Range of new solutions launched at Torbay

In the July issue LAWE featured many of the new products and developments that were on show at the CIWM annual exhibition at Paignton within our RCV and Street Cleansing features. In this final round up from Torbay LAWE reports on other exhibits that caught the eye

First-time exhibitor at the CIWM Exhibition, Carmac Waste Handling Systems, based in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone, is one of several companies in Northern Ireland tackling the Irish waste problem.

Carmac designs, manufactures and sells equipment used in the recycling of “blue bin”, organic and skip waste throughout Ireland. The company does not limit itself to the Irish market, however, and in previous years has manufactured recycling solutions for companies in Far East Asia and is now looking to its European neighbours for export potential.

Carmac specialises in providing equipment manufactured to individual client needs. This equipment can include various levels of automation depending on client requirements and budget.

The company used the opportunity provided by the CIWM event to launch its new CR850 Bottle Piercer, which has been developed to solve a common problem for recyclers. PET and HDPE plastic bottles often arrive into recycling centres with the tops still on Carmac points out that removing the tops of thousands of bottles by hand is too slow and can slow down production, but hand baling full bottles can lead to problems with “bursting bales” and, moreover, if the bottles are not baled the recycler will have three or four times more transport costs.

The company says that the CR850 offers a solution: as the plastic bottles are separated through the MRF they are processed via the CR850. The cutting mechanism pierces holes through the plastic bottles before discharging the bottles into the storage areas. This consequently means that the bottles can be baled without the worry of a bursting bale.

“Solving problems for recycling companies does not always involve a large capital investment,” says Michael Kerr, Marketing Manager of Carmac. “We can provide complete turnkey solutions or individual pieces of equipment to complement existing processing plant.”

Waste separation equipment

New from waste separation equipment specialist, Peak Separation Equipment, at CIWM was a range of Minotaur Eddy Current Separators. The company says that the special design of this machine (patent applied for) results in a high percentage of steel, aluminium and organic waste separation.

Also on show was Peak’s wide range of permanent and electro magnet overbands.
Peak reports that is has recently supplied a Magnetic Head Drum to O.Kay Engineering Services for a rebuild of a waste refuse treatment plant in Banff.
The drum, with a diameter of 406mm and a face width of 1,360mm, was supplied to O.Kay’s specification.

Peak Group Managing Director, Bob Wilson, said: “The company’s immediate plans are to increase its share of the growing waste market with the range of Minotaur Separators and other products and the introduction of new products later in the year.”

Also on the waste handling front, General Kinematics launched its new “GK Wood Stone Separator” at the show. The Kingswinford-based manufacturer said that the many innovative features contained in the new equipment would enable clients to get higher prices for processed wood chip and secondary aggregate.

The company also reports that it has worked successfully with Grosvenor Waste Management to develop machinery which more efficiently helps the separation and processing of glass, providing significant cost savings that enables the customer to get higher prices for the recycled product.

Weighing advances

Featured on the Red Forge stand were two new products, the Axalert 20/20″ and the Delta system.

Following a long development programme Red Forge announced a brand new version of the “Axalert”” Axle Load Indicator system. The company says that the new “Axalert 20/20″” system has gone through a total design change incorporating not only a brand new micro-controlled display but also a new, innovative axle sensor design.
The whole system change provides what Red Forge says is much improved performance in several areas, including:

  • incorporates DSD (Dynamic Stabilisation Software) giving dramatically improved stabilised axle load indication
  • very simple display giving at-a-glance percentage loading and position of the load on a vehicle
  • displays front and rear axle loads and gross vehicle weights with definable audible and visual overload
  • provides separately definable control outputs allowing interface to cut out packing plate mechanisms or to control other vehicle functions
  • multi-sensor inputs allowing multi-vehicle applications
  • automatic recording of severe overloading events
  • printer and on-board computer data output to allow remote recording and monitoring of vehicle loading conditions
  • low power consumption reverse mode LCD display allowing visibility from total darkness through to bright sunlight
  • in-cab re-calibration

    The other new product, the Red Forge Delta System, from Welvaarts bv, based in Holland, can be configured for many styles of weighing associated with the waste and recycling industry, roll on/offs, skips and crane weighing. Red Forge says it provides total body weighing incorporating highly accurate individual load weights and, for the first time, axle load predictions.

    Weighing equipment from CIWM Torbay exhibitor, Mettler Toledo, includes the J112 easy clean weighbridge where the design incorporates access plates along the centre of the bridge. Although heavy duty in design, the individual plates can be lifted off by two people, enabling the weighbridge to be cleaned easily.

    It is suitable for surface and pit mounting and is also available in a portable version that can be installed on to level hard core groundworks. The J112 is installed on to Mettler Toledo’s DigiTOL® POWERCELL® loadcells.

    Wheeled containers

    WBD, Wheelie Bin Direct, launched its 1,100 litre Challenger galvanised steel, four-wheeled container and the 120-litre Challenger spherical bottom plastic wheeled bin at the show.

    The company states that this is the first 120-litre spherical bottom wheeled bin to be introduced in the UK and says that a 240-litre spherical bottom wheeled bin will be available at the RWM show in Birmingham in September.

    Conventional standard shape wheeled bins are available in the Challenger range.
    The company also offers a service aimed at local authorities for a discount on the bulk ordering of containers, called off singularly or in small quantities, but delivered direct to the customer’s premises.

    Vetspeed Ltd launched a new waste disposal service for public and private sector organisations dealing with small quantities of animal based wastes at the annual CIWM exhibition.

    The Call & Collect brand is targeted at local authorities that may have roadkill remains or remains generated through their pest control services to dispose of. It is also suitable for small pest control companies and others producing comparatively low volumes of animal based wastes. This service can also be used for small volumes of clinical waste and sharps.

    Call & Collect comprises freezer rental plus a collection service and disposal with tracking and proof of incineration certificates provided as required.
    Vehicle innovations at Torbay included the new Nissan Cabstar 34-10 tipper exhibited by Tipmaster. This vehicle, launched by Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, replaces the Nissan Cabstar E95.

    A key improvement on this chassis is the increased GVW which increases the vehicle payload to 1,450kg (without driver).
    The vehicle on show was fitted with a Tipmaster steel and aluminium tipping body with Tipmaster underfloor tipping gears.

    Isuzu Trucks UK displayed a brand new arrival to the UK, the Isuzu Intelli-Shift gearbox project. This manual gearbox is changed electronically. There is no need for a clutch pedal with a multiple wet clutch with fluid coupling, offering performance similar to an automatic but without using a torque converter.
    This gives the benefits to the user of an automatic in terms of driveability but does not incur the cost and weight penalties of a conventional automatic.
    Proven in use in Japan, the I-Shift gearbox is likely to be introduced in the UK in the third quarter of next year on the Isuzu 7.5 tonne truck chassis, producing 143 bhp, which is used for refuse collection vehicles and sweepers.

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