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Public concern over plastic waste has reached a fever pitch and businesses can no longer ignore calls to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in use. The early part of 2018 has been dominated by retailers including WaitroseMorrisons and Asda announcing respective promises to slash the amount of single-use plastics they use.

It is timely then, that the Museum of Brands hosted a new exhibition on sustainable packaging, with solutions ranging from Waitrose’s bio-based packaging to labels printed into avocados. The Museum’s chief executive Chris Griffin joined edie and three other select guests to discuss new packaging solutions ahead of the launch of the exhibition.

Joining Griffin and edie’s senior reporter Matt Mace for this live episode is Iceland’s own label and packaging director Ian Schofield. Frozen-food giant Iceland’s ambitious pledge to remove all packaging from its own brand products by 2023 sent arguably the biggest shockwaves through the industry, earlier this year.

Schofield discusses Iceland’s willingness to make mistakes and learn from them while striving for the lofty 2023 target.

Swedish food processing and packaging company Tetra Pak has delivered half a billion packages using non-fossil based plastic materials sourced from certified suppliers. The company’s global product director Christina Chester joins the episode to discuss the role of bio-based alternatives to plastic.

Waste problems are not unique to plastic. Last year it was coffee cups that were in the media spotlight over a lack of recycling. British papermaker James Cropper has worked on innovative solutions to reprocess disposable coffee cup waste into yellow shopping bags for Selfridges as part of a closed-loop solution.

In this episode James Cropper’s business director Matthew Miller discusses the route to market for closed-loop, resource efficient solutions.

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