Stop Pouring Your Money Away

In a world where the use of limited resources is being reassessed, and in an economic environment where the cost of mains water is expensive, sometimes unreliable and poised to become more so, building owners must take into account water conservation.

Rarely can a product claim to be both protecting the environment and saving money, but following 6 years of research and development, Klargester Environmental in Aylesbury have launched a new rainwater recycling system, ‘ENVIREAU’, which is being aimed at both the domestic and commercial building markets.

There are various factors that promote the fact that rainwater recycling helps to protect the environment and save money. In a commercial environment, flushing the toilet with mains drinking water could account for 65% of the total water consumption. From a domestic perspective, approximately 55 litres of water are used during each washing machine cycle. These factors indicate that products such as Envireau can produce a major saving on metered water bills.

The Envireau system, manufactured in Ireland, uses the most advanced technology. It collects rainwater from the roof, filters out leaves and debris and stores it in either an underground or above ground tank, tank sizes vary from 3,000 to 54,000 litres. Water is then drawn off via a silent running submersible pump utilising the stored water by replacing the mains supply to lavatories, washing machines and other non-potable applications. If the rainwater supply runs out the system will automatically switch back to the mains supply therefore making the system virtually maintenance free. The whole system is easy to install, maintain and, above all, use.

Klargester, already established as the market leaders in off mains drainage, see rainwater recovery as a logical step for their expertise. They also acknowledge the commercial property market as a prime area for their new Envireau system. The potential savings for companies such as car dealerships and transport companies who wash vehicles every day are outstanding. Using its bespoke computer programme Envireau can give full capital analysis, savings, and payback periods for each project. Following the initial installation cost the payback period can be as short as 18 months to 2 years, with massive savings continuing for years to come. This means money in the bank for all types of companies with the added knowledge that it’s also environmentally responsible to recycle rainwater. With this in mind Envireau appears to be an all round winner.

For more information on rainwater harvesting and the new Envireau system call Klargester Environmental Engineering on 01296 633000 and see how you can save money and help the environment. You can also e-mail directly on [email protected]

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