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Inline Filters for Sewage and Wastewater Odour

Activated Carbon for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

We hold extensive stocks of high-performance coal and coconut-based Activated Carbon formulated to meet the rigorous demands of Commercial Kitchens Extraction Systems.

NOx Filter Systems for New Build Residential Schemes

Our competitively-priced NOx Filter Systems are designed to combat indoor air NOx (NO and NO2) pollution in residential buildings.

Carbon Filter Housing for Ducted Systems

The AAC Swiftpack Carbon Filter System is a competitively priced Carbon Filter housing solution designed to enable the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters to be installed in new or existing ducted systems.

CRaFT: The Carbon Reduction & Feasibility Tool

The increasing urgency of the climate crisis means that businesses are under growing pressure to set ambitious emissions reduction targets. With only a closing window of time remaining for adequate action, it is really important that we set these targets, but also that we have a robust strategy for achieving them.

Full disclosure: a guide to TCFD alignment

Since their release in 2017, the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) have been transforming the corporate disclosure landscape.

Climate and the value chain: a roadmap for Scope 3 emissions reductions

As the window for adequate climate action continues to narrow, Scope 3 could be the key to the radical change needed to meet our climate goals in time.

A to Zero: a transformational Net Zero programme

Introducing A to Zero. Evolved from over 15 years of supporting businesses to manage their climate impacts, it is specifically designed to guide any organisation on its unique journey to Net Zero and beyond, unlocking the commercial value along the way.

Nando’s becomes the first restaurant group in Europe with an approved science-based target

Nando’s is the first restaurant group in Europe with an approved science-based target, and, while conscious of the scale of the challenge ahead, Nando’s will achieve this goal by an absolute reduction in emissions, as opposed to through carbon offsetting. Nando’s started its sustainability journey many years ago and has already achieved key milestones, including reducing the carbon footprint of a meal by 40% since 2015 and donating over 2 million meals to local charities through the No Chuckin’ Our Chicken program.

Wangen spare parts

Wangen Spare Parts Genuine OEM Parts Rotor / Stator / Cardan Shaft / Mechanical Seal Wangen Positive Displacement (PD) Progressive Cavity pumps. Since it was founded in 1969, WANGEN PUMPEN has continued to grow, expanding from its beginnings as a small family business into a medium-size company with a workforce of over 250 employees. Wangen's continued growth is due to our continued commitment to deliver products and services which adhere to the highest quality requirements expected by our customers. Wangen Bio Mix Pumps used to transfer solids and liquids including Maize, Food Waste, silage etc into the Digesters. Geniune: Wangen Spare Parts Large quanities UK Stock UK Stock for Same or Next day delivery Wangen Pumps complete with the BIOMIX SYSTEM. Great International success in the harsh environment that it is designed for. Excellent solution in Biogas plants Call Today: 01785 851240

The Planet Mark Toolkit | Water Consumption

In the UK, water companies supply millions of litres to residents and businesses every day. However, as water shortages become more prevalent around the globe, businesses and individuals have a responsibility to balance personal needs and that of society as a whole. In the UK, business accounts for 25% of total water use. This guide is intended to help equip and encourage businesses to use water efficiently and empower their employees to do the same.

Wangen X-Unit Macerator

Complete system for debris removal and substrate cutting The WANGEN X-UNIT is employed in every case where foreign bodies and debris from pumped media must be separated out and cutted: • Biogas plants • Biowaste utilisation • Stable application in agricultural technology • Liquid manure technology vehicle construction • Municipal waste water treatment plants Modular structure The WANGEN X-UNIT consists of the two modules X-TRACT and X-CUT. Both components are available separately and are optimally co-ordinated with each other as an X-UNIT. Increased process safety through removal of system-harmful foreign bodies and debris with the aid of the foreign body separator X-TRACT and the cutting unit X-CUT. Optimum adaptation of the cutting unit to the medium easily possible.

Series Connected Pumps Deliver Improved Pumping Efficiencies for High Head Pumping Applications

Reducing energy demands in municipal wastewater infrastructure continues to grow in importance, including wastewater collection systems. In high-head pumping applications that result from long force mains or high static heads from hilly terrains, the designer and municipality must evaluate numerous factors to efficiently overcome friction losses and achieve installation with reasonable capital costs.

