Sustainable Business Covered: Sustainability moonshots and Earth Overshoot Day

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast returns, and just in time to reflect on new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ti discuss Earth Overshoot Day and interview packaging experts at Kimberly-Clark and Mondi on plastic phase-outs.

Sustainable Business Covered: Sustainability moonshots and Earth Overshoot Day

This episode features interviews with Mondi and Kimberly-Clark

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Episode 68 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees edie speak to a handful of companies that have pledged to revamp their packaging in order to move away from plastics and ensuring no unintended consequences take place, before discussing the business approach to Earth Overshoot and choosing their favourite sustainability “moonshots”.

After reflecting on Boris Johnson (before his cabinet shake-up) Matt and Sarah then discuss how next week marks Earth Overshoot Day – when humanity will have used up nature’s resource budget for the entire year, according to international research organisation Global Footprint Network. This is the earliest date that Earth Overshoot Day has ever been recorded.


Earth Overshoot Day sets the scene for the interviews in this episode. First up, Matt talks to Graeme Smith, innovation and sustainability manager for consumer Packaging at Mondi Group to see not just what the packaging manufacturer is up to, but how it has thought about how plastic phase-out decisions today could impact sustainability and the environment in the future.

Following that, Sarah speaks to Kimberly-Clark’s global sustainability lead for products and packaging Daniel Locke on how the company is “revamping” its resource management ambitions as consumer pressure for plastic packaging reductions mounts.

Finally, Sarah and Matt mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 milestone to discuss their sustainability moonshots that will help transform the future.

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