozens of the world's richest states signed up to an agreement that commits them to 'greening the recovery' from recession. Does this promise great things in the run up to the Copenhagen climate talks in December or is it empty rhetoric?

Should more effort be made to recycle all our plastic waste?
WRAP has announced funding for trials to recycle items such as margarine tubs, which are often sent to landfill.

Is Japan's position on cutting carbon reasonable?
Japan has set itself more modest carbon targets than Europe but says it will make these cuts internally, without relying on overseas offsetting projects. Is this a reasonable stance or is it the overall level of carbon reduction all that matters?

Is the Green Party the best of the bunch for the environment?
The Green Party had mixed results in this week's European elections. Are they the best bet for the planet, or would one of the main parties make better environmental stewards?

Vouchers are being offered to convince residents to recycle
Windsor and Maidenhead Council
is offering vouchers for local and national business in order to convince their residents to recycle. It’s, according to the authority, the first time such a scheme has been run in England but is it the way forward?

Should Ofwat be scrapped?
The director of British NGO Waterwise has called for the water industry regulator Ofwat to be replaced by a new body that offers incentives to individuals and companies that take saving water into their own hands. Has he got a point?

Can a city cut carbon emissions by switching to a vegetarian diet?
The Belgian city of Ghent has declared it will go veggie for one day every week as part of its effort to cut carbon. Is this an effective way to reduce emissions of just a gimmick?

Will energy meters reduce climate change or are they simply a political gimmick?
Every home in the UK is to be fitted with a 'smart energy meter' to monitor power use and hopefully reduce bills.

Is a weak economy a valid reason to cut climate projects?
Plans to limit emissions have been shelved for at least a year as the Australian Government focus on economic recovery. Is this a cop out or the inevitable cause of economic circumstances?

Is the British government right to pursue carbon capture and storage?
The British government has said it is behind a new generation of coal power stations so long as they are fitted with carbon capture and storage technology. Can coal be clean?

Government promised a green budget. did it deliver?
Today's budget was given a billing as being green, but was enough done to help companies working in the environmental sector?

Should the western world bail out developing nations on climate change?
Developing nations say the industrialised west should foot the bill for their climate change mitigation projects. Do you agree?

Should carbon capture and storage be part of the package of measures we use to fight climate change?
Scientists have moved forward in their understanding of carbon capture and storage but should we be developing these technologies to help us tackle climate change, or will they encourage us to burn more coal?

Is universal water metering the right answer for the UK?
The Environment Agency says the UK needs near-universal water metering to help avert a future water crisis. Will water metering help reduce consumption or simply hit poorer families in the pocket, as some consumer groups have claimed?

Should we spend more on trees and less on roads?
UK think tanks are advising Government to spend 10% of its budget for upgrading the road network on tree planting and green spaces. Is this a good idea or bad use of taxpayers' money?

Could renewables meet 50% of the world's energy demand by 2050?
Scandanavian research published this week suggests that half the world's energy demand could come from renewable sources by 2050. Is this realistic?

Is refurbishment a better environmental solution than new build?
There are clear advantages to both an environmental overhaul of existing buildings and reducing the impact of new ones from the foundations up. But which offers the biggest wins for the environment in the long run?

Should Government consider taxes or other legislative drivers to cut waste from plastic bags?
UK retailers have reported success in reducing the waste from carrier bags through voluntary measures. Should government intervene with legislation to speed up the process?

Do we need a new Green Claims code?
Will Government's green claim code add to consumer confidence or just add another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy for business?

Is Greece right to say no to new coal and nuclear power plants?
This week the Greek government said it would not back nuclear or coal plants and would streamline funding for renewables. Is this a good idea?

Should French aircraft carrier the Clemenceau be dismantled in the UK?
The saga of the ghost ship the Clemenceau has been rattling on for years. It was turned away from Indian yards because it was 'too toxic' and they lacked the facilities to dismantle it. On the plus side, its recycling is a massive task that will provide the industry with jobs and income. So are we right to take it?

Did you brave the elements and make it to work?
Many parts of the country ground to a halt on Monday as Britain was hit by snow storms. Millions failed to make it to work as transport was hit by the weather, or the lure of taking a day off to build snowmen proved too strong. But did you make it in to work?

Is a tidal barrage in the Severn Estuary desirable?
Government has just published a shortlist of five potential renewable energy schemes for the River Severn. Three of the five are tidal barrages. Is this the best way to harness the river's energy?

Now that Obama has become the US President, is the future greener?
Unless you have been in hibernation for the past few months, edie readers cannot fail to have noticed that Barack Obama has been inaugurated as the US President this week, replacing the man many environmentalists referred to as the Toxic Texan. Obama has made a lot of promises to create a greener future for America, but will he live up to them?

