Over the next few weeks Dennis Eagle is starting to fit its latest piece of computer technology - the Eagle Brain - to all its refuse vehicles made at the company’s manufacturing facility at Warwick.

The introduction of the sophisticated on-board computer, launched at the IWM conference in June, means that Dennis Eagle is the first refuse vehicle manufacturer in the world to manage simultaneously both its engine and its hydraulic body controls.

New dennis Eagle Elite cab with “Brain” installed

The revolutionary new technology has substantial benefits both for the operators and for the environment. For the operators fuel consumption is cut, and warranty and parts costs are reduced. For the environment noise is reduced, and the cut in fuel consumption results in less harmful gas emissions.

This on-board computer will see the standard for others to follow because of its environmental and financial benefits.

The Eagle Brain replaces the conventional throttle pedal and linkage by an electronic pedal and actuator mounted on the engine to regulate fuel delivery. The computer receives information on several engine parameters including speed and temperature.

When the vehicle is compacting rubbish the computer keeps the engine speed constant by varying the throttle opening as power required in changing. This enables a lower speed to be selected which reduces both noise and fuel consumption.

The driver cannot use the throttle to speed up the engine because the Eagle Brain prevents over-speed and possible damage to the mechanism or binlift. In addition, because the engine is now controlled electronically, the need to fit mechanical parts for limiting road speed and sensing the throttle position – with wear and adjustment problems – is eliminated.

The Eagle Brain will also shut down the engine if there is a loss of engine oil pressure, or put the engine into idle if the transmission oil or cooling water temperatures rise over pre-determined levels.

Where the Dennis Eagle rear end loader is fitted to the Elite chassis, an immobiliser and an LCD display unit is fitted. The immobiliser is operated by a four-digit, push-button control in the cab which immobilises both engine and gearbox.

The LCD message centre normally displays the time unless there is a problem. The messages are: oil pressure low, water temperature high, gearbox temperature high, hopper out of locks, hopper fully raised hydraulic oil hot, and bin lift low.

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