New PISTA® VIO™System Improves Removal Efficiency Compared to WWTP’s Detritors

Part of a 2016 expansion project, the Elkhart Wastewater Treatment Plant improved its grit removal efficiency and wet weather capacity by installing PISTA® VIO™ Grit Chambers in existing detritor grit basins. Unlike the other technologies considered, the PISTA® VIO™ allowed utilisation of existing infrastructure in addition to providing improved efficiencies and capacities.

Digital Sustainability Events Calendar 2020

Keep up to date with the latest virtual sustainability events with The Planet Mark’s digital events calendar. The best part? Once you have accessed the document online we update it weekly with the best of sustainability’s virtual webinars, workshops, networking sessions and presentations, so you don’t have to.

Webinar: Tackling Single-Use Plastics

Since you have been reading this sentence, 800,000 plastic bags have been produced globally. Around the world, five million tonnes of plastic are used annually, while 50% is known as single-use plastic. Unnecessary plastic is impacting our marine life, livestock and makes its way into our food chain. So much so, that the average person consumes 70,000 microplastics each year. Is your business positioned to turn the tide on plastic pollution?

Collaboration Cloud (iCIM and iPIM)

Bring your ICL project to life through data visualisation across a community or portfolio.

New and Extended Penstocks Range from Glenfield Invicta. Leaders in Penstock Solutions.

At Glenfield Invicta, our reputation has been earned by ensuring that not only is the right solution chosen at the inception stage but that the right product is installed correctly, avoiding costly delays and frustrating callbacks for problems with leakage or faulty operation.

Bredel, Apex and Qdos Chemical Metering Pumps

In a critical sector like drinking water supply, utilities and municipalities need to know that the equipment they are using is safe and fit-for-purpose. An industry first as chemical pumps meet NSF 61.

Q&A: Getting The Grit Out With Hydraulic Forced Vortex Systems

For wastewater treatment operations at water company treatment plants and industrial sites, grit can be a major problem. If not addressed properly, it can gather in balancing tanks, digesters, clarifiers, and aeration basins, requiring expensive removal by staff. Operations rely on grit removal systems to keep this from happening, but not every technology is made the same. To weigh the options, we sat down with S&L Ltd's Andy Hornabrook.

Surface Mounted Lift Station Eliminates Confined Space Access for Hospital Workers

Tough-to-access submersible pumps complicated life and increased costs for maintenance workers at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, United Kingdom. But the EVERLAST™ Surface Mounted Pump Station eliminated dangerous maintenance, saved operation costs and will last a generation or more.

Demineralised Water

Industrial processes and energy production require the highest quality standard of demineralised water. If high quality, low conductivity, demin water is essential for your process then Evides Industriewater is one the World's most experienced and reliable partners, supplying over 2,500 cubic metres per hour at our combined plants.

Glenfield Invicta Provide Solution for Challenging Installation - Damflask Reservoir

Damflask Reservoir is located in the Loxley Valley, 5 miles to the west of Sheffield. Completed in 1895, Damflask is one of four reservoirs built at that time to supply water to both the local population and the heavy industries for which Sheffield was famous. Damflask features an earth embankment dam with a clay core, a design often referred to as a ‘Pennine embankment type'.

The Planet Mark Webinar: The Power of Individual Action

At The Planet Mark, we believe that harnessing the best of people, technology and nature can drive real change. By engaging employees in sustainability and embedding it in the heart of daily work life and company operations, it can transform a strategy on paper into measurable carbon reductions.

Revenue Recovery

The way in which energy supply chain charges are levied has changed dramatically since market deregulation in the early 90s. There are currently over 1,000 combinations of data that can make up a final invoice. Your bill includes various charges within the supply chain including, but not limited to, generation, transmission, distribution and meter operator charges.

Compliance: SECR

Powered by qualified and certified Energy Assessors, we will not only collate, evidence and report your mandatory ESOS and SECR obligations, but harness the data to take action to reduce your energy consumption by building a strategy for carbon reduction that is effective and lasts.

Energy and Carbon Optimisation

The Energy and Carbon Optimisation turn energy data and compliance into tangible opportunities to reduce carbon, consumption and energy costs.

The Planet Mark Webinar: How to begin the business journey to net zero carbon:

Join Steve Malkin, CEO of The Planet Mark, Judi Havelock Zeroby30 Programme Lead, and Mark Bird, Health, Safety & Environment Director at Childbase Partnership on the 1st July as we explore how organisations of all sizes can ensure longevity for people and planet by developing a roadmap to net zero carbon.

