Securing watertight data collection

Hydrolab Corporation's water quality monitoring instruments can monitor multiple parameters simultaneously including temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, pH, ORP, depth, turbidity, chlorophyll, total dissolved gas, nitrates, ammonium, and chloride. Instruments can be used in fresh or sea water and also polluted waters, for profiling or unattended applications.

The Hydrolab Quanta, is a compact, portable system capable of monitoring multiple parameters simultaneously. Each unit is custom-configured to the required parameters and can operate at depths up to 100 metres. Showing five parameters at once, the Quanta display is durable, waterproof, and capable of storing 100 frames of data and allows quick calibration. Its transmitter, display and cable form a compact, lightweight system with a three-year warranty.

The Quata is available with 0.003 metre accuracy over a range of 0-10 metres. This accuracy is value for the full temperature range, not only at 25°C. The vent provides automatic correction for changes in atmospheric pressure.

When equipped with the optional flow cell, the Quanta can be used to monitor water quality parameters in ground water. Land-based and buoy-based logging and communications systems are available and data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Hydrolab Series 4a instruments include the DataSonde 4a, MiniSonde 4a, and Surveyor 4a display. The DataSonde 4a is equipped with seven expansion ports and can monitor up 15 or more parameters simultaneously. An optional logger allows for extended deployments. The MiniSonde 4a features a narrow diameter (1.7 ins / 4.4cm) housing, making it ideal for ground water monitoring applications and limited space environments. It can also be equipped with an optional logger.

The Surveyor 4a provides data logging and display in a waterproof case. Connected to the DataSonde 4a or MiniSonde 4a, the Surveyor 4a displays water quality parameters in real-time or automatically stores data. The high resolution screen displays water quality data in graphical or tabular format. Barometric pressure and GPS option are available.

All Hydrolab’s models have a miniature sample circulator for fast accurate, steady-state oxygen measurements. The circulator creates a flow of water past the sensors to sweep away debris to prevent fouling thus discouraging biologically active foulants from attaching to the sensors.

The sample circulator also reduces response time – important when detecting moving contaminant plumes, or when sensors are moved up or down in a water column. The sample circulator allows the instruments to be used in all environments, regardless of flow. They can be deployed in poorly mixed areas of a water body or in perforated steel or PVC pipes where there is very little flow.

Hydrolab runs a special discount program to recognised non-profit volunteer groups who are actively involved in monitoring water quality around the world.

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