Schmidt UK launches quieter compact & new HotJet

Schmidt UK launched two new products into the UK market at CIWM Torbay 2005, including what is stated to be the first compact sweeper to meet the 99dBA night time vehicle operations standard of 2000/14/EC.

Also making its debut was the new Schmidt HotJet, which combines high pressure and hot water to remove foods and ground-in waste from pavementsand precincts.

The new, environmentally friendly Swingo is offered as the ideal compact sweeper for built-up areas, or evening and night work.

As well as the low noise development, the new Swingo also has a new particle filter which makes it the first compact sweeper to introduce the benefits of Euro 4 engines.

A new air exhaust labyrinth, specially designed to muffle the noise generated by the high air flow from the forward-mounted fan significantly and measurably reduces noise pollution. In 99 decibel mode the vehicle is incapable of exceeding this noise level. The new particulate filter removes even more noxious emissions from the low noise, 2.8 litre Euro 3 diesel engine and moves towards the stringent requirements of Euro 4.

Night shifts

“The new 99dBA Swingo is the ideal compact sweeper for evening and night work,” says Schmidt UK Managing Director Paul Diver. “Local authorities are now able

to meet growing demands for cleaner streets, pavements and precincts at the same time

as maximising the productivity of their equipment by working more shifts over

longer hours.

“There is an increasing trend for inner

city areas and town centres to encourage residential new build and refurbishment.

The new 99dBA Swingo will operate in these areas without disturbing the residents.”

Mr Diver added: “The new Schmidt HotJet offers a practical solution to a host

of environmental problems. There is growing awareness of the need to maintain clean streets, precincts and car parks – and much of this is being led by ENCAMS and local authorities themselves; but at the same time there is an increase in the number of fast food outlets, along with pavement cafes and bistros.

“The result is more biological waste, coupled with a strong desire to solve the ensuing problems,” he said.

Cleaning biological waste, including pigeon and dog droppings, ground-in food grease, fuel spillages and slime is achieved by a combination of water, which can be heated to 80OC, and jetting under 300 bar pressure at a maximum rate of 43 litres a minute.

For the most persistent stains and waste, such as chewing gum, the HotJet carries a high pressure hose reel and lance. There is also a 2,000mm retractable cold flushing spray bar, which is hydraulically controlled.

The water capacity of the new HotJet is 1,500 litres. Twin rotating jetting heads deliver the hot water at every conceivable angle, further aiding the process of removing debris from where it has been stuck or ground in.

The vehicle itself is compact and has four-wheel steer, enabling it to access the tightest locations. The forward jetting attachment washes a swathe 2,200mm wide and is hydraulically raised for travel to and from the working site. It is also possible to move the jetters to either side up to 450mm, enabling effective cleaning under benches and tight to walls and kerbs.

Schmidt UK also exhibited the first of a new generation of Schmidt Stratos winter maintenance spreaders. The new design includes a new control box and has a stainless steel option.

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