How to Protect Your Product Line with Gensuite Quality Management Software

With rising consumer and stakeholder expectations, how is your company able to retain and improve overall product quality? Organizations continue to see an increase in pressure not only to uphold industry standards and customer expectations for quality, but also meet evolving compliance requirements, such as ISO 9001, TS, AS9100 and GMP. To avoid issues with product quality, companies leverage software that simplifies the experience of managing production.

NO2 Filters for Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA)

AAC Eurovent has been a market leader in NO2 Filters since 2012.

NOx Filters for Horizontal and Vertical Airflows

We design and manufacture a full range of competitively priced NOx Filters for new build and retrofit residential, commercial, and educational projects with horizontal and vertical airflow.

NOx (NO and NO2) Filter Systems for Effective Indoor Air Pollution Control

Air pollution arising from NOx - Nitric Oxides (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) - in our densely populated cities is the focus of considerable media attention. With an increasing number of UK Local Authorities declaring Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), the quality of the air should be of concern to us all.

How Tesco became the first corporate in the world to set a 1.5 degree science-based target

Carbon Credentials supported Tesco to set a 1.5 degree science-based target based on robust analytics and practical recommendations.

How we became the world’s first zero carbon company to have our climate goal approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative

“We’re walking the talk on sustainability and showing first-hand the benefits of aligning sustainability to business value by setting science-based targets.”

How we helped Pukka Herbs become the first company of its size in the UK to have an approved science-based target

In 2018 Pukka became the first UK company of its size, and only the 13th in the UK, to have its emission targets approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

How we saved Village Hotels over £1 million and 4,500 tonnes of carbon

Since the start of 2017 Village Hotels has worked with Carbon Credentials to formulate and then successfully implement a strategy that would enable Village Hotels to realise substantial energy savings by focusing on both people and data.

Embedding Positive Environmental Behaviour at The Jockey Club

Behaviour change at The Jockey Club as they race to go green.

Waste Water Re-Use

After treatment, waste water is normally discharged to rivers or the sea. But with sustainability becoming more and more important in our society and the very real threat of a shortage of fresh water, there is a growing interest in the re-use of (waste) water and in closing the loop of the Circular Economy for Water. Evides Industriewater's pioneering research and development team have made this happen on a huge and commercially viable scale for our clients in the Netherlands.

FAST® Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment System

The patented FAST® Process stands for "Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment," a fixed-film, aerobic treatment system (fixed bed biological reactor) designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, FAST® consists of tankage packed with completely submerged media. The FAST® media creates a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which, combined with internal settling zones, maintains constant bacterial growth during low-flow and peak usage. This results in stable operation on a daily basis. FAST® comes available in factory-built or field-installed modules, providing high performance treatment in a minimal space. The popular Modular FAST® arrangement handles smaller, variable flows generated from onsite applications, including schools, small developments, commercial and public facilities, and hospitality venues such as hotels, camps, and restaurants. No daily operation is required. FAST® provides significantly improved performance over traditional leach field and septic tank systems, especially when a nitrification/denitrification component is specified in permit or effluent requirements.

TITAN MBR Membrane Bioreactor

Delivering the Best MBR Experience The enhanced TITAN MBR™ Membrane BioReactor treatment system delivers the industry’s best operator experience with the greatest ease of operation and maintenance of any MBR through superior high performance flat sheet membranes, easier component access, intuitive graphical touchscreen PLC controls, smart advanced data monitoring and communications, reduced process complexity, and a streamlined membrane clean-in-place process. It is designed with a stable process tailored to your permit requirements, and capable of achieving superior effluent quality and Title 22 (CA, USA) approved water reuse. The TITAN MBR™ features a robust system design with stainless-steel componentry and streamlined electrical layout with an operator friendly wire management system. The treatment plant will arrive in a complete and compact factory-built system with significantly less field assembly for even swifter installation and start-up. The TITAN MBR™ will provide you with the lowest cost of ownership, best available technology and lowest O&M, creating your best value.

EVERLAST® Surface Mounted Pump Station

Smith & Loveless Inc.’s above-ground wastewater pumping stations pave the way for end-users to reap the benefits of robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realised savings—verified by decades of successful installations. S&L’s next generation EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations perfectly embody this philosophy. Featuring the top S&L innovations, new looks and enclosures, convenient package options, and leading warranty protection, EVERLAST™ is designed to provide you a long, successful pumping life.

