#SustyTalk is all about keeping edie’s loyal readers connected to sustainable business leaders across the world, whilst reminding us all that sustainability and climate action must go on, through the current Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Kicking off the series of short, one-take interviews, edie’s content director Luke speaks with Interface’s regional sustainability manager (UKIME & Nordics), Jon Khoo. From Luke’s home in West Sussex, to Jon’s place in London – the pair discuss how the UK’s lockdown has impacted the role of sustainability professionals and the advancement of climate action.

Specifically, Jon explains how the situation has presented something of an opportunity to connect more regularly with his team members, and to train up some of his staff. 

“We’ve been doing some training [via video conferencing] for the past couple of weeks,” Jon says. “So, if anything, rather than seeing me less, my team have seen more of me.

“It’s never quite the same as seeing people, but it’s something of a virtual revolution that we’re seeing, whether it’s through this [Microsoft Teams], or Zoom, or whichever format you use. People are being very creative with how they’re reaching out, and we’ve found that to be very useful.”

Community spirit

Jon, who has worked at the US-based flooring manufacturer for seven years, goes onto discuss the link between coronavirus and climate change, and the learnings that can be taken from the way that Government and businesses have responded to the pandemic. 

“On the positive side, it’s been really interesting to see how unifying Covid-19 has been across communities and even in politics,” he says. “People are coming together and they’re being really creative with the solutions they’re coming up with. 

“If we could do the same with climate change, we could really move things forward much more quickly. But it comes with a word of warning though: any attempt to market sustainability off the back of Covid-19, I’d stay really clear of.”

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