Siemens broadens range

Siemens Water Technologies, through its Wallace & Tiernan portfolio of products, now offers a complete range of odour control solutions.

As a long-time provider of liquid-phase odour control solutions, Siemens can provide a selection of wet chemical, biological and carbon scrubbing systems for vapour-phase treatment of contaminated air for a variety of WwTW processes.

The vapour-phase odour control portfolio includes such brands as Zabocs advanced multimedia biological systems, Lo/Pro unitary multistage chemical scrubbing system and the RJC/CAP series modular carbon units.

A comprehensive range of models is available with airflow capacities ranging from 150m3/h (RJC/CAP carbon units) to 41,635m3/h (Lo/Pro scrubber single unit). Higher flow rates can be dealt with by modular concept, offering flexibility during any enforced downtime.

Alternatively Siemens offers conventional packed tower chemical scrubbing systems that offer the advantage of being able to treat large air volumes, up to 96,000m3/h in a single tower. Multiple towers may be placed in series to target ammonia, H2S and other odorous compounds.

The systems can be customised to suit customers’ specific needs, resulting in guaranteed high removal efficiencies of at least 99% of H2S. Such customisation ensures maximum efficiency of operation and minimum chemical consumption and discharge to the environment.

The units are constructed from GRP for maximum strength and corrosion resistance, and meet the testing requirements laid down in specifications and standards, such as BS 4994:1987 and subsequent amendments. Manufacture of the units is carried out in the UK to meet the latest legislation requirements.

One particular benefit with the Lo/Pro design is the reduced footprint requirement on site. This is especially helpful on congested treatment works. The reduction in space requirement is as much as one-third compared with conventional systems.

Easy to install

The Lo/Pro offers additional advantages over other technologies as the skid-mounted configuration and low profile make the system easy to install either indoors or outdoors where space is limited.

Ease of maintenance is another benefit, as recirculation and metering/dosing pumps and instrumentation are all located on a unitary skid.

Installation periods are reduced from weeks to days because units are delivered to site ready to be bolted down into position, with only final connections to complete.

David Larner, Wallace & Tiernan odour control systems manager, said: “A solution from within the range can be found for the majority of applications.

“With this combination of both liquid-phase and vapour-phase technologies, Siemens Water Technologies can now provide a full service odour control capability to the water treatment marketplace.”

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