Catch up with the Inspired Energy On-Demand Event

From 11th - 15th May 2020, Inspired Energy hosted an all-new, completely digital On-Demand event.

Climate change: Making your business a force for good

Are you considering improving your sustainability performance or looking to start a sustainability programme for your business? We can empower you in a way that will really make a difference – to your business, your people and the world around you.


Glenfield Invicta supply package of works

Wastewater Filtration Systems – Activated Carbon

We hold extensive in-house stocks of low cost granular (GAC), extruded, pelletised, specialist impregnated, and acid washed Activated Carbon.

Dust and Odour Control in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations

We offer bespoke filtration solutions for the effective Dust and Odour Control in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations.

A behaviour change programme

Anglian Water are conducting a unique experiment, using the town of Newmarket as a test bed for new products, services and innovations. As part of this, they asked us to help design and implement a behaviour change campaign to encourage people in the town to save water.

A behaviour change programme

Anglian Water are conducting a unique experiment, using the town of Newmarket as a test bed for new products, services and innovations. As part of this, they asked us to help design and implement a behaviour change campaign to encourage people in the town to save water.

Particulate Matter Filters – PM 2.5 Removal from Indoor Air

We supply high efficiency, moisture-resistant PM 2.5 filters.

Odour Control Filters for Kitchen Ductwork Systems

The AAC Swiftpack System incorporates the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters into a compact housing that delivers a high-performance odour control for new or existing ductwork systems.

Contaminated Land Remediation for Odour and Fume Control

AAC Eurovent Ltd manufacture high-performance Carbon Filter Systems for Odour and Fume Control in contaminated land remediation projects.

Carbon Panel Filters for Odour Control & VOC Removal in Solvent Fume Extraction Systems

We design and manufacture a full range of standard and bespoke refillable Carbon Panel Filters for organic and inorganic odour control and VOC removal in solvent fume extraction applications.

Carbon Filter Vessels for Solvent Fume Extraction Systems with High Odour and VOC Component

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel is designed for use in solvent fume applications with concentrations of between 5ppm-50ppm, where large quantities of Activated Carbon are required.

Drum Filters for Fume Extraction Systems

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter Vessel is a single use Carbon Filter that provides excellent fume removal capability in low flowrate fume extraction applications with maximum flow rates of up to 250m3/hr.

Carbon Filter Housing for Fume Extraction Systems

The AAC Swiftpack Carbon Filter System is a low-cost filter housing designed to enable the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters to be installed into fume extraction projects with new and existing ducted systems.

Carbon Filters for Siloxane and Hydrogen Sulphide Removal in Biogas Engines

We design and manufacture Carbon Filter solutions for the efficient removal of Siloxane and Hydrogen Sulphide from Biogas engines.

Drum Filters for Organic and Inorganic Odour Control

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter is a robust Carbon Filter designed for the effective removal of organic and inorganic odour. This includes ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulphide from air or gas streams in low flow rate applications.

Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Extraction

We design and manufacture market leading Odour Control Systems, formulated to deliver high performance odour, smoke, and grease reduction in Commercial Kitchens.

Passive Ventilation Systems for Odour Control and Hydrogen Sulphide Removal in Sludge Holding Tanks

The AAC PV600 is a high-performance Passive Ventilation System designed to efficiently remove Hydrogen Sulphide and control odour in Sludge Holding Tanks.

Carbon Filter Housing Designed to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

The AAC Swiftpack Carbon Filter System is a flexible, modular carbon filter solution designed for projects with new or existing ducted systems.

Electrostatic Filters for Food Processing Factories

The AAC ESP 6630 Electrostatic Filter delivers a cost-effective smoke and grease reduction solution for Food Processing applications with ducted systems.

Leading the charge on health & safety

Glenfield Invicta has achieved ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management certification, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification, following a successful verification audit in March. These accreditations are recognised globally and represent the highest standards of occupational health and safety and environmental management.

AVK Smart Water - Reducing Pump Usage by 22 Hours a Day

Water Company reduces pump usage by 22 hours a day following the installation of groundbreaking AVK Smart Water Pressure Management Device.

Qdos Peristaltic Pump

Treatment chemicals - the largest cost to water companies

From Reporting to Engagement

We’ve been Virgin Media’s strategic and creative partner for sustainability and corporate responsibility since 2010, when we created their first digital CR report. We’ve been helping them find engaging, innovative ways to communicate their story ever since.

