Will we need two earths by 2030?

Will we need two earths by 2030?
A report from WWF claims that humanity is using up to 50% more resources than the planet can provide – what’s your view?
Yes, I plan to spend my retirement in space
No, I'm staying put - we'll sort it
I won't live that long to care

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The survey results will form the basis of a major new report which will be launched at edie’s Sustainability Leaders Forum on 4-5 February 2020edie is calling on all business leaders and sustainability/environment professionals across all sectors of UK Plc to take our flagship annual Sustainable Business Leadership survey, which will help inform a major new report investigating the state of business leadership in 2020.
When accounting for all available NDCs from the 191 Parties, the report warns that a “sizable” increase in emissions of around 16% will occur by 2030Nations must redouble planned climate targets if the world is to meet the minimal threshold of the Paris Agreement, according to a new UN report warning that while emissions are being reduced, the pace of progress is falling behind required rates.
The survey found that 65% believe governments are failing young peopleA global study of more than 10,000 young people aged 16-25 has found that a perceived failure from governments and nations on climate action is leading to cases of distress and anxiety, with some feeling future generations have been "betrayed" by inaction.
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