Renewable energy it’s a gas

The public image of gas is getting a bit of makeover at the moment from fossil fuel to renewable darling, according to an industry insider.

At the heart of the work is increasing interest and the resulting investment in anaerobic digestion (AD) throughout the UK.

Highlighting the growth a major event next week (December 15) sees the second Anerobic Digestion and Biogas Association conference in London.

The first event was held this summer in Birmingham and the interest in AD is powering a rebranding for gas.

Britain, with its history of North Sea gas, has a huge, if aged, gas infrastructure and employs tens of thousands of people.

Calor Gas’, who are speaking and also sponsor the event, innovation and policy manager, Paul Riding, says the past six to eight month have seen renewed interest in gas as a green power source.

“Before then it was all electricity,” said Mr Riding: “But is electricity really the way forward for our energy?

“There’s dual thinking at the moment on electricity … then you have anaerobic digestion to throw into the mix.

“But it’s massively important we invest in the network as the gas grid is getting worse and needs overhauling.”

Mr Riding will reveal all when he speaks at 10am next Wednesday, the full conference agenda can be found here.

Last year the UK showed why it’s so reliant on gas fired boilers
with 1.6 million sales last year with Italy in second place with just
over half as many sold at 900,000.

Luke Walsh

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