Which area of resource efficiency will you be targeting over the next 12 months?

Which area of resource efficiency will you be targeting over the next 12 months?
Business leaders have identified four key areas on the sustainability landscape where action needs to be taken. Which one is most pressing for your organisation?
Carbon footprint

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The plastic-free range (pictured) is designed to help shoppers create a three-course meal. Image: IcelandIceland has claimed that its Christmas range of food and drinks for 2019, which includes 18 plastic-free lines, contains 97% less plastic than its 2017 range.
Key hurdles cited were a lack of finance, lack of resources, and confusion over which issues to prioritise A survey of more than 9,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors has found that 96% want to improve their environmental and social practices - but that most are struggling to deliver this change due to a lack of funding or resources.
Nestlé, Walmart and Borealis join the more than 400 organisations that have signed up to the New Plastics Economy Global CommitmentThe world's largest food company, Nestlé, and the world's largest retailer, Walmart, have joined chemicals company Borealis in becoming Core Partners to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy.
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