From Reporting to Engagement

We’ve been Virgin Media’s strategic and creative partner for sustainability and corporate responsibility since 2010, when we created their first digital CR report. We’ve been helping them find engaging, innovative ways to communicate their story ever since.

Good Thinking CR & Marketing Integration

Our brief was to support the development of Aviva’s new global brand proposition. We were asked to create a global positioning and communications strategy for their responsible business strategy.

Good Thinking CR & Marketing Integration

Our brief was to support the development of Aviva’s new global brand proposition. We were asked to create a global positioning and communications strategy for their responsible business strategy.

The Planet Mark Home Worker Package

The Planet Mark Homeworking Package is for employers and employees who will be working from home and self-isolating during the current health crisis. It is designed to help you bring out the best in your people, technology and nature. In the pack, you can find top tips for reducing carbon and bills; ways to connect with nature, including tips for adults and activities for kids; resources for linking up with local communities; and more.

Use Gensuite to Manage Your Environmental Remediation Projects

Environmental remediation management is becoming a more discussed issue every year. To aid in the ever-growing efforts of environmental remediation, Gensuite has software to help manage your company’s clean-up and restoration projects.

Chemical Management Made Simple with Gensuite Software

When dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals, tasks like labeling and reporting are of utmost importance to maintain workplace safety and compliance as outlined by regulatory standards such as OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard.

White Paper: Ensure Product Compliance and Supply Chain Continuity through a Single, Integrated Solution

Driven by regulations and consumer demand, product compliance and supply chain engagement are crucial for a sustainable business. But complying with new regulations, maintaining engagement with thousands of suppliers, or even the introduction of new products can be challenging for any organization.

White Paper: Navigating & Implementing Environmental Management Standards for ISO:14001

The ISO 14001: 2015 is a standard that lays out what’s required of an environmental management system. The goal is to help an organization improve their sustainability, reduce waste, save money, and overall – gain a competitive advantage by becoming ISO certified.

Supply Chain & Sourcing Transparency with Gensuite Product Stewardship Software

How can your company meet growing consumer demand for supply chain and sourcing transparency?

Improving Workplace Safety with Gensuite Frontier Technology Software Integrations

What if you had leading-edge frontier technology integrations at your fingertips to improve workplace health, safety, quality, and more – to enable a streamlined, modern approach to workplace management?

How Gensuite Can Improve Your Environmental Remediation & Compliance Programs

In today’s climate, it’s more important now than ever to manage your company’s environmental impact and remediate any threats. Gensuite software streamlines the process with intuitive applications and consolidated dashboards that help you achieve environmental sustainability success and manage environmental compliance.

Legal Compliance as Part of HSE Management Systems Excellence White Paper

Over time, significant changes have been made to international standards that keep those wanting to stay in compliance with these certifications on their toes. What is being required by updating Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) laws is evolving considerably and it can be challenging for companies to stay certified; however, there are solutions that are up to the task.

Improve Your HSE Program with Gensuite’s Award-Winning Audit & Compliance Assurance Software

Being up-to-date with inspections is made easy when done collaboratively. Gensuite offers their award-winning Audit & Compliance software that allows you and your employees to work together to meet applicable regulatory and certification requirements for your organization.

Heat Metering Systems from LanTen

At LanTen we deliver low cost, risk free Heat Metering Systems to Landlords who deliver energy to their Tenants through a community energy network. Our wireless heat metering solutions are suitable for new residential properties and for retro-fit to existing properties where Landlords may be experiencing problems with collection of payments from Tenants.

Qdos pumps used extensively for polymer dosing in wastewater treatment

Chemical Support Systems Ltd (CSS), which has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned over 2,000 chemical dosing systems worldwide, opts for Qdos pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) in polymer dosing in wastewater treatment applications. Moving forward, this usage looks likely to increase as more effort is made to reduce the presence of phosphorus wastewater, which remains the most common cause of Water Framework Directive (WFD) quality failure in the UK. CSS has been established for 30 years as a Cheshire, UK-based electrical and mechanical engineering company. Although the company undertakes work in most areas of engineering, its specialist knowledge and expertise is as a major supplier of chemical dosing equipment across a variety of industries, including water treatment.

