In a move that will have urban artists worried, waste think-tank RSA has released a report telling us what to do with that pesky furniture that just won’t fit in the rubbish bin.

An icon of inner-city sightseeing, the roadside sofa doesn’t offer much to the environment. Yet that could all change if a call to action to reuse unwanted or damaged furniture comes to fruition.

It’s not just furniture manufacturers who are slacking; the International Council on Clean Transportation has stated that the aviation industry is a whopping 12 years behind progress to cull energy emissions. And we complain buses are never on time.

While we wait for planes to buck their ideas up, at least we can take comfort in fact that we can make a difference in leading the country towards a cleaner lifestyle. Yet somewhere along the way the government seems to have gotten a bit confused as a recent poll from the Solar Trade Association pointed out. Turns out only 16 people agree with the move to cut pre-accreditation from the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

If we are to get on board with a healthier planet then a circular economy will be needed. That’s according to WRAP who reckon 3 million jobs could be grown if the EU closes the loop.

From circles to rings now, as a 7-metre high smog sucking vacuum has popped up in Rotterdam, sucking up the cities smog and replacing it with diamond rings, yes you read that correctly.

A number of eye-catching LED lighting deals have been completed over the last few weeks with the Canary Wharf Group leading the way over at Canada Place in London. How does that song go ‘energy efficient lights in the big city’?

Finally, for those of us who like to escape the impeding climate Armageddon by plodding through post-apocalyptic worlds on our PCs, you will be glad to know, that a few tweaks on the computer and that vision may not become a reality.

See the headline stats below, and click on the pictures to get the full story.

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