SC Johnson, which owns household brands such as Pledge, Glade and Ziploc, has pledged to match donations made by consumers towards protecting areas of the Amazon Rainforest. Consumers can donate $25 to Conservation International (CI) and SC Johnson will match donations up to 5,000 acres.

“The Amazon rainforest provides a wealth of ecosystem services that are critical for the sustenance of life on this planet…everything from fresh water and fresh air, to carbon sequestration and extraordinary biodiversity, even tourism and recreation,” SC Johnson’s chairman Fisk Johnson said. “It is not only worth protecting, it is a necessity. We are delighted to help CI educate about and protect Amazonia.

“Eight percent of the Amazon rainforest has already been lost to deforestation. We cannot let this continue. The consequences for people and the planet would be devastating. I hope many people will watch the film, experience the amazing Amazon, and be inspired as I am to make an impact for future generations.”

As part of the educational process, SC Johnson has sponsored the distribution of “Under the Canopy”, CI’s virtual reality film that was recently previewed at the Sundance Film Festival. The film allows viewers to experience the eco-system of the Amazon rainforest in 360-degree format and will educate viewers on the role of the area in absorbing carbon and regulating climate.

SC Johnson acts as an important partner for CI. The firm’s chief executive has been a board member for CI’s Centre for Environmental Leadership in Business since 2001, and joined the organisation’s board of directors a year later.

Under the partnership, which is more than a decade old, SC Johnson has moved to reduce its own impact while safeguarding communities in conservation and forests. The firm is a member of the Consumer Goods Forum and as such, has agreed to a net-zero deforestation commitment by 2020.

“When a household name like SC Johnson acts to protect the Amazon rainforest, people take notice,” CI’s chief executive Peter Seligmann said. “With this new commitment, SC Johnson builds on a longstanding partnership with Conservation International to support conservation and sustainable development in Amazonia. Their investment in the rainforest is an investment in families everywhere.”

Amazon primed

The Amazon rainforest has been one of the focal points for conservation work across the globe. In the last 40 years, around 20% of the Amazon rain forest has been lost to deforestation and the private sector has since taken steps to remedy this trend.

During a six-year partnership with WWF, Sky raised more than £9m – £5m of which was raised by its customers – to help keep a billion trees standing in the Amazon. The funds support conservation projects in Brazil and other parts of the Amazon, where WWF is committed to ongoing work to protect the rainforest.

Brazil is also taking steps to improve the resilience of the surrounding rainforests. The country is working with Germany to end deforestation by 2030 – including establishing a new €23m rural land registry. Researchers from the South American nation have also constructed a 325-metre high tower that will analyse the Amazon rainforest’s gas emissions, to help understand climate change.

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