Discover the ROI of Sustainability & Energy Management Software

What if you could reduce your company’s carbon footprint and resource utilization – while saving money?

Turbo Carbon online carbon reporting tool

Turbo Carbon™, the one-stop digital resource for carbon reporting. UL's Turbo Carbon™ is a purpose-built tool that drives the carbon reporting process in a simple, fast and affordable way.

A step change on climate action and an innovative road map towards Net Zero

How is your organisation preparing? This is how the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has made a step change on climate action through an innovative road map towards achieving Net Zero.

A step change on climate action and an innovative road map towards Net Zero

How is your organisation preparing? This is how the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has made a step change on climate action through an innovative road map towards achieving Net Zero.

Sustainable Luxury - GPA Global luxury packaging uses Turbo Carbon reporting tool

GPA Global, a company that specializes in custom product presentation centered on bespoke packaging and displays, has been committed to sustainability since its formation. Through initiatives such as supporting community horticulture projects and sourcing environmentally preferred materials in their products, sustainability has always been part of the way GPA does business. To take their efforts to the next level, GPA recently launched an initiative to measure the carbon footprint of their manufacturing sites and provide recommendations on how the footprint can be reduced.

Odour Control Systems

Dry scrubbing systems are available for low challenges when the minimum of maintenance is required. The Odorgard wet scrubbing process is suitable for higher air flow rates and challenges. High H2S streams can be pre-treated with CIF vessels or biofilters followed by SulfaTreat dry scrubbing.

Activated Carbon for Odour Control in Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

At AAC Eurovent, we hold vast stocks of high-quality coal and coconut based activated carbon for odour control applications in commercial kitchen extraction systems.

Odour Control for Commercial Kitchen Extract Canopies and Ductwork – Ozone Generators

The Xtract series of high-performance ozone generators are tested to the EN13725:2003 standard and are designed to deliver effective odour control and grease reduction in commercial and industrial kitchen extract canopies and ductwork systems in a single unit.

Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Air Handling Units (AHUs)

The AAC Swiftkit System is designed to enable air handling unit manufacturers to install the AAC PR range of carbon filters into their commercial kitchen air handling units.

Skeleton Frames for Odour Control in Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems with Air Handling Units

The AAC Skeleton Frame is designed to enable the AAC PR range of carbon filters to be quickly and easily installed into the air handling unit of smaller kitchen extraction systems.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction and the AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell Media Filter System is designed for use in commercial kitchen extraction systems where carbon filters are installed for odour control and grease reduction.

London City Airport

We finance, own, operate and maintain London City Airport's existing electricity network. Through optimum asset management, maintenance and replacement, we ensure that the airport maintains supply resilience to support its daily operations and help it achieve its sustainability ambitions.

Bulk Carbon Filters for Solvent Fume Extraction Systems with Low to Medium Flow Rates

The AAC BFV Bulk Filter Vessel is suitable for solvent fume removal projects which require large quantities of activated carbon and have low to medium volume flowrates with a high odours/VOC’s.

Drum Carbon Filters For High-Performance Fume Extraction

The AAC DFV200 Drum Filter Vessel provides excellent solvent fume removal capability in applications with maximum flow rate of up to 250m3/hr.

Carbon Filter Systems for Fume Extraction with Air Handling Units

The AAC Swiftkit Systems and the AAC Skeleton Frames are carbon filter systems that are designed for new and retrofit fume extraction systems with Air Handling Units (AHU’s).

Odour Control and VOC Abatement for Solvent Fume Extraction in Laboratory Fume Cupboards and Clean Rooms

AAC Eurovent has over 30 years’ experience in the delivery of market-leading air filtration systems.

High Speed 1

We were commissioned to design, construct, operate and maintain the electrical infrastructure of HS1, the UK’s first major railway constructed in over a century and its first high-speed railway. The project was delivered on time and on budget, within a contract that extends for 50 years after the start of railway operation.

UPS Smart Electric Urban Logistics project

We implemented new smart electric vehicle charging systems to power UPS’s central London delivery fleet for what is believed to be the first of its kind in the world on this scale.


A Case Study on a Swedish company which sells consumer equipment (speakers/headphones) in different EU markets and how we helped them to register quickly in other EU markets in order to comply with producer responsibility legislation.

The most effective individual actions to help tackle climate change

Do you know your biggest carbon impact area? Choose your commitments from our infographic of top carbon saving actions for individuals to kickstart this Decade Of Action