Did a UFO really take out that turbine?
Keen environmentalists such as yourselves can't fail to have noticed press coverage of a wind turbine in Lincolnshire that's been mysteriously mangled. So cast your vote and join the debate. Is a UFO the most plausible explanation?

Will you be greener in 2009?
It is that time of year when we all make plans to improve ourselves and our lifestyles in the year ahead. But did your New Year's Resolutions include commitments to be more environmentally friendly in 2009?

Is it possible to have a green Christmas?
With all that rampant consumerism and extra waste being generated anyone would think Christmas is an environmental nightmare. Can you be green without turning into Scrooge?

Should the industrialised world pay developing countries to conserve their natural resources?
The UK has announced £100m to encourage poorer nations to manage their forests sustainably. Should this kind of initiative be more widespread?

Will the EU thrash out a deal that benefits the climate?
EU leaders have been debating the long-awaited climate and energy package. Will they overcome the political obstacles and thrash out a planet-friendly deal?

Can the UK cut greenhouse gases by 42% by 2020?
The Government's Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the UK aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 42% compared with 1990 levels in the next 12 years. Will we achieve this target?

Should we fluoridate our mains water supply?
Hampshire councillors have voted against the advice of health professionals this week and decided not to fluoridate the water supply in Southampton. Do the benefits of fluoridation outweigh the potential risks?

Could the gloomy economic outlook actually be good news for environmental industries?
There's a school of thought that says environmental industries might actually benefit from the economic downturn, as companies eye opportunities to improve resource efficiency. Is this true?

Will the US presidential election affect the environment?
President elect Barack Obama has promised great things for the environment. Will his election make a real difference?

Would looking at the bills make you cut your company's costs?
Sustainable business experts Envirowise have urged companies to disclose to their employees how much they spend on energy, water and recycling to encourage workers to stop being wasteful. Would you waste less at work if you knew how much it cost your company?

Did you make changes in Energy Saving Week?
Last week was the twelfth Energy Efficiency Week in the UK. But did this initiative prompt you to make any changes to the way you use energy at home?

Are 80% GHG reductions achievable?
New Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has announced that Government will accept the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee and commit to 80% reduction of greenhouse gases - including aviation and shipping - by 2050. Are these targets realistic?

Should forestry be included in carbon trading schemes?
Should the role of forests as a natural carbon sink earn them credits in future carbon trading schemes?

Will a new government department help the UK to tackle climate change?
Gordon Brown has set up a new Department for Energy & Climate Change in an effort to show voters he's serious about the environment. Will it help the UK reduce its emissions?

Do publicity campaigns promoting green behaviour work?
Government is funding a series of TV ads promoting energy efficiency in the home. Do these kind of campaigns influence public behaviour?

Is the UK Government right to back nuclear power?
Business secretary John Hutton has pledged support for a new generation of nuclear power stations. Is nuclear power needed to help us meet our energy demands?

Green driving tests
The DfT has announced that the driving test could include advice on greener driving techniques, although it will not affect the outcome of the test. Do you think test candidates should learn about environmentally-driving driving?

Are solar panels a green herring?
According to a guide published by RICS, it will take over two centuries for electricity-generating solar panels installed on your roof to pay for themselves. So is money spent on photovoltaic panels money wasted?

Can science save us from climate change?
Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and scientists have been busy developing possible solutions to the climate crisis. Can a technical fix save us from the worst ravages of global warming?

Should we be exporting waste for recycling?
A report from a Government-sponsored agency suggests that exporting waste to China for recycling is better for the environment than landfilling it at home. What are your views?

Do you find the new edie live features useful?
Edie is evolving - we've added social networking, TV interviews and an innovative online conference to the site. We value your feedback and would like to hear if this will be useful to you.

Do climate change activists do the cause more harm than good?
The Kingsnorth Climate Camp led to a flurry of activist actions in the South of England this week.

Is coal still a necessary evil?
Should the UK continue to build new coal-fired power stations?

Electric car revolution?
Boris Johnson has announced he will boost the number of electric car charging points in London and electric cars are going down a storm at the British Motor Show. Would you consider switching to an electric car?

Would you switch to video conferencing to cut your carbon footprint?

Business urged to avoid flights - Businesses across the world should switch to video conferencing to cut emissions from transport. Read more...

Should people be offered cash incentives to recycle?

Tories call for good recyclers to be paid - Households should be paid for recycling in a bid to boost the UK's recycling rates, the Conservatives have said. Read more...