SDG Spotlight report: What is the role of business in creating clean energy for all?

edie has launched its latest SDG Spotlight report, looking at how businesses can transform operations, services, supply chains and strategies to help achieve the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), with the latest focusing on Goal 7: Clean Energy.

SDG Spotlight report: What is the role of business in creating clean energy for all?

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The SDG Spotlight reports map out exactly how the business community can collectively achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through the scope of individual goals. In the latest report, sponsored by Centrica Bu.siness Solutions, edie explores what impact business can have in achieving SDG 7 Clean Energy


Featuring exclusive industry viewpoints from report sponsors Centrica Business Solutions and the Renewable Energy Association (REA) the report outlines the steps businesses can take across operations, business strategies and value chains in order to drive demand for clean energy solutions across the globe.

The REA’s chief executive Dr Nina Skorupska said: “Renewables are needed like never before and the returns go well beyond the bottom line. With that understood it only remains for me to ask… what is your business doing to help make this happen and benefit from the opportunities?”

Specifically, the report explores how businesses can accelerate the transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system by investing in renewable energy resources, prioritising energy efficient practices, and adopting clean energy technologies and infrastructure. In addition, the report will explore how, with investment in R&D, businesses can innovate and pioneer new technologies which change the status-quo of the global energy system and position them at the centre of climate change solutions.

The report combines an array of real-life case studies with expert viewpoints, key facts and stats, and a look at how other businesses are achieving other SDGs; providing readers with the insight, inspiration and motivation needed to achieve what is one of the most business-critical Goals of them all.

The first spotlight report published focused on SDG 13: Climate Action, with edie set to publish more in the coming months.


edie also publishes monthly case studies examining how individual businesses have aligned key parts of their strategy to help achieve different SDGs and sub-targets.

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