The brand new, 20-page megatrends report explores the business impact of five global forces of development: climate change; technology and innovation; population growth and social change; urbanisation and smart cities; and economic growth. 

The report, which will be discussed in detail at next week’s edie Live 2017 exhibition, combines a series of thought-leadership articles with an array of key facts and stats, infographics and the results of an audience survey to provide readers with an end-to-end overview of how these megatrends are impacting business, now and in the future.


“In the short term, we have a relatively good idea of the direction that the world is heading in and the associated challenges businesses will be faced with,” writes edie editor Luke Nicholls in the report introduction.

“We know that average temperatures are increasing at a rate that could cause irreversible environmental damage. We know that we are on the brink of a technological revolution that
will fundamentally change the way we work and live. We know that the global population continues to grow, people in all regions are living longer, and urbanisation is on the rise, and thus there will be an increased demand for resources. And we know that global economies are reaching a critical turning point with new paradigms of ‘growth’ emerging.

“But what do all of these megatrends look like through the lens of corporate sustainability? That is the crucial question that this report addresses. Because ultimately, the impact of these megatrends together form a useful barometer for us to understand the environmental, social and economic trajectory of our planet.”

Expert insight

The report opens with the results of a survey of edie readers, which was conducted throughout April 2017 and provides some fascinating context for the thought leadership articles that follow. 

Each part of the megatrends report has been written by a different industry expert or experts:

1) Climate change, by The Climate Group’s corporate partnerships director Mike Peirce and World Resources Institute’s Eliot Metzger and Moushumi Chaudhury.

2) Technology & innovation, by PwC’s sustainability and climate Change partner Celine Herweijer and techUK’s head of environment and compliance Susanne Baker.

3) Population growth & social change, by Carillion’s chief sustainability officer David Picton.

4) Urbanisation & smart cities, by PwC’s director of cities and urbanisation Daniel Dowling (to be published later this month).

5) Economic growth, by World Resources Institute’s director of economics and New Climate Economy’s program director Helen Mountford (to be published later this month).

edie’s exclusive megatrends report can be downloaded for free here.

Join the megatrends discussion at edie Live

edie’s megatrends series culminates with a high-level discussion focused on the impact of megatrends at edie Live 2017 at the NEC Birmingham on 24 May.

Taking place on the Strategy & Innovation Stage in the morning of day two of the exhibition, the session will address the top-level trends that answer the question: why act now, and what happens if we don’t?

Find out more about edie Live 2017 and get your free two-day pass here.

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